Business Ideas In Nigeria That Will Make You Millions

Business Ideas In Nigeria That Will Make You Millions

There are businesses in Nigeria that don’t need big money to start and yet it can fetch you millions of Naira? I am not talking about something that is not practicable. I am referring stuffs any serious minded person can engage and make money conveniently well. That’s what we will be discussing right here and if I where you, I will get a pen down and take note of the ones that strike your psychology.  Many persons have come out to say that Nigerians are lazy people. But is that really true? If that’s true, why do we have the most educated people in America from Nigeria? Why do we have the richest black man from Nigeria? Why do we have the second richest black woman from Nigeria? Do we have our guys working two or jobs in America or UK or other European and Asia countries a day and have used such money to build empires?

Business Ideas In Nigeria
Business Ideas In Nigeria

Ways on How to Promote Your Business in Nigeria

Now this is what I think is happening. Nigerians here doesn’t believe that there is gonna be a good thing to come from here. Many don’t want to seat and think out a plan or ideas on a business that could strive in an emerging economy like ours. They don’t have the courage, skill and man power to Start a business and run it well to attract the needed investors to push the business to the next levels. These they lack.

We have thousands of business all over the country that haven’t been tapped now. Infact it will surprise you to no that there are lots of business that you can engage in that is very low capital intensive but can make you rich all you need to do, is follow all we are going to show you which have to do you with the right skills and mentality. But when you have made up your mind about traveling out of the country to look for greener pastures, you won’t be able to see these business opportunities. Another twist to this is the fact that many of our people would rather wait, allow foreigners come over here, open there businesses then employ them. But all along, these business have been here and we didn’t see it because we have a myopic view about how life could and would be. It won’t be ideal to start this new year with stories at all. Make this year count because if we don’t, we gonna blame no one. Every business idea we will be showing you here are all tested and trusted. As far the Nigeria market is concerned, you sure have an edge. So many years ago, I met a Chinese man who said that “the best time to plant an orange tree is now not 20 years time”. I hope you understand what that means.

Below are the List Of Business Ideas In Nigeria To Start

1. Honey Business

I have a friend who did talk to me about this business. She told me that she started with N30,000 and today she is making big money from it. She is planning on having her own honey farm. As at the time of writing this article, you can start this  business with N50.000. All you need tp do is have a business plan and start. If you can’t write a business plan, then just contact us for a well documented and packaged Honey business business plan.
Contact us via this email
Call us on – 09066078526.

How To Write A Business Plan In Nigeria

I have interviewed millionaires who are into this business and they shared with me how they got started, got customers etc. All these will be a bonus I will share with you inside the business plan. Just place your order today. The idea is to start your honey business and grow into having your own honey farm and by then, you become a major distributor. Remember that everyone is moving taking sugar into pure honey for health reasons.

2. Consultancy Business

Now some persons are like “what? Consultancy business?” You don’t mean it? Well I do mean it and I meant it. The question should be “What does it take to start consulting firm for both big and small businesses all over the country?
Have you had a thought why so many business are closing up? Why some business are struggling to stay above the water? Now if you put your heart to work you will understand that there are so much you can do. That’s all it takes to start a consultancy services business. All you need do is have an understudy of the various aspects of the businesses and set up a consulting firm as a professional. You don’t have to set up a physical office but is quite necessary. Most times many people wants to be busy but go on with this business and trust me you are on your way to money

3. Farming Business

Farming is not for the guys in the village of elderly ones or for those who are uneducated. This is a fat lie from the pit of hell. I have to bring this up here because this have become a norm among Nigerians regarding farming. But farming have gone passed this level of thinking. You don’t have wield a Cutlass or digger to be a farmer. I had a yam farm some time ago with a friend of mine then we never touched the soil because we had it all planned out. Please have a different mentality regarding farm business matters. Many young graduates today are making millions from farming yet they don’t even know their way to the farm. Be smart on this. We have lots of farm business ranging from poultry Farm business, piggery farm business, plantain production business, yam production business plan, rice production business plan, beans production business plan, etc you can get into. Place an order for any of the business plan and we will be on hand to give you what you need.

4. Printing Business

We have different forms of printing business in Nigeria you can go into. It’s a very large sector and if you are going into it, then you have to make a choice between the following: Printing on T shirts, Umbrellas, Cars, ID and business cards etc.
It’s more profitable to set up your own small printing press because it affords you to grow and become what you want your business to be. But if you don’t have the capital to make that happen, then you can serve as a middle man between the printee and the printer by  helping others fulfill their printing requirements while charging for your services. It’s that simple. But you have to understand how printing business do work. Understand how the prices work so that you understand how your commission works. Also where to get those stuffs printed. So you are going to be a freelancer in the printing industry by setting up a kiosk and place advert om it so that people can bring their jobs while you take it to any printing firm of your choice and do the job. Then you get your commission from the job. Based on experience, i will advised that you have a graphic designer on a standby because this will be an added advantage for you.

