Car Wash Business Plan in Nigeria/ Feasibility Study Proposal

We bring you our well documented Car Wash Business Plan in Nigeria which we have always been Regularly Updating in other to ensure we meet up with the latest market and financial analysis.
For those who may want to use it to apply for Bank Loans, Grants, Proposal for Competitions Etc Can go ahead and use it.
You will agree with me that before now, car wash business was seen as business meant for touts or garage boys. Those days majority of the car wash were all located in the motor parks or garage as we know it to be. But the story today have changed.


You can’t describe it that way anymore. If you are looking to start a very high interest yielding business, car wash business comes to mind. We have sold numerous car wash business plan in Nigeria to many people and they have come back with testimonies. So you can also be the next testifier. This is one of the most easiest business to do and make profit constantly and we will discuss that later. But first we must understand the importance of location in this business because without it, you may as well struggle. The importance of location in this business can never be over emphasized. Your var was business should e located you constantly have flow of traffic. With this, people and car owners will easily locate you.

Location – Like I was with us a moment ago, to be in top business as far this business is concerned, then you must be prudent enough to open it in a location that will be very open and conducive for clients. Site is key here. Choose a location that has a good flow of traffic and can be easily seen by potential clients. Choose a location that is much close to the following places: automobile workshop, relaxation gardens, shopping malls etc. These are strategic places for car wash business.

Water Supply – Car wash is water on it’s own. You want to do this business, then water is as important as the business itself. But this shouldn’t be a problem at all. There are various ways to get water for your car wash business.
You either dig a borehole or you dig a well. Either of them is fine and fantastic. Ensure you have an overhead tank where water is stored for preservation purpose.

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Generator Set – You can’t trust power all the time so you will need a generator set to power your water pumping machine at all times. Get a very good Japanese or south Korean generator these guys produce strong and lasting generator.

Car wash Equipment & Tools – Car wash tools and machinery are quite easy to get. They include: washing rags, sponges, car cleaning solutions, buckets, towels, water pipes, etc
When setting up a car wash service center, there are some basic necessities that must be met. These are major factors but unfortunately we won’t be discussing them here. You can get them from our Car wash business plan and feasibility study guide.

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Car Wash Business Plan In Nigeria


Executive Summary
Business Overview
The Business Opportunity
The Market
The Competition
The Marketing Strategy
The Management Team
Key Figures From the Financial Forecasts
Critical Risks
1 the Business
1.2 Vision Statement
1.3 Mission Statement
1.4 Values and Principles
1.5 Strategic Objectives
1.5.1 Long Term Objectives
1.5.2 Medium Term Objectives
1.5.3 Short Term Objectives
2.0 External Environment Analysis
2.1 Political
2.2 Economic
2.3 Social
2.4 Technological
2.5 Legislative
2.6 Environmental
3.0 Industry Analysis
3.1 Overview
3.2 Major Players in the Industry
3.3 Barriers to Entry
3.4 Key Success Factors
4.0 Market Analysis
4.1 Market Segments
4.1.1 Individuals
4.1.2 Businesses
4.2 Needs and Preferences
4.2.1 Individuals
4.2.2 Businesses
4.3 Target Market
5. Competition Analysis
5.1 Direct Competition
5.1.1 Abc Car Wash Services Advantages Disadvantages
5.2 Indirect Competition
6. Internal Environment Analysis
7. Swot Analysis
7.1 Strengths
7.2 Weaknesses
7.3 Opportunities
7.4 Threats
7.5 Actions to Be Taken
8. Business Strategy
8.1 Long Term Strategies
8.2 Medium Term Strategies
8.3 Short Term Strategies
8.4 Functional Strategies
8.4.1 Financial Strategies
8.4.2 Marketing Strategies
8.4.3 Operational Strategies
8.4.4 Learning and Development Strategies
9.0 Marketing Plan and Strategy
9.1 Marketing Avenues for the Car Wash
9.1.1 Advertising and Promotion
9.1.2 Direct Mailing
9.1.3 News Letters
9.1.4 Major Billboard/ Signage
9.1.5 Directory Listings
9.1.6 Business Website
9.1.7 Other Marketing Avenues
9.2 Pricing
9.2.1 Exterior Cleaning
9.2.2 Interior Cleaning
10. Human Resource Plan
10.1 Organizational Structure
10.2 Roles and Responsibilities
10.2.1 General Manager
10.2.2 Finance and Administration Officer
10.2.3 Sales and Marketing Officer
10.2.4 Cleaning Supervisor (Exterior Cleaning)
10.2.5 Cleaning Supervisor (Interior Cleaning)
11. Technical and Operational Plan
11.1 Layout of the Business Premises
11.2.1 Management Information System
11.2.2 Accounting System
11.2.3 Performance Management System
11.3 Internal Controls
11.3.1 Receipts
11.3.2 Payments
11.3.3 Revenue Received
12. Monitoring and Evaluation Plan
13. Financial Plan and Strategy
13.1 Assumptions
13.2 Capital Expenditure
13.3 Average Monthly Cost – Cleaning Material and Chemicals
13.4 Average Monthly Operating Expenditure
13.5 Cash Flow Forecast
13.6 Income Statement Forecast
13.7 Balance Sheet Forecast
13.8 Ratio Analysis
13.9 Break Even Analysis
13.10 Sensitivity Analysis
14. Risks and Issues
15. Action Plan

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