10 Most Lucrative Business In Nigeria

10 Most Lucrative Business In Nigeria- Nigeria is a rich country and we have people who are so well loaded but they lack an idea of a business to go into and hence they squander their money. But that wouldn’t be a problem because that’s the reason we have created this article. For anyone thinking of starting a business but don’t have an idea of anyone to go into and you have your capital available, just chill and relax, we will be giving you a list of 7 most lucrative business  ideas you can do this year. Remember that we are talking about business here and remember for every business we will be listing out, we have a well documented and packaged business plan for it. Click on the link attached to any and follow the instructions. Place an order for any of the business plan and we will be on hand to assist you.

The list of business ideas we have here are the updated one and we hope you find one that you can do easily. We didn’t just pick randomly we carefully did our research and our team of analyst after a careful research work came up with the following business ideas. These businesses ideas and set ups are not old, they are very up to date and from what our analyzers have said, it will still be relevant for hundreds of years ahead. Yeah hundred years. You will see as you read on.

How to win and retain customers in Nigeria

Many people will tell you that they don’t want to have a business or go into any kind of business but they are all wrong in a way. I want to show us some very important reasons why everyone should consider having or establishing his or her business in a striving country like ours.

Why You Need Have Your Own Business In Nigeria

From the latest statistics, we have seen that hundred of migrants migrate via the Libya sea (Mediterranean Sea) and the Morocco desert. 58 percent of the total deaths are Nigerians. Can you believe that? Some time ago we saw that Our own brothers from South Africa where butchering our people like chicken because they felt they have taken their jobs from them. Now all way leads to China the new America where every Nigerians wants to go and make ends meet. Some time ago, we discovered that in Egypt Nigerians where the highest numbers who does manual jobs like plumbering, electrician work, brick laying etc. A Nigerian man will do anything to leave this country whereas there are a lot of money here all you have to do is get an idea and that’s all.

The irony here is that most of the big and leading businesses striving in Nigeria are all owned by foreigners. There is a lot to do in Nigeria and make more money than going out to become a slave for peanuts. Go through this article about the 21 most lucrative business ideas in Nigeria pick one and get to work.

Are we ready now? Before we start, you can click on the link on any of the business ideas and you will see the full details of the business and if you are interested in any of the business you can place an order for our well packaged and documented business plan. If you need any further help and Assistance, you can contact us via our email address @ tradewithchapatti@gmail.com and we will be quick to answer you. You can as well drop your comments on the comment box and we will be on hand to respond.

List Of Top 20 Most Lucrative Business In Nigeria

  1. Agriculture

In the 70s the Nigeria government made a very terrible mistake by abandoning the lucrative agricultural sector for the oil boom that came that decision would later prove to be costly as oil became the sole earning commodity for the entire nation. But then story has changed in recent times. Government both federal and at state levels are doing all they can to pump finance into the agriculture sector. It’s a sector that has seen growth financially. Yeah we have seen it turn the lives of ordinary men to wealthy men. After the government placed an importation of livestock and rice, there have been rise to the production of agricultural produce. We have seen many people join the business and have been making so much money from it.

Let’s take a look at some of the Agricultural business that you can decide to go into and make huge profits for yourself.

Poultry Farming

Perhaps this is the most lucrative of all agricultural farming business in Nigeria. After government banned its importation from overseas nation, the need to increase local production to meet the ever increasing demands was high and many went into it and till date it’s still a sector that still haven’t been utilized. As long as there remains increasing hotels, cafeteria, restaurants, parties etc, the need for poultry produce will always be there. If you decide not to go into chicken production then you can go into egg supply because that’s another area that’s as lucrative as the business of chicken is. A recent survey was carried out and it was seen that those who are into this business for the last three years have increased in their earnings significantly well.  Nigeria has a population of over 200 million and today doctors are preaching against eating of red meat encouraging white meat which are chicken and Turkey meat. This means the demand for poultry farm produce will constantly be on the increase. You don’t have to start with a thousand chicken. With minimum of 400 chicks, you are good to go. Read our business plan on the production and sales of poultry farm business in Nigeria and get the full details on how to start a poultry farm business in Nigeria.

