Bottle Water Business Plan In Nigeria 2020/ Feasibility Study

Bottle Water Business Plan In Nigeria / Feasibility Study

Water as a matter of fact is one of the essential things one can find in life. As a human being, you actually cannot do without water. In my previous post on pure water Business plan, I’d share how important water is to the human existence. Water is both used in the village and in township. There is no class to who uses water. There is a big difference between a sachet pure business and bottle pure water Business. We have initially shared a publication on sachet pure water Business plan and today we have another Business titled Bottled Water Business Plan In Nigeria.

Our Bottled Water Business Plan In Nigeria can be used for Grant Applications, Bank Loans, Proposal writing, Business Concept Note, Competitions etc. As you may already know starting a bottle Water Business do require alot of strategic Planning and systematic execution. With our Bottled Water Business Plan Bottle Water Business Plan In Nigeria

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you will be able to find some answers to some of the questions that you might having to know about before starting a Bottle water business in Nigeria.

Are you wondering why bottle Business in Nigeria is so lucrative? I will tell you as we move on. First if all, water provision ought to be an essential responsibility of the government but as we all can see, there are no government policies on ground to help the case. Moreover, do you trust the government enough to give good, clean and drinkable water? To get access to clean and a drinkable water in Nigeria, then you ought to be very careful as to where this water is coming. Now, since clean water is hard to come by, then it brings us to our subject matter of the day “Bottled Water Business Plan In Nigeria”. So we will be discussing how can set up a Bottle Water Business Plan In Nigeria

We will be discussing the sub topic as we move on.

1.How to start a profitable Sachet pure water/ bottled water business in Nigeria.

2.Why you should start the Pure water business in Nigeria.

3.Feasibility Study Sample Pure water/ bottled water business plan and which can be used for loan applications, grant opportunities and competitions.

4.Equipment / Machines you needed for pure water production.
5.Cost Analysis for starting the business.

In as much as we will be discussing into details on how to start up Bottle Water Business plan Nigeria, i will also advise that you take out time to purchase our Bottle water Business Plan for N10,000

Our feasibility studies bottle water business plan in Nigeria contains detailed breakdown of all that is required in starting and managing a successful bottled water business in Nigeria.


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Water Takes up about 75 percent of the world surface. Yeah that’s true. And also 50-65% of the total human mass is also made up of fluid which. Are you also aware that the brain is mostly made up of water?
With this analysis, we can conclude that man cannot exist or survive without.

There is need to consume good and clean water. Because it will help to maintain good health. But for the lack of good and clean water, this might ir will surely lead to several health challenges. Like cholera, cancer, typhoid etc. From the recent report, it’s on record that 1out of every 10 people in the world lack access to good and drinkable water. If this is true and it is true that I investing in this business will sure be one of the best thing you could ever do in your business career. Investing in the business of bottle water production is a very lucrative Business that could set you up for a lifetime of financial legacy. Another thing about Bottle Water business is that you don’t only make money while you have this business but you also providing service to humanity. The provision of clean and portable water is one of the best Business to venture into in Nigeria because there is a constant and growing need for bottle water.Bottle Water Business Plan In Nigeria

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The most saleable commodity today in Nigeria, is the Bottle water because everyone in Nigeria needs water to survive. The nature of our weather is the one most important reason why there is a high demand of table water in Nigeria. With this analysis, you could see why so many Nigerians are into this business and yet the demand for bottle water is far more higher than the supply. The essence of this whole idea is to provide drinkable water for everyone. When you are able to meet the need of people, you have succeeded in making yourself so so rich.

Despite the fact that Bottle water is a very lucrative and profitable business here in Nigeria doesn’t mean that it will be advisable that you jump into it. As we will always advise you, get your feasibility study guide and be rest assured that you have no issues at all in establishing, starting and administering your business. Before you start your bottle water Business, you ought to get all your facts regarding your bottle water Business will give a clear feasibility report on pure water business. Bottle water business in Nigeria is not a tidous Enterprise to set up. Infact it is somehow very simple and it is very lucrative. For anyone who wants to set his or her own Bottle water business and start making a d
Very reasonable money, can easily do this with our rich and up-to-date Bottle Water Business Plan.

Have you noticed that there is a lot of profits in this business? Do you know how retailers make daily just selling bottle water on the Lagos main road? So many retailers and wholsalers have become so much big doing this business. Now, if the aforementioned is true and it is true, then who do you think makes more money? Of course we know that as bottle water business person, then you obviously Make far more

Before you go into bottle water business, there are some vital things you will have to consider. They looksj Production site, which is the land, Production equipment and machines needed like distillation system, automated form and seal machine, micro filters, cup filters ultra violet lights etc, Start up capital which is very crucial.

In in a recent report, it was discovered that about of hospitals in Nigeria, actually lacks good, potable hygienic water; and this is the reason there is an urgent need to make this business a very serious one? Don’t also forget that bottle water Business in Nigeria is the most saleable commodity now.

our recently updated Bottle Water Business Plan In Nigeria is compulsory If you you want make it big in this Water business
























We must not shy away from the truth. Bottle water Business in Nigeria is a very Capital intensive business to go into. It’s not a children’s play Business at all and that is why we recommend that you purchase our detailed and recent bottle water business plan that will guide you as you journey in this new path. Just as it is very intensive, same way the profit margin is.

