Cassava Farming Business Plan in Nigeria 2020 / Feasibility Study Report


Cassava Farming Business Plan in Nigeria / Feasibility Report

 If there is any farm produce that can’t be done away with, is the Cassava farm produce. This crop is aver important one as far Nigeria is concerned. In fact, it is the most consumed farm produce in Africa as a whole. There is no class of people who do consume this product. Both the rich and the poor have a need of this product and I will explain much later. But, this is a very lucrative and profitable business to venture into as a business owner.Cassava Farming Business Plan in Nigeria

The most consumed food product in Nigeria is Garri. And this garri is gotten from Cassava. A recent survey conducted by some groups, stated that about 90 per cent of Nigerians consume garri on a daily basis which comprises both the rich and the poor. And this is one of the reasons why the demand for cassava product have constantly be on the high side.

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 According to the world food survey, Nigeria as it where do produce the highest tones of cassava in the world. And we have seen that many companies have started using the cassava farm produce to produce an alternative to garri for those who do not like eating Eba. Now this new trend has made the commodity a very expensive and highly sort after. Some of these new products are casavita, cassava cakes, and some other wheat like products that are very delicious. Cassava have a very high level of adaptation and this is the very reason why it is grown in every part of the country.

 So many a time I have been called by those who are searching for a Cassava Feasibility study on how to start a profitable cassava farming Business In Nigeria, I do send them a complete cassava business plan in Nigeria that has a well detailed and packaged feasibility study. And today, I am sharing with you that same feasibility study report. But it should be noted that what I will be sharing with you, it’s not the total and detailed business plan. We have a complete Cassava Business plan which we sell for a token. Read on and you will see how to get it.

  Having a cassava farm today in Nigeria is one of the most profitable venture to go into. Because it is a business that grows with growing population. As the population of Nigeria increases the need for garri also increases. Those who are currently into cassava production are constantly smiling to the bank every now and then. And this is because the report by FAOSTAT states that cassava is the third most consumed crop in the country and that by the next few years it will become the first most consumed product in Nigeria. Going into a cassava farm business in Nigeria, is not a really a big deal. Anyone can really do it. Ehere becomes a challenge is how you can be able to commercialize it. This surely will demand a whole lot than just setting up the farm because this would include your packaging and marketing strategy you have got. But with our detailed and recently well packaged Cassava Business Plan in Nigeria, we’ve got you covered.

 While you are into this business, also note that everything about cassava and all it’s  parts are marketable. From the stems which can be replanted to produce more cassava, the root is the cassava itself, the leaves can be feed to livestocks and the peeled back are equally used as feed for livestocks and sometimes some people do eat it.

 Now we have established that the Cassava production/farming business in Nigeria is very profitable business because there is a very high demand for cassava both for local and international market. It also been exported but what we see these days is that what we are producing is not enough to feed the entire nation and that is why our exports on cassava products are quite low. Garri as it where is the most sort after food in the country because you will find it in every home, restaurant, etc. ,The demand cassava  is much more than the supply we have.

This is a sample business plan for Cassava Processing Business, Garri Production & Farming Business in Nigeria


Executive Summary


Business Description

Products and services

Competitive Advantage

Market Research

Competitor Analysis

Sales and Marketing Plan

Operational Plan

Business Risk

Management and Structure


Introduction: In this part of the business plan you try to introduce your Cassava Farming  business to the investors and what they should be expecting as soon as your business plan get started

Business Description: Here you are to describe the business strategy to the investors or to the bank who wants to get you the loan

Products and Services: You will have to share the kind of Cassava Farming  business you want to do

Competitive Advantage: you need to get our Cassava Farming  Business Plan in Nigeria

Market Research: Get a copy of our Cassava Farming  s Business Plan In Nigeria

Competitor Analysis: to find out how to go about it just get a copy of Cassava Farming  s Business Plan In Nigeria

Sales and Marketing Plan: Get your own copy of Cassava Farming  s Business Plan In Nigeria

Operational Plan: at this part of the Cassava Farming  s Business Plan you share the way you intend to run the day to day operation of the business

Business Risk: get a copy of our latest edition of Cassava Farming  s Business Plan In Nigeria

Management and Structure: calls us for a copy of Cassava Farming  s Business Plan In Nigeria

Financial Plan and Projections: Here you should be able to state you financial plan and if you don’t know how to go about it you may destroy your business so get a copy of our latest edition of Cassava Farming  s Business Plan In Nigeria.

Financial Plan and Projections

 Hurry now, GET YOUR CASSAVA PROCESSING BUSINESS PLAN. To place an order, pay N10,000 to

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 Now we have carried out thorough market analysis of the Cassava farming/ Garri production business and all the necessities needed to start a very serious profitable cassava business farm.  We have a marketing plan template which we have designed to be backed up by actionable steps and strategic marketing ideas for cassava farms business in Nigeria. So it’s time to move on to the business plan segment.

