Complete Guide to YouTube Marketing in Nigeria

Complete Guide to YouTube Marketing in Nigeria 2020.

Let’s start living this first of all but it’s not intended to scare you. YouTube has over 50 million content creators that are constantly hitting out videos on a daily basis that means if you are having a plan to launch a marketing strategy on YouTube, then you must actually know what you are doing and really get seriously professional about it. But there is always a way to stand out among them to is that your content have to stand out.

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The majority of YouTube users talking about YouTube audience, these guys are not actually fans of advertisers. That means 90 percent of that 50 million users are not fans of advertisement which means you are gonna be careful about how you will run am advert on YouTube and how you will raise audience awareness about your brand and business while also making your viewers fill so entertained.

Doing something and doing it the right way stands you and your brand out. We may have said 50 million people post constant uploads daily shouldn’t get you scared at all because doing it the right way is all you need and trust me, that you will learn today. This guide was prepared to address key area of getting started on YouTube advertisement for your business. And that I why we have to out with this Guide to YouTube Marketing in Nigeria 2020. I have highlighted three very key areas we will be focusing on:


Creating and optimizing your YouTube channel

Understanding your audience (and your competition) using data

Advertising on YouTube through YouTube ads and influencer marketing.

10-step for your YouTube marketing strategy.

Step 1. Create a YouTube channel for your business.

You can’t do anything on YouTube without creating a channel for your business. First of all, you have to create a Brand Account on Google. After creating your YouTube channel account using a regular Google account which could be a Gmail account or any. Now you are the only one who can log on to it. One account on any Google product will work on your YouTube channel. With your one time Google account using a Brand Account, multiple authorized Google Accounts can log in simultaneously.

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Step 2. Learn about your audience.

There is something called the Analytic tab on you YouTube which you can only access after creating a YouTube account. It contains a lot of related channels that links to your YouTube account. This is where you can observe and analyse the behavioural pattern of your audience.  It also includes insight into your YouTube channel, your view counts, average watch time, revenues generated, and interaction rate across all videos. One other feature of the Analytics tab is that, it contains very valuable data on your subscriber demographics. A very unique we will talk about later. Don’t be so sure that you know all about your subscribers. Do as much as paying close attention to what you will always find under the
Demographics tab. Now one thing that is very important is that you are reaching the very right audience and this data will help yoi figure that out and it will leave you with beyond mere assumption and give you a feeling of confidence.

There are series of questions who will be subjected to answer and these questions are:

Where are your videos being viewed, and when?

What age are your viewers?

What gender do your viewers most commonly identify as? You are going to use the time and demographic analytics to answer the aforementioned questions. Please use this feature to your advantage.  Because you must be assured that you are reaching out to the right audience this you will have to confirm from your subscribers. So engage the services of your audience analytic tracking tool. It’s a win win advantage for you.

Another question is this. What if your assumption about regarding reaching the right audience was incorrect what will you do? Simple. Adjust your content strategy so that you can reach out to the right audience. Sometimes it may be that your product is resonating with an unexpected demographic—valuable information which is been seen and analyzed by your entire marketing team.
What else can one gain apart from quantitative metrics? Well, let me tell you. You can also gain quantitative information. You will be able to understand the why and the hows about your audience. Also how how you can read and management comments on your video channel. You see? Just reading your comments isn’t enough but there are lots of valuable information that you can find there. Which are both valuable off and off YouTube.

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Many people don’t know how to interact with their audience and many don’t know the importance it. And one way you can get engaged with your audience is via the YouTube community page which can be Located under the Community tab on your profile. Via this page, you can interact constantly with your subscribers directly. You can create a poll by posting various questions to a very deep understanding the thinking pattern of your audience.

