Benefits of Facebook Business Page to Grow your business in Nigeria

Benefits of Facebook Business Page to Grow your business in Nigeria.

How many small and big businesses in Nigeria understand the importance of a Facebook business page? How many of them are of the opinion that having a Facebook book business page is not a necessity anymore? That it’s feed algorithms is dying by the day? Some even concluded that today it has become more and more harder to more likes on Facebook. How true all of these?
For me, these claims have no roots or foundation at all. As far business is concerned, Facebook continues to be the best place to increase your clients database. Have you tried to run an advert on Facebook and link the advert to your business page? Try it and you are gonna be so thrilled at the amazing results.
Some are asking What exactly are the benefits of having a Facebook business page. Yeah. It’s a good question and am happy for you because I got the exact answers for you. Are you ready? Yeah. Am ready too.

Top 7 Benefits of a Facebook Business Page

1. Reach BILLIONS of potential customers

Are you aware that the number of Facebook users have grown to become over 2.5 BILLION?
Should I continue? The aforementioned figure are the number of people who have a Facebook account actively working and those who login to their Facebook account once in every month. You may not really appreciate this figure since it’s once in every month. What about 1.66 billion users who are actively login in daily. They are called daily active users (DAU). This figure was published as at January 2020. Now you should understand the amount of earthlings that you exposed your business to on a daily basis. Just a little less than 2 billion people.

This is more than enough for any business under the surface of the earth. But if you think this isn’t enough, then you have to take your business out of this world because there is no place for your business here on planet Earth.

The very most effective and best way to gain access to this massive wealth of human customers that ranges through billions of people is via the instrument of a Facebook business page. This is how you gain access to the massive potential customer base across the globe. To get access to the entire world by making them see what you do or produce, then you have to engage the services of a facebook business page. By this, you can first reach out to those around your community then you can build from there to entire world.
Let’s take a look at some of stats about the incredible scale of Facebook. This is absolutely mind blowing. This is from January 2020 till date:

Best Digital Marketing Strategies to grow your B2B Business in Nigeria

2.5 billion monthly active users (8% growth, year-over-year)
1.66 billion daily active users (9% growth, year-over-year)
2.26 billion family daily active users (11% growth, year-over-year)
Users 65 years and older are the fastest-growing group on Facebook
Only 10% of Facebook users live in the US or Canada
74% of Facebook users are high-income earners
FB users in U.S. are on the site 1.25 hrs per day

2. Build a HUGE email list
You must be very clear on what you want. But hear this. Just getting people to like your Facebook business page won’t do the entire magic. It won’t enough to give your business a long-term, sustainable path to success. Remember that the Facebook business page is just a feature of the Facebook and could one day disappear. And if it happens what now happens to you and your business? Well we are not sure that this could happen. It might never disappear but it could reduce it’s business capabilities and abilities. And this could be very harmful to your business brand. If all these happen and you have not made a connection with your business followers outside the realm of Facebook, then you will be in real trouble because you must have lost all your client and customers including potentials. As a smart business man or woman, you have to collect emails from your Facebook followers. So that you can be able to keep contacting them outside the Facebook community so that if anything happens you are still very much in contact with them. Build your email list starting from now. Well you can do this via the following channels: contests, giveaways and newsletters. Over time, this has been tested and proven and it stood the test of time. You don’t just want to abuse this lead strategy else it will backfire. So tread consciously. Let’s take an example.
I have seen emails sent to me tirelessly and guess what, I didn’t sign up for any of these. Guess what? I just disable them. You don’t want to keep throwing up things they didn’t sign up because you simply want to sell a product. Don’t don’t don’t unless they signed up for it. The ideal manner to email them should be teice or once a week with helpful information. These information should be able to lead them to your website where the full details will be unveiled. This act alone have made more customers than you could imagine.

3. Lower your marketing expenses.
When you start a Facebook business page, it lowers your marketing expenses because it will actually cost nothing to set it up. Some people may say they have actually paid some graphic designers to do some graphic works for them regarding their profile pics and cover photo. Yeah it’s cool. But you can do it yourself or still, it’s not a necessity for me. Absolutely not necessarily. All you need do is download a photo of your work and that will be fine. You don’t necessarily need a creative image from a paid designer. Nope. You don’t need but if you can afford it, feel free. Why am I saying all these not necessarily or not a necessity? Because why spending cash on something that’s absolutely free? If you want to spend cash then do it by paying for ads to get page Likes, boosting posts and running Sponsored Stories. These things you should do with your Facebook business page.
Have you noticed that ads run on Facebook are far more cheaper than the ones run on traditional print, radio or TV ads — and yet they are 1,000 times more targeted? This is actually something too big to comprehend. I have used both Facebook ads and the traditional ones and I can tell you that Facebook gave me what I wanted, faster, better and far much than what the traditional printing or TV ads gave me.
Did you ever see the Pura Vida page on Facebook? Where the artisanal jewelry company showed Facebook photo of ads to a lookalike audience in a campaign which was targeted to attract new customers and increase sales? And guess what? This act resulted in a 2.8X lift in return on ad spend. This is one of the best I have ever seen. It’s massive and crazy. What was Pura Vida goal? increase holiday sales and that was all they did and the result was massive. They just wanted to out do what they did same time last year. Which was to double the number of new customers acquired between Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2019 as against that of 2018. Below are the results of that decision:

2.8x lift in return on ad spend
2x increase in sales, compared to previous sales record
28% increase in average order value, compared to that of 2018.
This is way more than impressive for me.