Everyone knows how important water is and that is the exact reason why this business is the best Business to go into at this moment. Currently, the most consumed commodity in Nigeria today is water and we all know the exact reason for that. The weather conditions on It’s own is another reason.

The very good thing about Bottle water business in Nigeria, is because of the inexpensive nature of water
Bottle water for example is sold for N50. It looks expensive but it’s not expensive. This means that anyone in the street can afford it and in the dry season the demand for water is always high.

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Having a bottle water Business without an approval from NAFDAC, will be counter productive. The National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) as it where, is the Nigerian federal agency under the Federal Ministry of Health that have been charged with the responsibility of regulating and controlling the manufacture, distribution, advertisement, importation, exportation, sale and use of foods, drugs, cosmetics, chemicals and pure/bottle water in Nigeria.

You can bet on Our rich and up-to-date Bottle Water Business Plan which covers all of the above information and all the important and necessary information which is needed to start a successful pure water production business in Nigeria.

Our team of experts have objectively analyzed this bottle water Business plan based on both qualitative and quantitative data

Below are the descrip of Table of Content for Bottle water Business plan:

Business description (Industry description, requirements, business risk & mitigation, requirement for entering the business).

The Definition of the Market (market segmentation, major competitors, competition advantage).

The Product description (equipment/machine, major raw materials,production process).

Organization structure (staff salaries, etc).

Financial management / Analysis

Why Should anyone Start a Bottle Water Business Company In Nigeria

We have seen that there is high rate for the demand for bottle Water in Nigeria. The reason is that everybody must become thirsty for water at one point of the day. The high humidity of our weather also, is another factor. We must understand that water is an indispensable commodity and everybody who exist, have a need for water to live. With all these and many more reasons are why the bottle water business is very lucrative business to venture into in Nigeria.

A growing awareness in health consciousness

Health experts have warned us to always stay hydrated by drinking water, but we must consciously understand that there is a highly important reason why must consume only safe and clean water. Recently in Nigeria, there is a conscious growing increase in health matters as people are being more conscious of the kind of water they drink. Because to stay healthy and avoid ailments borne ailments such as typhoid, cancer, obesity and also live longer, they ought to consume good and drinkable water.

growing awareness of the need to protect the environment

We all know that sachet water also known as pure water is one of the fastest selling products in Nigeria. But I need to tell you that the era of sachet water is gradually coming to an end. Why did I say this? Because there is a proposed by the government to ban the production and selling of sachet water, polythene bags and its likes. This is because of their environmental hazard they are causing. The very purpose for this yet-to-be implemented law is to combat the growing environmental degradation that is been caused by these materials, since they are not bio-degradable.

When this proposed law has been implemented, there will be a sharp rise in the demand for bottled water in Nigeria and who knows, the price might hike up. So why wait? Why not start and position yourself on the advantagous side now to take advantage of any arising opportunity in the now or nearest future.

Water, which is the most important raw material for bottled water production is readily available for free. Once a borehole is drilled and setup, you will have a steady supply of water.

You will create employment for people

The process of producing bottled water is not a task for one person alone. You will have to employ people that will help you with tasks like cleaning the containers, operating the machines etc.

To access funds and more from banks a comprehensive Bottled Water / Pure water Business Plan In Nigeria must be drafted carefully.

Basic Equipments/machines Needed for Pure Water Business Plan In Nigeria

To set up a pure water company in nigeria, there are some basic necessities that must be provided for. They include the following:

Automated form and sealing machine water sachet .

Industrial water filters.

Over head tanks/Plastic storage water tanks

Micro filters and Cup filters

Water borehole

Ultra Violet lights.

PRODUCTION MATERIALS NEEDED for Pure Water Business Plan In Nigeria.

Nylon bags (Automated)

Packing bags.


Production staff.

Administrative staff.


Start Up Capital Requirement for Pure Water Business Plan In Nigeria

The scale on wish you want to operate or open a bottle water business, will determine the basic start up capital for pure and bottle water production company in Nigeria. For a large scale bottle water business plan, you will need a very big Capital. But for a small bottle water Business plan, a low intensive capital will do. Please remember that a small scale bottle water business is definitely different from a large scale bottle water production company in Nigeria

We have a very recent feasibility study on Bottle water Business in Nigeria. For example, a small scale bottle water production business with a capital of about 5million Naira and with an average production capacity of 1000bags of bottle water shift you are sure to make a profit of least One million Naira every month after expenses.

Then for the large scale bottle water production will require a start up capital of between 10-20million Naira and are also sure making at least 2-3million Naira on monthly basis. This is so true.

Our feasibility studies bottle water business plan in Nigeria contains detailed breakdown of all that is required in starting and managing a successful bottled water business in Nigeria.


GTBank (Guaranty Trust Bank)
Account Name – Ogumka Innocent
Account No – 0153723721

After payment text your name, your e-mail address & payment details to 09066078526 and immediately we will send a copy of the Bottle Water Business Plan in Nigeria to your email.

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