Cassava Production

Cassava currently is the most consumed agricultural produce in the country today. Before now, we could only use cassava for the production of our local garri and fufu, but today it has passed that level. Now, many people are lovers of cassavita, semovita and calivita. Cassava as it where is used as a raw material in the manufacture of processed food which is fed to humans, to animal and also industrial products. At the long run, the extended utilization of cassava products can also be a catalyst for rural industrial development and raise the incomes for producers, create employment, processors and traders. All these are produced from cassava. We all know that food gotten from Cassava production is the most widely consumed foods in the country. You don’t really need much to start this lucrative farm business. Have a as little as 50 to 100 heaters if fertile land and that’s all you need. But if you decide not to farm but want to have a farm and also make money without necessarily be the direct farmer, then contact us via our Email tradewithchapatti@gmail.com and we will tell you what to do.

Snail Rearing

We have a special well packaged Snail farming business plan in Nigeria that has a detailed analysis of how the snail business is been done. Not up till about 15 years ago, the snail business was still creeping I like the snail itself but with doctors and scientist coming out with the nutritional value of snail and that have blown the production wide open and that have made a few average men become so rich. Well from statistics, there are still under production of snail because what we produce currently are not enough to go round. So it’s a business that you can look into and guess what? Let me not

hare it here. Just click the link and read the full packaged and documented Snail farming business plan in Nigeria. What you will see will blow your mind.

Rice Farming

As at 2015, rice became the most imported commodity in Nigeria. Millions of dollars went into it. As at then, Nigeria was importing from Thailand and China. But during the Buhari second term regime, he banned the importation of rice from outside Nigeria and that alone was an eye opener. But many people didn’t take advantage of this only some few politicians did. For example the governor of Ebonyi state, Chief Dave Umai has the biggest rice farm in the entire south east and this came about after the embargo on rice importation. Now let me be clear here. We have a very interesting well documented rice business plan in Nigeria for you. Just place an order. But before I end this chapter, remember that not all rice farmers do actually hold a Cutlass to the bush. I just mentioned Dave Umai, he has no idea how to farm a rice farm. He is architecture by profession. I have a friend chucka by name, he is into rice sales and yet he is not a direct farmer yet he makes money from his bedroom selling and distributing rice. You want to know what he did, and then read the full details here. Rice remains the most consumed food staple in Nigeria and Billions of dollars goes into importation of this product yearly from China and Thailand because the local farmer are unable to meet up the demand due to

poor funding and limited knowledge. Anyone who have a million dollar to invest should get in touch and partner with me with 100% return. $1,000,000 = $2,000,000 guaranteed.Yam production.

Currently Nigeria is highest producer of Yam around the world and the highest exporter of Yam around the world too. Too many often, the people who are the major players in these agricultural industries don’t even go to farm and yet they are the ones who make things happen. Some few years ago, Nigeria started importing yams to Europe and Asia and that was the route to prosperity for many average Nigerians. Now that you no the massive Opportunity in yam production business, it will be a worthwhile venture for you.  Nigeria is by far the world’s largest producer of yams and this is a research that was carried out by the world’s governing body on agricultural produce. According to research, it account’s for over 70–76 percent of the world production of Yam. In 1985 alone, Nigeria produced 18.3 million tonnes of yam from 1.5 million hectares, representing 73.8 percent of total yam production in Africa. This was a report carried out in 1985 by the Food and Agriculture Organization report. According to 2008 figures, yam production in Nigeria has now doubled since 1985, with Nigeria producing 35.017 million metric tones with value equivalent of US$5.654 billion. Now this is quite huge my friend. If you are so interested in this business, click on the link and it will direct you where you can view the full detailed analysis of how you can become a successful yam producer in

Nigeria. If you are going into the production of Yam by having a yam farm, then you must understand how it is planted and grown. Use a free draining, sandy and fertile soil for yam planting. This must be done after clearing the first fallow. Then prepare the Land in the form of mound or ridge or heap of 1 metre (3 ft 3 in) height. This is quite simple. According  to agricultural experts, the most recommended yam for such soil conditions in Nigeria are white yam or white guinea yam (Discorea rotundata) and water yam or yellow yam (Discorea alata). It takes time to harvest but when it does, you will sure smile to the bank.

