Complete Guide On How To Start A Snail Farming Business Plan In Nigeria

I have decided to make this publication at such a time for a particular reason. If there is anytime in this world to start the rearing of snail meat, it should be now and I mean now. Snail Farming Business Plan In Nigeria as it where is a very attractive and lucrative business to do here in Nigeria. Sometimes people mistake so many things in regards business. For example, I had a colleague who went for a seminar to conduct a training session. And he talked about Snail Farming Business In Nigeria and many persons weren’t too convinced about the business. They asked what about those who sells Snail inn the high ways? Is that what you want us to go into? That’s our thinking sometimes. If you understand how this business works, you don’t have to sell on the streets nope. Far from it. You will seat in your room and you will be a major dealer in Snail business.Start A Snail Farming Business Plan In Nigeria

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Whatever we share with you here, trust me, it’s a recent research work with well detailed analysis. We don’t just share anything. We share what our team of experts have gathered. Which means, you can trust our work. Yeah. You can bet on it. All I will advise is that you go through all we share and thoroughly make your subjective decisions.

Snail Farming Business Plan In Nigeria has to do with financial details and other factors that is needed to carry out a successful snail farming business in Nigeria. But before I introduce you to our Snail Farming Business Plan In Nigeria, let’s discuss some little further.

Do you know that anyone can be part of this business? Yeah. The good news is that it is not a very high capital intensive business start up. In as much as it is very low in capital start up, you are guaranteed millions in return. This is the basic truth. As I told you before about my friend, after the training so many persons started up after all it was a low capital intensive business to start. But the good news is that majority of them are already in hundred of thousands. It’s a simple business to run and unlike other Agricultural practice, it is not a stressful thing to engage into.

The sweet thing about this business is that it’s not a business that needs a very big parcel of land. You can start with any parcel of land. Any is just fine and you grow from there. Another thing again is the feeding process which is almost free. You don’t have to pay much or spend much on there feeding. Their cost of feeding is as low as anything. They are probably the lowest to spend money on in terms of feeding.Start A Snail Farming Business Plan In Nigeria

There are some business that requires a very huge capital to start but this one is a very low capital intensive business to start. The question that comes to mind is:

How do you start a snail farm?

It’s a simple matter. There are some factors that determines the success of your snail business in Nigeria one of them is location of your snail business. Also choose the kind of snail you want to rear. In choosing your location, you have to pick a wind free, moist location for their habitat. The type of land or habitat you need such for such a stuff, is a trench. Next, you are to use corrugated metal, plastic, or chicken wire to create a fence around the perimeter of the snail farm. After then, you have to get moist, loamy soil and place the snails into their new environment and watch them.

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Let’s discuss some of the benefits of having a Snail Farming in Nigeria.

Having a Snail Farming in Nigeria, is quite sweet because it is very lucrative, easy to run and handle and remember that snails are highly productive, they are good in regards export opportunities and are environmental friendly.

You don’t have to invest so much in doing this business. Just a little investment capital wise and you will see lots of profits. What we are sharing with you right is just a tip of the iceberg about this business. Though it’s quite easy to start and run doesn’t mean that anyone can run it. If you have adequate knowledge on snail rearing and snail Farming, you will stand an edge. But if you neglect knowledge, then you won’t succeed in this business. I have said it before that anyone can do any business so long such a person have depth knowledge and understanding all areas of the business and that is why we have put together a well written and detailed Snail Farming Feasibility Study Business Plan for you.

As at today, one of the most sort after meat is the Congo meat which is called snail meat. You surprised I called it Congo meat? That’s the local parlance we know it as. Today, we all are aware that doctors and experts have encouraged the eating of snail meat because of it’s nutritional content. And again it is a source to obtaining protein and its rich in Calcium, Vitamin E and C, Phosphorus and Magnesium. It is on record that snail meat low calories and that’s why big men go for it but guess what? It is for everyone but the poor, the middle class and the rich. If this is true and it is true, then we might have seen the reasons why there is a high demand of this product in the market.

We have established the fact that Snail farming in Nigeria is low capital intensive unlike the likes of Poultry Farming in Nigeria or Fish farming in Nigeria. A simple question that comes to mind is How much money can you make from snail farming? You will get all of these as you read on.