5. Paint Making

I sat down with a friend of mine who happens to be a paint maker. He studied industrial chemistry so paint making was part of what they know how to do with ease. He told me that paint making has nothing to do with studying industrial chemistry. But it was sure an added advantage. He said, paint making has taken care of his basic need and today he is living his dream and that the beauty of it is that it actually doesn’t require much fund to get started. He is well sophisticated as I speak with you. Now, it won’t cost anything to go learn how to produce paint. Meet reputable paint makers and you are good. In Nigeria, with less than N100,000, you can actually start a paint business and from there you can gradually grow it to become a big paint company.

6. Liquid Soap Making

Some time ago in Edo state, trainers poured in my the state with a popular slang then “do it yourself”. They came teaching people how to make liquid soap. So many people took advantage of it and today none who judiciously followed through are living in poverty. Today they are making it so real in he soap industry. There are alot of potentials in this business.
Get started, it may not look Rossy at the beginning but trust me, you are in for something really good. Same washing detergents you do buy, you can produce them from the comfort of your house and also sell too and make money for just doing something you love doing.

7. Recharge Card Business.

At a point, this was the most lucrative business to start in Nigeria but today it has dropped to number three on the pecking order. But yet it has not reduced it’s value or high yeilding result. If you ever think recharge card business in Nigeria it’s a non lucrative business, then please do have your due diligence again. We can’t start sharing testimonies here but it’s a cool money making business. You don’t even have any big role or deal to do here. There is the retail version of this business but that won’t be enough because there is allot you can make while you go for the top one. You could be a printer of the recharge card itself and be distributor. This was what a testifyer told us. He said, don’t depend on retailing instead alone but also exploit other avenues that are involved such as printing and distributing to others at less profit which will sure add up with your own profits over time and this is the success friends.

8. Bead And Hat Making

While I was schooling, I observed that some lady folks who had Financial challenges regarding paying their school fees, actually where able to meet up their school activities, paying their way through school via this. And some of them did so well that they where even sending some cash home to their parents and siblings. I have asked what’s the difference between some expensive beads and those that are less expensive and i was told that it’s on the design. She told me that Some nicely designed beads sells for around N6,000 and more. The shocking part is that the materials didn’t cost up to a N1,000. Now this is what they make for a single trade. Learn it and be very creative.

Most Lucrative Business to Start In Nigeria 2020

9. Private Coaching

I don’t know how exactly how it works in other cities, but in Lekki Lagos, this is gold mine business. We have parents who pay 70k for just English language tutorials a month twice a week. For just a particular subject. It’s a simple matter. All you are doing is exchanging your knowledge for cash. We did a research on ten home lesson teachers we discovered that they are paid more than they are paid in schools as a school teacher. Some receives more than 400 thousand naira a month after all their evening home tutorials. You can get yourself involved in it and you will see how lucrative it is.

10. Sales Of Used Items

This is popularly called okrika.  If you ever know the Igbo man or woman, then this is there thing but not anymore. Many people who saw it as a poor man’s business have seen the biggie in it. We have various types of this kind of business here in Nigeria. Anyone can go for you. It can be okrika shoes, clothes, and even bags. Remember this goods are not perishable goods so no loses can be made. A student of mine one whose mom is into this business told me that her mom makes over 400 percent in just a particular clothes. Just one. How I asked her. She said, she buys already used clothes at 50 naira at Asuani market in Lagos, then brings it home ans sells at 450 naira. I was woed. And it’s the truth. I saw it for myself. You can decide to go into the business, either in a small or scale, making good money is 100% is a sure guarantee matter. There is a popular believe that some these second handed goods are cheaper and stronger than the fake brand new ones in the market. If you know, you know.

11 Laundry Services

We call it a gentle man’s business. Easy and sweet going. You don’t need one million naira to start it..just have the basic materials and that’s all. Ion, washing buckets, etc. We have an updated laundry business plan that you will need. So you can get place an order for it by contacting us via this mail
And our phone number 09066078526.
One of our brothers who is big in this industry told us how he started. He started from his home. Met friends who gave him their wears. He went from office to office seeking for customers. Though it wasn’t easy those early times but it has paid off today.

12. Food Stuff Delivery

This is quite simple as it sounds. There is no big deal about it. For example, you can decide to run an affiliate marketing on it. You run an affiliate with a big shop owner, get goods from them and do your supply to your customers. It’s as simple as this. When you are done, get your profits out and repeat the cycle again. You don’t have to own your own shop or store but if you do, it’s an added advantage then. Ads some form of creativity to it.

13. Makeup Artist

We have a well documented business plan on make up artist business in Nigeria. And it’s must have for those who wants to go into make up artist activities. Having the skill is good but having the business skill is best.

14. Internet Blogging

I have been a blogger all my life though am.a forex trader today, I still blog and that’s why you are reading article here. It’s one of the best business to get into if you follow the principles attached to it. Remember it’s not a quick way of making money but it sure will make you wealthy as it has done for many of us today.

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