Step 3. Research your competition

This isn’t spying at all. This is one way to nip above your competitors. It’s called competitive analysis. You have to analyze what your competitors in the same niche of business on your YouTube business channel. Some may be doing better than you are doing while others may not. For those doing, check what they are doing that you are not doing and make adjustments. Then for those you are doing better than, then see what they are not doing well and then improve on it.
Take out time to read comments on your competitors videos. See what they are saying about them and make adjustments and make improvements too. Do well to actively engage your audience in the comments area this way to will know that you are communicating with them very well. You also need to read and watch competing video descriptions to see what keywords these guys are using in their YouTube search optimization. Apply same to yours so that your ranking in YouTube’s search pages and recommended video feeds can be boosted.
Ensure that you don’t have your competitors ads showing on your YouTube video channel. If this is happening, then you are to block them via the Google’s ad manager. You don’t want to share your clients with your competitors else you may as well loose them.

Step 4. Learn from your favorite channels.

The learning process is not an ending one. For example, you must have observed that there are reasons why you keep coming back to this video channel, what on Earth is in this vidoes that brings you back here. When you pay an adequate attention to your favorite YouTuber channel, you will see the the techniques and best practices these guys are following to drive views, subscriptions, and engagement. Then apply same and it will bring about the same results. Sometimes, these channels may not necessarily be within your business niche. Just adopt their strategies to increase your own YouTube following. Remember that via YouTube, you can learn so many stuffs especially in the area of marketing. YouTube as it where is an incredible resource for self education. You are gonna see no a hundred channels that will straighten you up and teach you how to be a successful marketer, no guesswork required.

Step 5. Optimize your videos for SEO to get views

This way you can get the most value of of your business YouTube videos. This must be done when your YouTube videos are optimized for search. Like I said, you do this if you want to get the most value out of videos. Some times your first vidoes may not gain a specific search because you are just starting. But you have to work on perfecting your YouTube SEO over time to gain lots of searches from search engines.
Below we have some tips on how to more views on YouTube ans they are:

1. You are to pick the right title (with the right keywords).

This is the first step to optimizing a YouTube video. You have to pick an appealing title that contains relevant keywords. You can engage the use of Google Adwords Keyword Planner for this). Every video should carry the tiht and relevant title. Ensure you include in your video header the exact keywords matching common search terms: this according to research will sure get you more clicks. Some of you, you already know that YouTube video titles can contain up to 70 characters. That’s true but we actually recommend 60 or fewer. The reason for this, is that we are making sure that  nothing is cut off on the search pages.

Make an interesting thumbnail

When I asked my friend what’s his opinion on this, he said, it highly recommended that you choose a freeze frame when uploading a video. At the same time, he advised that channel users make use of their own custom thumbnail because it will make your content unique and stand out.

Write a compelling video description

This actually must be very explainatory and short. It should explain to everyone about the video you uploaded. Also ensure that you place a link back to your website and social media accounts. Also include a hastag to it.
You can get a 5000 characters maximum. For me, you may not actually need as many as this.

You should Front-load important keywords and use them in the title and description also. This will help a great deal.

You should Add a “contents page” of timestampsso. This will easily make viewers can find relevant points.

Link out to different playlists on your channel

Add up to 15 hashtags

Add hashtags to your video description

Remember that hashtags make your content more searchable on YouTube.

Try as much as possible to pick a small number of hyper-relevant hashtags rather than an unending list. We have advised that you use more than 15 hashtags, else all hashtags on that video will be ignored. So we advised that you become very selective. There are rules to guides the use of YouTube’s hashtagging rules.

Add cards, bumper ads, and watermarks to promote your YouTube business channel. They are:
Cards, bumper ads, and watermarks which are very clickable CT. As you can add to your YouTube videos.

The reason for these are because they offer minimal disruptions to the viewing experience and are very effective because they relatively unobtrusive too.

Also add the following:
Cards: small, transparent CTAs that expand when clicked. Use these to direct viewers to your website, purchase pages, or even other videos on your YouTube business channel.

Bumper ads: six-second video ads appearing at the start or end of a video.

Watermarks: custom subscribe buttons visible only to non-subscribers. To add them to your videos, follow YouTube’s simple instructions.

Ask viewers to subscribe

Have you noticed that at every end of a YouTuber ends their videos with a verbal call to “Like, share, and subscribe”? This works very well and it takes zero effort. Sometimes, the easiest way to get what you want is to ask for it and that’s the truth. Ask ask ask ask ask ask.

