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The Plan.

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY      Poultry Business Plan for Layers in Nigeria

This Integrated poultry Business plan is aimed at establishing a poultry farm that can actually stock and house an initial phase of chicks that could amount to 30,000 capacity. These could be day old chicks that would be eventually produced eggs that are fertile which will be sold poultry farmers. And they inturn will be raised as broilers and layers. So let’s dig deep. As part of this integration process, about 5000 broilers and day old chick (DOC) would have to be kept weekly and they are to be raised to a table size. Note that 5000 pullet day old chick (DOC) should be kept and will have to be raised to Point of Lay (POL) and upon expansion. And this inturn will allow for layers to produce table size eggs.

When the first phase of maturity has come into existence, then your farm is expected to produce105,000 DOC weekly on the average, it will also be able to produce about 10 ton of broiler meat weekly and 5000 POL weekly. According to our team of experts have suggested that the Enterprise is expected to produce a revenue from DOC is N40 million monthly and N520 million annually broiler, N20.5million monthly and N266 million yearly. And from sales of Point of lay, then the projected monthly income is N17 million and annually, N204 million Total revenue per annum is in the average of N0.990 billion to N1.24 billion. Of this, gross profit from DOC sales is about N200 million, N52million from processed broiler and N30 million from sales of POL. The total expected gross profit would be approximately N342 million. Net profit before tax is projected would be N239.4 million yearly.

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If you are to achieve such a figure just mentioned, and also have a return of your capital investment in the first phase N265, 000,000 (Two hundred and sixty five million naira). At the second year of this farming, the business at this point should break even. For teaming farmers in the state and far beyond, this farm will serve as a source of DOC and POL for them. At the long run it will create wealth, employment, training, then assist for others.


Why is this? Because this project is means to an end and what’s that end? The very reason for this project, is to set up a breeder farm, to produce fertile eggs, then hatch them into Broilers and also layer chicks and also ensure how you market them. We will be discussing the Management and finance that will required as well as the profits that you will accrue are in the work as we move.


As it where, the parent stock is essentially housed by the breeder farm. These stocks are stocks that are acquired via the means of importation which are the parent stocks. Examples are the Aviagen from Netherlands and Cobbs from South Africa. The primary motives for rearing the Day Old Chicks (DOC) of the parent stocks is essentially to laying of eggs. Before the eggs can hatch into chicks, it must be set in the hatchery for 21 days. When setting it up, it must be on a weekly basis which means a 300,000 hatchery capacity should be used. Remember that these breeders can lay Continuously for up to 50 weeks and the layer bird can now be sold out as meat and also be replaced by another layer.

Poultry Farming Business Plan In Nigeria

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From our research work, day old chicks (DOC) are definitely sold every week and this so true and you make money doing this and lots of money are made from here. But for those that are not sold, they are taken back to the poultry farm and will be raised as as broilers or pullets (for Point Of Lay) respectively. In this business, nothing is a waste. Because these same broilers gets processed after about 7 weeks. They are batched and sold out as meat to marketers or end users. As from 14 weeks and a little bit upper, the pullets are then sold out in batches. Then they are sold as point of lay ( POL) to farmers who are specialized in rearing layers.


It’s on record that Nigeria as a Nation hardly are able to meet her demand in poultry products such as eggs and meat. Infact about 70 percent of our poultry products that are consumed are actually smuggled into the country. This is so true especially poultry meat. Also we have seen that the demand for eggs by consumers also surpasses the supply for same product and this present a very huge opportunity for intending investors. Remember that countries such as like Niger, Chad and Northern Cameroon etc do depend on our egg supply for consumption. Over the years, we have seen that fast foods companies such as KFC, Sweet Sensation and Mr. Biggs, do fight for the little eggs and meat supply that are available. At a point, some of the aforementioned names have refused to introduce some of their recipes because there is little or no supply of poultry products especially poultry meat. What we have discovered is that the Nation’s egg and meat supply can only meet what we could eat that’s “our edible demand”. If this is true and it is true, then the industrial demand for poultry products such as meat is completely left out.

Our research team also discovered that Ibadan axis are depended on by Eastern part of Nigeria and the southern part of Nigeria for supply of DOC, eggs and poultry meat. You can see. And one of the reasons is that there are few of foreign bodies and their companies that have clustered in Ibadan. Some of these companies are owned by Lebanese, Israelis and Indians. If you analyze this very well, you will understand why some of the poultry farm products suffer viability and quality because they have to go through a rigorous transportation from the southern region by road to the eastern and south-south parts of the country. This is a very massive opportunity that exists here.