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Why   Should d anyone Start a Cassava Farming Business Today

 The Cassava farming and garri production business as far as this Nation is concerned is a very profitable and lucrative business to venture into. Over the years, we have seen how this business has turned many from the shackles of poverty to financial freedom. This business over time have   strived and soured from been a small/ medium scale business into a large scale and well recognized global business venture. How has it become a global business you may ask? Because tons of cassava products are been constantly exported out of the country yearly. So for those who are planning to start a very large scale cassava business or a medium scale cassava business or a small scale cassava business, you are not taking a wrong decision because this as been said by those who are into it, is a goldmine.  Remember what we discussed earlier that cassava is consumed by both human and livestock in different forms around the world.

 There is an abundance of profitability in Cassava farming business. If you decide to go into it, the huge profits you will likely encounter can’t be overemphasized. This business as it where presents numerous and countless business or financial opportunities. These opportunities can be tapped into to generate an immeasurable income for cassava farmers and even make him/her an employer of labor which will go along way to help reduce the effect of unemployment in our society because by then, you have become an employer of labour. Your willingness to start the cassava farming business in Nigeria is all the requirement you will need to be able to start up and again, another vital importance matter is that you will have to have a capital which can be gotten from government grants and agricultural loans We have a well documented article on how you can get capital to fund your business ideas. You can click here and get started.

How to Start Cassava Farming Business in Nigeria

 Before you go into Cassava Production business in Nigeria, there are no short cuts at all. Though I will be sharing with you some of the required necessity before that you will need before you set to establish a Cassava farming production business.

  You must have a Farmland and also you must also try as much as possible to make the farm land suitable for planting.

 Also, you have to ensure you do a proper Selection of the best variety of cassava and also the stem you want to plant.

 Another and the most important of them all is having a business plan for cassava farm production. You don’t want to go into this business without these very tools else you will be like a blind man who is going into a battle field.  The reason is that as your journey in this business, you will need guidance and direction, where to look and what to expect.  our feasibility study business plans are written by cassava field experts who will guide you into not making wrong decisions rather clear and simple ones.

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 When you want to grow Cassava, it should be done in an area with thick vegetation and with humus soil. It must have the capacity and ability to be able to retain water. When you decide to plant your cassava in areas like this, then it will increases the quality of the produce. It’s as simple as this.

 There is also a situation where the soil available is not as fertile as the aforementioned requirement but something can still be done manually. What can be done? The land can be developed to suit the production of cassava by the application of manure. Which could be organic or inorganic?

 For those who will be going into a commercial Cassava farming/production, you don’t have to rely on native procedure of preparing it which have to do with the tedious way of peeling, manual grating, putting it under heavy stones to dewater it etc. Nope. These are for those who are into subsistence cassava farming. If you are going to commercialize your cassava farming, you won’t rely on the aforementioned process. There are equipment and machinery that have been developed over time to help reduce the time wastage, to help reduce the stress, to help produce large amount of cassava to go round

 We cannot talk down the help of this modern equipment has helped a great deal in cassava production. Indeed it has helped in making the job much easier and very much faster than it was so many years ago. We have already made mention that going into this business called cassava processing business is a very capital intensive one but trust me, you are going into something that will pay you for life. It will be you smiling to the bank as time goes on.  

 Cassava Processing Equipment
Stainless Steel Hammer with 1tone per hour capacity.
Fermentation Racks.
Press Racks.
Dewatering Rack with mechanical press.
Stainless steel granulator with 7.5 HP electric motor, with 1tone/hour processing capacity.
Stainless steel garri roasting pot with 2HP electric motor, fiberglass insulation, exhaust pipes and stainless steel paddles.

 Do you know why we are always emphasizing on having a well Written Business Plan, feasibility study because investing in a business as cassava farming and Garri production Business which is just like every other lucrative business venture; you will need a good business plan and startup. Having a good knowledge of this business is very key and as such before you throw your money into this business, ensure you have adequate knowledge before setting out to invest your money on cassava production in Nigeria.

 Like in other business, when you start this business, you are rest assured that there will be some form of challenges but this is not to scare you because there are lots of things you will by being into the business. But your advantage will be your Cassava farm business plan. But despite all these challenges, the business is far much profitable than one can ever imagine.

 There are some questions a good a Cassava Farming business plan will help answer before starting the business. They include:

  • How much money do you need to start your cassava farming business in Nigeria.
  • How to locate a fertile land to be used as your cassava farm.
  • How to market your  Raw and processed Cassava  products and so much more.

 Our recently updated business plan for Cassava farming business, is ready and it has lots which includes it executive summary, financial analysis, market projection etc. You can place your order for our cassava farming business plan in Nigeria for just N10,000. You can use this business plan and feasibility study to access bank loans, government grants and attract local and international investors.

To place order for this cassava farming business plan and feasibility study, Pay N10,000 to:

GTBank (Guaranty Trust Bank)
Account Name – Ogumka Innocent
Account No – 0153723721

After payment text your name, your e-mail address to 09066078526 and you will receive your CASSAVA PROCESSING BUSINESS PLAN

After payment, send your email address via text to 07036785443 and title of the business plan you paid for (i.e. cassava farming business plan).

Your business plan will be sent to your email within 10 minutes after payment. Thank you.


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