Step 6. Upload and schedule your videos

Remember that you should treat your YouTube business channel as a TV station because that’s how your subscribers will treat it. What does this mean? You have to let your YouTube business channel run like a TV station and this means that you have to schedule your YouTube videos. You have be very professional about what you do. This means you have regularly share content on a regular.

When you make a promise to If your subscribers that will be getting a new video every Tuesday at noon eastern, you have to commit to that and ensure that you do it as you have said or risk losing their trust and Ultimately you will end up losing their views. Get videos ready ahead of time. Don’t wait just get videos and schedule them.
You can actually upload and schedule your YouTube videos in advance. This you can do from the Creator Studio of your YouTube business channel. If that’s not okay with you, you can make use of a tool like Hootsuite. This allows you to cross-promote your video releases with posts on other social channels and this you can do from the same dashboard.

Step 7. Optimize your channel to attract followers

Optimizing your YouTube business channel will have to come after you must Optimized your videos. This you will do by providing a consistent experience across your YouTube business channel. According to experts over time this have proven to enable channel owners to drive more views in and more importantly, convert those views into regular subscribers as the case may be. This really works.

Fill out your YouTube profile

On the profile settings of your YouTube business channel, you are to fill out as many relevant details as possible which include:

A keyword-rich bio

An eye-catching banner image (2560 x 1440 pixels, 2MB max)

Links to your website and social media profiles

Location and contact information

You wanna add value to your YouTube business channel page, then add some quality of featured list of other YouTube channel to your own private channel. This will automatically give your subscribers easy access to other YouTube resources they might be really interested in.

There is a popular saying that “When you make friends on YouTube, everybody wins” and this is true. Now you must understand that YouTube is a community and networking with different channels will help you forge some good and quality relationships with other creators. Now this doesn’t mean you are offering a free advertisement. Nope nope nope. A thousand times no. This will provide a cross channel opportunities which leads to promotions and other collaborations in the future. It’s a win win end game.

Organize your videos into playlists

This is automatic in nature. After arranging your videos into playlist, it will automatically play until the playlist ends on it’s own. Building playlist is not a hard one. Infact you can do this by yourself. And how can you do it? All you need do, is use your own or include partner videos. For those who must habe built a collaboration with other YouTube channel owners, try persuade them to add your video to their playlist. They too might request same favour too. So be open minded about this. Another key thing to do is to include relevant keywords in your playlist titles to boost your YouTube SEO!

Translate your videos into different languages.

We saw a report from a research done some time ago by YouTube that more than 60% of a YouTube channel’s views originate outside the creator’s own country. This is mind blowing. So you make a video in Nigeria and 60 percent of the views are from other countries? Then you have to expand your reach by adding subtitles to your YouTube videos. Simple as that. This is how you do it:

Click your account name in the top right, and navigate to the Creator Studio.

In the menu to the left, click Translations & Transcriptions > Community Contributions.

Click Turn on for all videos to enable community contributions.

For those who arw trying it out for the first time may want to use the per-video basis feature. It’s less difficult to use.

If you want to approve the translations, it is very simple. From the feature on YouTube, you will discover that it’s interface shows a Google-translated approximation of the translated text so you can ensure the translation is on-topic and makes sense.

Step 8. Try YouTube advertising

For so many, this is a short cut to heaven. You can decide to fund your account and pay for YouTube advertising. Remember that YouTube isn’t the only place people should see your content.

Your YouTube channel isn’t the only place people can see your content—if you’ve got the funds, you can also pay for YouTube advertising.
YouTube ads come in six varieties, some of which I touched on already earlier in this article:

Skippable video ads

Non-skippable video ads

Bumper ads

Overlay ads

Display ads

Sponsored cards

The major reason why YouTube advertising is key and it’s aim is to produce relevant, engaging content that will make viewers forget they are even watching an ad. You have to keep your short and precise. It should be hyper targeted and that’s one way you don’t let your targeted audience walk out on your advert.
Don’t forget to read the comments on your videos and on your YouTube business channel. With this, you will be able to see what your subscribers are saying and make adjustments of need be.

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