Candle Production Business Plan In Nigeria/ Feasibility Study Proposal

Candle production is a very profitable business in Nigeria/ Feasibility Study

Candle Production Business Plan In Nigeria – For those who may be wondering how when did candle production came into existence? Well this business have been in existence way before the Advent of electricity. Candle production is a very profitable business in Nigeria is a very profitable one and many people don’t have a clue about it and that is the very reason many people haven’t thought about it. Another factor here is that many people only think of candles as been used by villagers forgetting that candles are also used religious purposes and also to improve ambience and decoration.

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 From research we have carried out, many persons do believe that candles have lost it’s high level of demand as it was years ago. But the simple truth is that, these people are way wrong because the demand for candles have not in any way diminished at all. Many people think that because electricity in our country have been improved in some areas and also the advent of risk free chargeable lights that it has diminished it’s high demand but this can’t be because of the current uses of candles, so its almost impossible that the demand for candle likely to go down since it has not already. If you must no, candles are still a major source of illumination in some part of Nigeria most especially in rural areas.

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Well for Illunination purposes, we cannot compare the demand of demand for candles fifteen years ago and to what it is now. It has actually dropped. But aside this, the use of candles for purposes such as decorations, illumi attached, for traditional festivals etc. So don’t get discouraged about going into it. There other forms of usage regarding candles and that have to depend on the person who wants it. So get on with it and don’t be afraid about going into it.

All you actually need is the right knowledge and that is the reason I have made this publication about Candle production is a very profitable business in Nigeria. I have sold countless of Candle production is a very profitable business in Nigeria and everyone of them have returned with testimonies. There are people who have become millionaires via the production of candles. I no you will be so surprised by hearing this. But that’s the truth. One good thing about this business is that it is a very low capital intensive business for start ups. With a little capital, you are set for your candle Business in Nigeria and trust me profits will be coming in as quick as possible. It won’t take long as you think.

How To Start Candle Production Business In Nigeria

We have established one fact that the demand for candles cannot diminish because it’s usage cannot be over emphasized. It can be used for different purposes which includes ceremonies, religious rituals and festivals. If there is any country who practices various forms religious matters, Nigeria of course is at the helm. And these practices involves the use of candles. Some if these occasions includes Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day etc.It can also be used for traditional purposes like festivals too.

Candles come in different shapes ans sizes and also in different colours. Some of these colourful candles are used for decorations. These type if candles used for decorations are different from the ones used for traditional practices and festivals. Some of these candles serves as air fresheners. It gives an environment a special scent. Some are also used to beautify a place and are used for special occasions.


So if you ever think that candles will go into instinct, then you lie because there are certain tasks that only candles can perform. These functions are excluded to candles alone and none other. For this singular reason, they will always be in high demand Also in the market.
Also we have established the fact that candle Business in Nigeria does not require a very high capital to start but a low capital intensive Business to start. But the amount invested in starting a candle stick Business in Nigeria will be the direct proportion of the size of my business. The bigger the capital the larger your company size.

Let’s list out the raw materials needed for candle production in Nigeria.

1. White Beeswax
2. Paraffin wax
3. Pyramid mold
4. Mold Sealer
5. Cookie Sheet
6. Black/Grey concentrated liquid dye
7. Hunter green concentrated liquid dye
8. Red/Pink concentrated liquid dye
9. 24-ply flat brad wick
10. Watermelon Fragrance oil
11. Stearic acid
12. Candle wick

There is absolutely nothing more to add to the aforementioned to produce candles. Nope. That’s just about what you need in the production of candles. Are you wondering where you can establish your production house? Think no further. Because you don’t need to locate a far away parcel of land for the production of candles because it can actually be done in your home. Sometimes you may just need to have a production factory where you can install machines for candle production.

Though we have established one fact that you don’t need a huge capital to start this business but it doesn’t mean it’s free because the capital you will need for small scale production is not the same for large scale production because you will need to get some production machines for candle production. That’s if you want to launch into a big candle production Business in Nigeria.

Have we seen where a candle stick is produced? There are two ways it’s done. And any form is just fine. Either you are pouring or you are pressing it. That’s the pouring method and pressing method. According to experts the later is more efficient and likely more easy to do. Which means it also is more stressless. What is needed ti do is to grind the ingredients you need into powder form and then press them to form a candle pattern.

While the pouring method involves the preparing of the candle wick in a tube then heat up the paraffin wax and the stearic acid. After this process, you are expected to pour it in a mixture and then allow it to cool off then remove the tubes to get the candles.

What I have shared with you now is not just enough to jump into the market and start buying materials for candle production. Nope. You don’t want to do this. My advise to you is that you go for more knowledge about it by getting you sample Candle Production Business Plan in Nigeria which can be used to access bank loans, proposal writing and grant applications. Also the business plan was recently complied after a thorough feasibility study on Candle Production Business in Nigeria was done which also includes latest financial projection too.

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