Do you know that you can start a snail business with as low as N50,000 and you can earn up to N5,000,000 per year from it. This is true and our experts have this on record

We have a current Snail farming Feasibility Study Business Plan that will equip you with all you necessary need to start this business. But before that, let’s still discuss some key and vital aspects of some key areas that i think it’s expedient for you. Start A Snail Farming Business Plan In Nigeria

Species of Snail

Before you start a snail business in Nigeria, you have to understand that there are three types of snail that are reared. What I mean is species that can be reared in Nigeria and this is because of their commercial value. These species are Achatina Achatina (AA), and Achatina Fulica (AF) and Achatina Marginata (AM).

1. Achatina Achatina (AA) This particular specy has the following as it’s features: tiger shaped shell, the sharp tail end like AF and another thing is that it can actually survive in a more humid environment unlike the Archatina Marginata (AM) specie that can barely survive in a humid environment

2. The Achatina Fulica (AF) snail also known as the Garden Snail has a similar features like that of the Achantina Achantina. Like the sharp like tail end like the Achantina Achantina. Among the three different species that can be marketable here in Nigeria, this is rhe smallest among them all. And this has accounted for it’s low market patronage. According to our research, this specy of snail can lay between 200 to 500 eggs in a clutch and can produce up to 3 to 4 clutches a year.

3. Archatina Marginata (AM) snail specie. Among the three various species mentioned, this one Happens to be the biggest of the three species and this have accounted for it’s high rate of sales in the market. The Archatina Marginata snail, is the most sold snail spicy in Nigeria and Africa at large and I guess we all know the reason. It has a very high market acceptable more than the other two because of it’s size and nutritional value.
According to our experts, the Archatina Marginata Snail spicy as it where, will usually take a period of 21 to 32 days to hatch its laid eggs. We have also known from our experts that their eggs are usually harder and bigger compared to other species of snails. And It will take about 8 to 9 months before the AM reaches point of laying eggs. So when you are asked “How long does it take for a snail to grow to full size?” You five this answer.

In 10 to 30 days, the eggs hatch and thereby releasing kuttke snails about 4 mm long. It takes there snails to grow up to 10 mm per month. It takes 6 months before the Achatina fulica is about 35 mm long and may already be secxualy mature. It Will take about 6 to 16 months before it can get to secxualy maturity depending on the weather and the availability of calcium.

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Let’s discuss the kind of environment where you rear a successful snail business.

2. Location

From our experts they have warned that the environment best suited for snail farm is a very plain low site. This is one of the crucial part of this business so you shouldn’t take it likely. The reason for this plain land is to avoid wind from a downhill land. If the wind is not checkmated, the reason for the avoidance of this wind is to avoid dehydration of the snails. The best floor for this business is a moist floor, one that is not too dry or too waterlogged too.

3. Types of Soil

The reason for Snails to habitat in the soil is because the soil contains some component and chemical substances that the Snail will require to survive but not all soils are suitable for Snail farming in Nigeria.

So we don’t want to neglect the importance of soil in snail Farming. Another thing is this, snail do lay eggs and does this on the soil, also eat out of the soil and drinking water out of the soil. You wanna see how a snail survives, then provide they right soil.

4. Snail Feeding

You don’t have to spend much on Snail feeding because it can feed on anything, leaves to fruits such as pawpaw, mangoes, banana, tomatoes, pears, they can also feed on cassava leaves, cabbage, coco-yam leaves etc

1.0 Snail Farm Executive Summary
1.1 Snail Farm Objectives
1.2 Mission
1.3 Proposed Capacity

2.0 Snail Farm Products and Services
2.1 Products and Service Description
2.2 Technology
2.3 Sourcing and Fulfillment
2.4 Company Locations and Facilities
3.0 Snail Farm Market Analysis Summary
3.1 Main Competitors
3.2 Target Market Segment Strategy

4.0 Snail Farm Management Summary
4.1 Management Team
4.2 Equipment/Machinery Requirement/ Land & Building/Seed
4.3 Personnel Plan
4.4 Raw Material Requirement

Projected Profit and Loss for 1,000 point of laying snails
1,000 Snail Reproduction Analysis
Operating/Administration expenses
Total Profit Projection

Our sample Snail Farming Feasibility Study/Business Plan in Nigeria can also be used to access bank loans, proposal writing and grant applications.

The business plan was recently complied after a thorough feasibility study on Snail farming in Nigeria was done and in addition we added the current financial projection too.

This is the best you can get so hurry now do not miss this opportunity, to place your order pay N10,000 to

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