4. Target audiences by location, demographics, interests
Many people tend to neglect this part and just think it’s not a necessity. That’s a fat lie. This is so super important. Yeah very important and I will discuss the reason I said so. We have established the fact that about 1.66 billion people make use of Facebook daily. If this is true and it is true, doesn’t mean that every one of them wants to just like your business page. A thousand times no. Even if they all like your page, not everyone of them will engage with your page actively and that’s the truth. You don’t actually need everyone to follow you or like your page. All you need is those who are your target audience. You can make as much as you want to by targeting your ads.
For local business men, I will advise that you direct your ads to a target audience that’s within a 20 to 25 mile radius or even lesser. The ads might really cost you a lot more but that’s more better because the return on investment is quite huge. Very very huge. Now compare an ad run during a the much popular “who wants to be a millionaire” how do you know that your ads targeted the right audience for your business? And guess what? You are even paying higher here. You gonna be billed much more. But run same ads on Facebook, you will be certain that you have targeted the right audience for your business. That’s the truth. Also, you can as well place ads that can target your Facebook posts. I will also advised that you make use of Facebook post Planner. This will make targeting the right audience and scheduled posts easy for you.

5. Gain insights on your audience.
There is a new Facebook insight which is been provided on your Facebook business page and for me? It’s a get go. Though not Many of us are numbers people. Especially me. But do you need to love numbers before you can actually love this feature? I don’t think so at all. I don’t like numbers because of it’s complexity but not this one because they are very easy to understand. Yeah. They are. Even those who are not technical people can easily understand it. This feature as it where do provide great and leading information for business owners. Let’s see how this insight on the post planner fan page looks like.

On the fan page, you can actually see:
Page Views
Post Reach (not too shabby, right?)
New Page Likes
and much more

If you want to see how each of your posts are doing specifically on your Facebook page, the demographics of your fans, etc., then click on the left sidebar and drilldown to find out.

Some persons actually do want to download their insights to really dive in very deep the activities going on right on their Facebook business page but is it necessary? I don’t think there is any need for that. Chill on it because the results you will be provided for in the overview are usually sufficient enough.

With all of the aforementioned, can you draw a comparison between running an ad in your local paper and on Facebook?. While running an ad on your local news paper or TV, are you given a stats in terms of how many people visited your store/website based on the ad? You are not. I still stand with Facebook business page.

6. Build brand loyalty.

Don’t just assume or think that Facebook business page is all about building a customer base and selling of products and rendering of service advertisement alone. It’s far more than that. You can actually build your brand loyalty by your Facebook business page and that’s as true as one plus one equals two.

So What exactly do i mean by this?

Consistently provide valuable and entertaining content and see how your followers will stay loyal to you even when you tend to make some notable mistakes. They remain loyal to your brand. Content and I mean quality content is key. When people are searching for what to buy online, their first line of thought is often social media. Because to these ones, it’s quit faster to get what they want and they believe they can get what they want via social media outlets. As clients they are, they want to see activities going on your Facebook business page and this keeps them working with you because they feel and believe they can do business with you than a poorly run Facebook business page. More also, they don’t want to engage with companies or businesses that does not have a Facebook presence. Let’s have an example from the amazing Airbnb’s Facebook page. Airbnb actually relies big time on user-generated content from their happy customers to fill their feed as simple as that. And this have afforded them the luxury time to showcase their amazing and exotic locations that their followers can fall in love with on a constant bases. The jackpot here is that, Facebook’s algorithm loves visual content more than just simple links, which means Airbnb’s strategy seriously boosted their organic post reach based on this. So they as a brand have to use every campaign available as a chance to interact with their loyal potential clients and this over time have proven to be very correct. They are constantly in touch with their customers by asking them how they fell about their services and welcomes developmental strategies to improve their services.

One advantage of having a Facebook business page is that it is Facebook that does the job and not you. You are benefactor of a job been done by them. Don’t forget to optimize your page for both desktop and mobile devices. Below are what shows up when people view your Facebook page on a mobile device:

Hours of operation
Phone number to call directly from the Facebook mobile app
This is why it’s so essential to get all your contact information on your Facebook page.

Many customers don’t want to be stressed in searching for stuffs on your business page because they will just walk away.

7. Spy on your competitors.

Facebook is so unique that it created a feature that allows you to spy on what your competitors are doing. But remember, you are still been spied upon too. The purpose of this is to enable you how your competitors in your area and niche are growing on Facebook so that you too can adopt some of their strategies. This is how you do it.
Go to your page’s Insights overview (see the Insights screenshot above) and then scroll to the bottom. Add any competitors name and you will see something like this:
You are not limited to just one company. You can add as many as you want and put an eye on what they are doing.
For those having a very hard time finding competitors, don’t worry yourself because Facebook will definitely suggest pages based on competition in your area or industry. All you are to do is choose the pages you want by just clicking “Watch Page” or search for pages in the search box. So from this you can tell if they have more fans than you do.
Now this will motivate you to do more. Because no company wants another to beat her on “Facebook likes” can you imagine running a business and NOT having a Facebook page? Not possible for me.

Benefits of Facebook Business Page to Grow your business in Nigeria

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