3 Secrets on How to Grow Your Business in Nigeria

3 Secrets on How to Grow Your Business in Nigeria

How to Grow Your Business in Nigeria – Having capital to start up a business is not enough. There are other factors one needs to put together to be able have a successful business. For example, i have seen people who go into business without having a clue about the business at all. Some go into it without even having passion for it yet they expect to have a successful business. Some even go into the business with high interest and passion and suddenly they are no longer interested in these business and suddenly the business crashes. In some cases, they see business as a side thing and don’t it too much attention
and that leads to the demise of that business.
Having seen all these crumbling people’s hard earned money, we have decided to come up with something to help people who intend going into business to avoid bankruptcy. Making a business successful is based on principle and if not followed, it will crash in no distant time. Infact the business will be dead on arrival.

In this article, we have decided to share some secrets that successful business people have adopted all along to keep their business succeeding. Knowledge is not power but knowledge applied is power. It’s not enough to no it but more importantly you should also practice it. Everything I will
be sharing here is a jackpot if only you have decided to apply it’s principles fully.

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The first and most important way on How to Grow Your Business in Nigeria is

Get A Business Plan in Nigeria
When you want to travel to a destination you have no idea about, you will need a road map description so that at all times you don’t miss your way. This is exactly what a business plan does for you. You want to get a into a business, you want to start a business, then get a business plan. It. Will act as road map and also a knowledge based documents for establishing a profitable business. Have you tried any of our well documented business plan? You should go through the list and place an order. So many persons neglect the importance of business that if you even ask them what’s their business plan, they just look at you as though you need help whereas they are the ones who needs help. For business that needs investors and such a business doesn’t have a business plan? Then no investor will be willing to listen to you at all. People tend to think that business plan is just a mere document. Nope. A thousand times no. It’s more than that. If you want to get loan from a bank, loan houses, etc you must need a business plan to show them what and how you intend going about your business else they won’t listen to you. Sometimes a business plan have been referred to as a business Bible because at a point, when you face a difficult time as the business progresses, you have to refer back to the drawing board and that’s your business plan. With a business plan, you sure know where you are doing well or not.With a business plan, there will less risk as you sojourn on your business journey. Have you coke across the sayings of king Solomon? The wisest man to have ever stepped his foot in Earth until Christ Jesus came? Then hear what he said “before you build a house ensure you carry out the cost of the house before you start, otherwise you won’t be able to finish and people will call you foolish”. This means that before you step out to start a business, you have to have a plan and that is what a business plan is all about else you will sure collapse on your way no matter how small the business is. This is what first secret am releasing to you today. That means you are now one step ahead of those who may not have come across this. So let’s release the other two.

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The second way on How to Grow Your Business in Nigeria is

Maintain Trust In Your First Costumer Base

Are you surprised that am not adding anything like money or something else? Yeah. Number two is maintaining trust your first customer base. In business we call the first set of customers organic customers. These are people who patronized you first without you running an advert or you even approaching them with your products or services. They are very special and unique set  of customers. These people still come to you despite the fact that you just started off and your business is yet to gain momentum. They may have seen a better product or service but somehow they keep coming to you. Watch them, and do them well because through these ones, your business will expand far and wide. These guys might even have a better conducive environment to get a better service or products from but they are with you come rain come

Now these customers are not to be joked with because they are your pure and most sincere customer. Get a strong hold on them by all means, if here will be future incentives, remember them, if there anything did like to find out about your products or services (feedback) ask them and they will genuinely answer you. Use them and their genuine feedback to grow your business. Through these ones, you can genuinely get more sincere customers because like begat likes. Surely they will bring their kind along. Again, don’t ever be play pranks on them for whatever reason. Be sincere and genuine to them. Years ago, while I was still in the university (DELSU),
there was this barbing saloon I usually patronize. He was still a learner but I never ever went to more professional barber. I was with him still he became a professional. He used my head to learn different styles, yet I paid him fully and never complained. One day i brought my friend along, another till all my friends started patronizing him. He was so fascinated by my gesture towards him. During my final year when he learnt I will be living soon, he asked me why I was good a customer to him. I told him that the very first day I walked into his barbing saloon, I knew he was not a professional but before he started, he explained to me that he just finished his apprenticeship and that he wasn’t too good a barber but he will try and give me what i want but should in case he didn’t get it right, I shouldn’t worry that soon he will get it right. I was touched by his sincerity and that was why I stayed till date. 4 and half years he was my
barber till I left school. Even when he changed his location, I still followed him. Distance was not a barrier.

and the third principle on How to Grow Your Business in Nigeria is

Improve Your Costumer Base

The bloodline of any business is her customers. Without them there cannot be business at all. Now, growing your customer base is very vital and this is what most business lack. They lack the idea of how to go about it. When your customer base starts declining, then there is a problem. Over the years, I have seen people who are not just comfortable with their level of income and when I ask them how many customers do they have, they call a few number for me and when I ask further what they are doing to increase it, they go mute. Now, there arw different ways to grow your customer base. Not all business have same methodology but they do have similar stuffs. You wanna grow your particular business which could be either poultry farming or fish farming etc, there are specific ways to grow your client base and all these are listed in the business plan. For you who is into fish farming, you have to approach your method differently from those who are into hairdressing business or dry cleaning business. And this is why I have
emphasized on having a business plan. You can always order for your business plan of your choice and there you go. Positioning and location matters in business. You locate your business in the wrong place, trust me you may never grow pass some certain level of customer base. Because your location is a contributing factor too. You don’t want to have a dry cleaning business in a remote place where everyone is living below average. They won’t patronize you at all because at that point using a paid laundry is now excess instead of necessity. I have seen people open a hairdressing saloon in a market place close to where they sell melon, beans and rice and I just laugh. What kind of business do you want to operate like that? Can that business ever house a customer base of 20 or fifteen people? Who are the kind of customers you think will locate you in a center of the market?
You may never grow pass a certain level of income if you keep thinking that
way. Always be innovative. Customers don’t always want to see old things. They want to see new stuffs and that gets them excited.

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