Chin Chin Business Plan In Nigeria/ Feasibility Study. How To Start

Chin-Chin Business Plan in Nigeria PDF / Feasibility Study

This Chin-chin Business Plan in Nigeria is a uniquely documented one.infact we have so packaged it that it reflects present sales of raw materials, and other financial expenses you may incure. So you don’t any issue tp worry about because we gat you covered. In this Chin-chin Business Plan in Nigeria, we will be discussing how to sell chin chin, also how you can package your product and make a massive profit in Nigeria selling Chin-chin. like it’s counterpart plantain chips chi-chin is also one of the made-in-Nigeria snacks that sells like the Australian wild fires.

Chin Chin Business In Nigeria

This Feasibility study about Chin-chin Business Plan is a well researched business plan which have be edited to present day financial expenditure, which means you can use it for Grant Applications, Bank Loans, Proposal writing, Business Concept Note. So many a time, I have spoken to people about business to venture into and when i talk about Chin-chin as part of it, they usually feel so disappointed. They want me to call big business like oil and gas, selling of gold, importation of goods from China etc.

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They never get to believe that selling Chin-chin is a lucrative business that can fetch you money big enough to set you on a prosperous course forever. This business actually needs a lot of strategic Planning to be successful. Well you don’t have to worry about that anymore because we now have a well researched and documented Chin-chin Business Plan in Nigeria. With this package, you will get to know all the necessary and most importantly fundamentals about Chin-chin production, packaging and sales. These are very unique steps to making some good and quick cash in business.

For the full chin chin business Plan, which includes a detailed financial analysis, where to get some of the said materials in your locality, whom to supply your chin-chin etc, then contact us via our phone number, WhatsApp number and our email address.

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Below is the table of content for Chin-chin Business Plan in Nigeria. So go through it and be guided.

Chin-chin Business Plan in Nigeria Table of content

Executive Summary

Products and services

Market Analysis

Competitor Analysis

Sales and Marketing Plan

Operational Plan

Management plan

Financial Plan and Projections

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Have you ever wonder how the name came about? Very funny I tell you. I have always wanted to know but no one seems to know the root of it. But that’s not why we are here though. Chin-chin as we all know it it’s a made in Nigeria crunchy snack. It has different flavors, that I t has different colours etc despite all it’s variances, it is still one of the demanded snack you can ever think of. According to a research conducted on it, it’s high demand level is due to the fact that both kids and adults favours it Everyone seems to love it.

Chin Chin Business In Nigeria

When you hear a man tells you “don’t drink that or eat this because of it’s high sugar quality, they never ask you to stay away from our dearly Chin-chin. When you go for any outdoor programmes be it weddings parties, naming ceremonies, burial parties etc, Chin-chin is always served either as appetizer or as been part of the major ingredients or food to be served that day.  There is actually no shop or super market, mall or shop in Nigeria that you won’t find this commodity in stuck. Infact it is currently the most sold snacks in the country. Another unique thing about it again is the fact that it comes with different packaged sizes all you need do is find the one that suits your business style and your psychology.

Items needed to produce Chin-chin in Nigeria.


1. Batter – This is a semi like liquid which has a mixture of flour, eggs, milk or water. This batter can also be used for coating food during frying.

Folding – This is the gentle and gradual adding of flour in an already mixed batter. This is more of the gentle mixing technique. So you have to be very careful with how you don your mixture.

Recipe – This have to do with a set of documented direction with a list of ingredients for preparing something which is usually food. At times it could be referred to as cook book.

Kneading – this is to mix or work into a uniform mass as by folding, pressing and stretching with arm.

Knock back or knocking back – While you are preparing your yoast, there are usually excessive air and  this process helps you to get rid of all the excess air. It could also be referred to as lightly kneading a yeast or light a dough.


Unlike some other businesses that are very capital intensive, the Chin-chin business is less capital intensive and yet has a very huge profitability to it. Some time ago, a client of ours who bought our Chin-chin Business Plan in Nigeria gave us a very interesting feedback as to what happened to her. Actually she contacted us via our email to ask us which business do we think she can do? Well after series of questions and cross examination, we where able to advice her on what to get into and it turned out to be Chin-chin Business Plan in Nigeria. We kept track of her week in week out. And soon she was already making some good ROI. Guess what? She started with just a little cash all she needed was inside our well documented and packaged Chin-chin Business Plan in Nigeria. Today, she is a major supplier of Chin-chin around her local government area and have extended it to other parts. “What an awesome journey” she told us. The profits where beyond her imagination.