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From our market analysis, we have discovered that most of the oil companies in the South South region all depends on these same poultry farm in Ibadan foe their meat and eggs. This have made the market a very huge one and have also created opportunity for everyone who intends to go into this business. For those in Abia state, they could strategically position themselves in Abia State and meet this large demand.


For Broilers, their demand do fluctuate all year round. The demand for broilers happens more on some particular time and season than others and we will discuss them now. During festive periods such as Easter, Salah and Christmas, the price usually increases dramatically. We have recorded situations where Broilers are sold 50% higher than usual price. But during times and seasons when markets are down, farmers do buy chicks targeting too dress them for cold rooms.

During the months of November through June, pullets are highly demanded. But also, when Broilers are on high demand, the likes of Cockerels are of low demand. This is because there are competition for brooding houses. During the last four months to the end of the year, Cockerels are of higher demand than other poultry animals. And that’s why farmers target the year end festivities because they make so much more money during that period.


The poultry farm Business contributes about 25 percent of the general agricultural GDP in the Nation and about 4% of the national GDP. We all know that in Nigeria, one of the major employers of labour is the agricultural sector hence poultry farming contributes a great deal to that. This business plan we are currently reviewing can employ as it where up to 42 permanent workers and an additional 10 casual workers. This will also will generate massive and speedy wealth for all partners, suppliers, distributors, banks and also workers. With this, the community where the poultry farm is situated automatically gets an added advantage because both transporters, land owners, workers and marketers of finished products will directly and indirectly induce improvement on the immediate economy.

Also Taxes that comes from the poultry farm accrues to the state government, while profits goes to partners while tariffs from the poultry farm on corporate taxes goes to the federal government.

We have seen where the facilities of big farm enterprises like the one we are currently discussing are used as a source of training ground to the youths who want to go into poultry farming. With your farm Business of this size, Foreign experts from outside the country through the agreed partnership shall also contribute full knowledge and transfer skill to our youths who are interested in going into poultry farm Business.


All poultry farming are not the same though many people think so. Among them all, the most technical is the breeder farming. And that is why our poultry Business plan for breeders remain the best. It is a well known fact that egg production is the most popular poultry farming in the world. This is true because the consumption of egg cut across a variety of sectors. For example, eggs are used for many things which include baking that’s pastries, cooking, for eating etc. And this is why the demand for eggs is far more higher than any other poultry products but slightly higher than poultry meat. Because of doctors advise that the older population should avoid red meat (cow meat), the increased demand for broilers day old chick (DOC) has been on the increase.

We have different types of poultry products and they come from parent stock such as breeder, meat (broiler/production), egg production, Quail production, turkey production, ostrich farming, duck farming, Geese farming and ornamental bird rearing etc. There are also specialized aspect of the business that comes in form of brooding, Point of Lay production, liquid egg packaging, egg trading, cold room marketing, day old chicks, feed milling, birds transportation or egg deport business. The Business is a very vast one and therefore the investor have to concentrate on a particular aspect and as time goes on and as business gets bigger, he or she can add other aspect for vertical or horizontal integration in Nigeria.

One of the sweet thing about this business here in Nigeria is the fact that it is still untapped. Every aspect of this business is still very much untapped and many many revenue can still be gotten from it. We have seen how this business have turned many into Millionaires in a short and long time. Also, the specialisation and continuous improvement on your skills is always a vital key in this business.

In as much as we all know that the poultry farm Business in Nigeria is a very profitable one, there still lies some forms of challenges. The major happens to be from the absence of credit, high interest rate, and high cost of maize, unavailable electricity which is important for incubation, cold rooms, and operation of automated cages. From our latest research work, we have seen that the demand for eggs, broiler meat, day old chicks, day old pouts etc have remained on a very high side.

Critical Success factors of the business

Finance: You have to make sure that funds are at all times available as when needed according to the plan. This is done so that you can avoid creating stress factors which is definitely would cost so much in revenue loss.

Expertise: If you are gonna make a good head in this poultry industry, you must have a good knowledge based of poultry farm Business. And you must also engage in consultancy which is very key. You have engage in training and retraining of your staffs which is very important no matter how small or big your poultry farm Business. You have to teach and train them on the latest trend on poultry farming tools and mechanism.

Housing: The house or farm House must be properly ventilated and spaced. This is a very critical success factor for the growth of your chicks. Ensure you position your house to give the birds’ some maximum ventilation and as well reduce heat.

Biosecurity: When there is a breach in biosecurity, then disease entrance and spread are inevitable. You should be able to make use of foot bath, car bath and prohibition of unauthorized persons to reduce the risk and the spread of disease.

The water source and it’s Watering are very important when there is a Foul water source or water that is contaminated in your poultry house, then for sure this signifies that the farm will fail in no distant time. Always make sure you have clean and clear water and also make them readily available for birds.

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