Building Materials Business Plan In Nigeria 2020 How to Start

Building Materials Business Plan in Nigeria / Feasibility Study

The reason we have made this particular business plan an exception I because it has over time proven to be one of the highest profiting business one can ever venture into. I came into this business as far back as 1998 while i was still a very little child. As far as I knew, this business was making millionaires over night. I have had couple of friends whose parents are into this business and i tell you, they are the most balling guys in town. So many a time, I have been asked why has this business been always a very profitable business? I have some couple of answers for them but first let’s discuss the major reason first.

Have you noticed that the population of Nigeria is on a constant increase? Few years we barely 180 million persons and today we have moved from the 200 millions we where in 2006 to over 240 millions as at today. If this statistics is true and it is true then it can only be one reason one reason for this upsurge and that’s the fact that as population increases then the need for houses to be built only become necessary because it’s going to serve as shelter for the increasing population. Building Materials Business Plan in Nigeria

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Now you see the very reason why this business is sure one of the business that is very productive in terms of profits. I have seen how many trading this business have become so so wealthy just by trading building materials in Nigeria. By statistics, we are the most black nation on Earth and by 2050 it has been be estimated that we will hit 500 million people in Nigeria. If this is true and i believe it’s true, then we should brace up for the most juicy business in Nigeria ever. So it’s time we take up this business with high level of consideration and seriousness.

As at today one of the major problems and challenges confronting the nation in urban cities is that of shelter and this might also get worst as the years go by. But that is where you come in. You are not the builder. You are simply a building material supplier. There is a conscious effort from and individuals and co-operatives to build more homes and yes it’s a big profit for them, but you are the double gainer here. You want to ask me how? You will find out soon.             Building Materials Business Plan in Nigeria

In as much as we have established a factor that Building Materials Business in Nigeria is a lucrative and profitable Business, we have seen people still lose in this business. Yes that’s why it’s called business. But guess what? It still can be avoided big time and that I why we have the best and recent Building Materials Business Plan in Nigeria for your consumption. You couldn’t have purchase our feasibility studies and expect to fail in this business. One of the key factor in this business plan is to understand how it works, where raw materials are bought etc. This is business is not a seasonal business. You sell all year round and that is the reason why it is so so juicy. As far the population of Nigeria will keep increasing, as far as houses and homes, structures etc are built, you can never go but of business.

You can decide to concentrate on just one aspect of this business either you are into just a segment of the materials like zinc, or ceiling etc. Anyone. But you can sure do all by selling everything so long you have the capacity and ability to do so. Though many experts have advised that we go into specialization that it will help us focus and concentrate on the business by channeling our energy into one area.

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Let me tell us a true life story. I have a very close friend of mine who stays in warri, sometime ago he told me that his father wants to go into a particular business but he doesn’t know what particular Business he should go into. So I advised him to go into Building Materials Business in Nigeria and I sent him the Building Materials Business Plan in Nigeria and they decided to go into it. His father sold his car for this business and started the business and today they have opened two extra outlets. Business is moving so well. They have been in the business for a year and 6 months. And of course I shouldn’t tell you that they have bought a new car to fill in for the one they sold. There are huge profits in this business and this is based on input, consistence, and how far the you are willing to go in this business.

Demand and Competition analysis.

We cannot hide the fact that there are many persons in this business. Yes there is but with a growing population as ours, there is always room at the top. The field is large and there is plenty enough for you too. But you could stand an edge over then over them. Estates are being built daily, new offices and edifices are being built which means the business of selling building materials will keep soaring high.

Having competition is an added advantage because in it’s own way, it pushes you to make the right decision. The one way you stay ahead of your competitors is knowing what they don’t know and doing what they are not doing. And how do you know what they don’t know? Stay ahead of them in knowledge. Our feasibility study on building material business in Nigeria is a unique one and having it puts you many steps ahead. So do well to have it because you will end up being ahead of your competitors. You can also decide to under study successful persons in this same line of business. Because such a schooling you can’t get in any place. That’s the truth. Let me draw a quote from Sam Levenson “learn from other people’s mistakes for you can not live long enough to make them all by yourself”.

There are some mistakes that are avoidable. Yeah. You don’t have to make mistakes to grow it’s not a yardstick or prerequisite for growth. Those mistakes you would have made, you could avoid if only you do an under study in someone’s business. In this Building Materials Business Plan in Nigeria / Feasibility Study, you learn the ABC of this business. You won’t struggle to make significant growth. But what am sharing with you here isn’t just enough for you to get started you still need to get an edge in this business by studying more and doing your more research. And that is why we have recently compiled this material for you so that you peruse through and make a very wise decision by starting this business.  

Our sample Building Materials Business Plan in Nigeria as it where can be used to access bank loans, proposal writing and grant applications.

The business plan was recently complied after a thorough feasibility study on Building Materials Business in Nigeria was done by our experts.

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Building material sales are sure one of the best Business to go into. There are some factors to consider before and while doing the business. And we will discuss them shortly.

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This is one of the best factors to consider while opening a Building Materials Business in Nigeria. Many people don’t always want to insure their business because they feel that it’s a waste of time. But that’s not true because if you don’t insure your business and you run into a problem, then you could lose everything and start all over again.

Now this is not really compulsory for you but it’s something you should look into in the future. But for the now, you can pause it and do other needful which we will discuss now.


Why is business registration so important? Now this document is so important because with it, you have the legal right to operate a business in Nigeria. This should not be taken for granted at all. I have seen Business men who have businesses and yet not registered. This is risky because there are things you can’t apply for or do without your business name been registered. So get to it and make sure you register your business.

You can click here and see our well detailed and packaged article on how you can register your business name without stress.


Your business might not grow if you don’t do the needful. There are simply ways you can advertise your business and make it known to the public. You can read up how you can advertise your business.

You can check our article on how you can advertise on YouTube and Facebook. You can do the advert via television, radio, print media, etc.

Conventionally you can advertise your business via social media, via television, radio advert, print advert etc.

Draw a business map.

Sometimes capital isn’t just enough for a business set up. There is need for you to have the adequate knowledge for such a business. Having a feasibility study or a business plan is like having a business plan and with it, you will be able to achieve all your targeted goals and Business objectives.
Having a business plan makes your business easier and helps you to locate problem and spot out solution.

If you are trying to get involve investors, with a business plan, It make it less difficult to convince them to joining.


The location of your business is very key. Sometimes it’s better to locate it close to areas where there are lots of constructions going on. Those stores could be an outlet outside your main store. If you don’t place your business in a very strategic location you stand the chance of losing out of business.
You have to locate a place where there is need for your services. Examples of such includes places that are still under construction, places where there is a surge in building constructions are trending.

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