From my wealth of experience, Chin-chin production business is actually an easy one to start and manage. Well, I will have to be truthful to you, though I have advised that you get our Chin-chin business plan, it won’t be out of place to also go back-get a professional trainer  to train you on how you can produce a tasty chin chin and also a particular type that suits your business ideology.


We must address this part in context so that we don’t mix things up. When we talk about Chin-chin production business, it doesn’t take a huge capital to start. So you don’t have to go look for heavy loans or go to the bank and get a loan with a huge collateral. But should in case you want to start from a very large scale, then, you maybe talking about  getting a loan or  most importantly meet your relatives to assist because that’s the first of cal when you need assistance. It’s usually better to start with them after all they will be the first beneficiary of it’s proceeds.

The story I shared about a client who bought our Chin-chin Business Plan in Nigeria , actually did start with as little as just #20,000 yes I mean twenty thousand naira and today the rest are testimonies. Now this is for a small scale. But for a large scale, you have to budget at least #120,0000 and above. Two years ago, a hundred thousand naira would have been fine but with how market and expenses are these days, you have to budget a bit higher to start with. But for a small scale, #20,000 is far enough for it. Just get our Chin-chin Business Plan in Nigeria, it will guide you on how you can use it and plan with it.


Now, there is no doubt that you won’t be able to make profit in this business. It’s not just possible except you are not following our guide on our Chin-chin Business Plan in Nigeria. It’s so sure that our experts have given us a 99  percent assurance that, when your start, you are so sure of a 65% return on investment. But we have to be very smart and business wise in your dealings. For example, if you want to maximize your profits in this matter, then you must buy most of your materials in bulk. Such things that can be bought in bulk includes the following: flour and sugar can be bought in bags, margarine can be bought in bucket also which could be topper margarine or any other of your choice.

There is a secret I want to share with you.  Many just want to do what others are doing. For example, the said lady who bought our business plan said all life she only knows how to fry chin-chin but we advised her to bake this time because it will reduce cost of buying oil constantly which agreed and she was glad she did listen.  Remember you are in this business to make money first and one way to do so is to reduce expenses while you still maintain quality.

Let me give you a perfect  example of how you can do it. Spray oil on the pan you want to use and then pour the already prepared chin chin into the pan. Now you cover it and bake it in the oven with electricity. Well if you don’t have either electricity or an electric oven, then do the local one. Get a big pot, put stones inside the pot and put the pan containing the chin chin to be baked inside. But us should be on top of the stones then cover the pan and place the pot on top of the fire. All you have to do is to keep monitoring the chin chin in the pot. When the Chin-chin turns brown, then you are good to go. Just you bring it down and it’s ready.

Business Description of Chin-chin Business Plan in Nigeria
Business: Chin-chin
Industry: Food Processing (Business Plan in Nigeria)

Chin Chin Business In Nigeria

Chin Chin Business plan: I have said more than enough here and I will to really drop this here. Now you shouldn’t take what we are offering you for granted. Some persons call and tell us that they don’t need the Chin-chin Business plan because what they are planning to go into it’s a small Chin-chin Business production and that’s what they get it all wrong. Be it on a large scale or small scale, you need the Chin-chin Business plan to guide your decisions. It is a business plan because it will help you set achievable goals and at the same time, help you develop concrete ideas to meet these goals.

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How To package Chin-chin for sales:

The reason for the Feasibility studies or feasibility analysis, is because it will help you with analysis for your proposed business project. Sometimes we set unachievable goals and targets but with Feasibility studies, you will know if the project is going to be viable and possible at all. You won’t be kept in the dark at all. Another issue it will help you resolve is this. Now most times some persons go into a project and half way into it, they are stacked because the cash on hand won’t be enough. You see? These people didn’t use a  feasibility study analysis which would have helped them know if their budgeted capital was going to be enough to see the business through start up or establishment.

There are times we start up a business without proper information and before long we are in problems with government authorities. Not when you have a  feasibility studies on the subject matter. This will help you understand whether there will be need for your business to be registered first before you start your business or you can start and later on it can be registered after you.must have made some cash.
Now you understand some of the reasons why you need a feasibility studies which will help you understand the risk involve in your chin chin business production and to no if it will work if you put all the factors and resources you have available to set up the business.

For the full chin chin business Plan, which includes a detailed financial analysis, where to get some of the said materials in your locality, whom to supply your chin-chin etc, then contact us via our phone number, WhatsApp number and our email address.

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