  1. Sale of Furniture

These days who needs to be a farmer to be in the farming industry? Who needs to be a professional carpenter to be a big time trader in this industry? Absolutely you don’t have to be any. Just be business smart and that’s all you need to no. The big furniture sales companies in Nigeria like Alpha furniture are not carpenter themselves. They buy and they sell. Can you imagine that? Now remember that these goods are not perishable which means they don’t have an expiry date. So you buy them from a manufacturer, do your homework very well, do your publicity and then you become a furniture salesman big time. This business is capital intensive but we gat you all covered. All you need to is order for our well documented carpenter business plan in Nigeria and we will be at your Beck and call.

  1. Making of Fruit Juice

There are some businesses you may not be able to afford alone and could boil down to resources. So what do you do? Get a well detailed business plan like what we have, then approach a bank for loan or approach investors

etc. Secondly, approach some couple of like minded friends and put cash together then run to the establish the business with a team of experts surrounding you. Example of such a business is the fruit juice business which is a very capital intensive one. Report has it that Nigeria consume more of fruit juice more than any where else in the world. Take a look at  chivat, Lacecra, Yolanda juice, five alive fruit juice etc. As they come into country, they are always on profit because we consume lots of it over here due to our weather conditions. You can click here for our well documented fruit juice business plan in Nigeria

  1. Pure Water Production

The most selling commodity today in Nigeria. No doubt on it. And if there is any business that will sure guarantee a fast return on investment (ROI) then you are on the right path here with pure water production. Get a well documented business plan with detailed financial analysis on how to start it and other stuffs, then get a team of professionals around you then you go good to go. They will be your financial advisors, your admin, your marketing admin etc. As such, you won’t have anyone too much to risk at all. Please be guided that this business is capital intensive and that is the reason I have asked yo to surround yourself with professionals. You can click here for our well documented pure water production business plan in Nigeria.

  1. Oil and Gas Business

Nigeria is blessed with lots of natural resources and crude oil is sure one of them. So, it won’t be out of place to make money from it. Sp now what are the areas one can actually make money from? What exactly do anyone do to make money from this most blessed and lucrative business? Well, it’s not as hard as many think of it to be. Well, you can decide to own your own filling station and this i tell you doesn’t come easy because lots of cash are sure very much involved. Yeah. Very much involved. But, it’s a total different ball game. This business has produced by far the richest men in Nigeria.  You want to start up a filling station business in Nigeria and you need a business plan with a well detailed analysis, then click here. Other areas that’s worth looking into as regards oil and gas, is the supply of Diesel, and Distribution of Kerosene and this is very lucrative. Remember the son of Dantata? Dangote’s cousin? He was into Diesel supply and after a few years, he bought Texaco filling station and named it MRS. Petroleum product marketing in Nigeria is the highest producer of millionaires. And guess what? It’s not too capital intensive. With 2 million naira, you are sure on your way to financial freedom. You want to know how you can use 2 million naira to start a petroleum marketing business? Then get our well documented Oil and Gas Business plan in Nigeria

  1. Haulage Services

Not many Nigerians know how this works. But it’s one of the few business ideas that should cost you little and yet you gonna make so much of money from it. Remember that Nigeria has a very poor rail transportation system and that means trucks have to carry goods from one place to the other. Petroleum products are also been in d via the haulage system too. Products from manufacturing to warehouse and to their final destination too. But what does it require to start this business? Actually nothing more than renting a truck, and then approach various companies offering them your services. Now not all might listen to you but push till one says yes and that’s how it all starts. You can approach a pure water factory and offer your services to them they will be more than obliged to accept you. Current Statistics shows that the price for r supplying of goods by truck here in Nigeria cost about N40,000 to N200,000 per trip. The most Lucrative part of the haulage Business are those who are into Diesel, fuel, kerosene and importers too..

  1. Hotel Business

When we talk about hotel business in Nigeria, many people seems to think it’s a business for the rich alone. That’s farther from the truth. Many of us have a little piece of land somewhere anywhere. With about 10 suites of rooms, you are set for an unprecedented money making business. Yeah and that’s true. You may be wondering if people actually do patronize the hotel these days? Emphatically yes. Gone as those days where lodging in hotels where seen as luxury but today it’s more of a necessity. People lodge for various reasons now. For privacy, business submit, tourism, family reunion etc. It could be capital intensive but at the long run you will be glad you made the call,

10 Most Lucrative Business In Nigeria

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