Computer Training Center Business Plan in Nigeria 2020. How to Start

Computer Training Center Business Plan in Nigeria – Can you imagine a world without computers? Is it really possible? We are all aware that computer runs the affairs of the world. There nothing you wanna do today that you won’t get the services of a computer involved. Someone might asked what can we find these computers? They can be found in schools, business, hospitals, media, fashion. With the knowledge of computer, you can probably do almost anything? No one will deny the fact that computers haven’t helped in one way or the other to improve their lives.                    

Some time ago, you don’t see many people go into computer schooling but today they have so improved our lives significantly that being a computer illiterate has become a luxury that no one can afford loose. No company will employ you if you are not a company literate. No way. That’s not possible at all. No major or minor organisation will employ your services if you are not a computer literate. It has become a major prerequisite for employment.

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But when we say someone is a computer literate, we don’t mean those who just know how to type the fundamental ASDF etc nope. We mean those who understands the details of computing like excel, Microsoft, etc. So you see that there is a lacuna between those who knows and those who think they know. And this is one reason why setting up a computer training business in Nigeria will be a very lucrative one.

Because the world have become a global village and everyone knows that the only way you can become part of tbe storyline is by becoming a computer literate so there is an influx of people enrolling for a computer training school on a daily basis. So if you have decided to set up a Computer Training Center Business Plan in Nigeria, then you are on the right track. All you need do is have a full and adequate knowledge of Computer Training Center Business Plan in Nigeria. Most times what Kill a business is not lack of money or support but inadequate knowledge about what you are doing. I have seen people set up a Computer Training Center Business and after sometime they crash and when i ask them how it happened they will quote all excuses except themselves. I just but laugh because the real issue is them not the business. I will be showing how you can start up a Computer Training Center Business in Nigeria and be successful in it.

How To start a Computer Training Business

Setting up a Computer Training Center Business in Nigeria can be achieved but you have to play by the rules. And that’s what we will be sharing with you shortly. But understand that however you decide to train students on computer literacy, it will totally depend on the effective time you allocate to it.

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Less we forget our sub topic. How To start a Computer Training Business.

1. The Typical Training Center – This type is the one we usually see everywhere. This type students are enrolled and then they are expected to come and attend the classroom teaching where everyone who registered are taught they need to. In also attended this type.

2. Home Based Training Center – In this type of training, the teacher have to go into the house of the students to teach them. It is called a one on one lesson. This type of training is not on a large scale at all. You can decide to go into this type of business.

3. Corporate Training – There is another pattern where you can collaborate with some organizations where you can join them or help them train their employees on how to make use of a computer system.
You may not be able to do all three at once and that we will take our time to give you detailed analysis of the Typical Training center because this is where the big cash really is.
When we talk about a training, we mean to say a computer school where students enroll for computer training classes and they are taught all they are to know about how to operate a computer system. But there are some vital requirements that must be meant to be able succeed in this business and these we will be discussing shortly.
Before you start, you must have a Computer Training Center business plan, which I think it’s very important to be a successful person in this business.

If you want to know the capital to invest into this business, you have to have a business plan which will also help you know the kind of computer system, the best place to locate your business and training center. Also with a good business plan like us which have a detailed financial projection you will able know how much you will be needing to start up a Computer Training Center Business Plan in Nigeria and how to stay and ahead of your competitors in this business and lots more.

You want to do well in Computer Training Center Business in Nigeria, you want to start and start well. And how do you do that? You at least 20 computer systems which could be either laptops or desktop system. I would recommend desk system for a start first. Also it will be advisable to run a maximum of two computer training session. These session should be held once in the morning and the other in the evening. But when you start seeing influx of more clients then decide to make it three times a day. Morning afternoon and evening.
Now lets go practical. If you have a client base of about 20 students for each of every session, and these students pay N5000 naira each and this happens for about 3 to 6 months. And with this, you will pocket about 300,000 in a month and in three months you get 900,000, in 6 months you get 1,800,000 and a year you make 3,600,000. As simple as this.

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Our sample Computer Training center Business Plan in Nigeria as it where can equally be used to access bank loans, proposal writing and grant applications.

The business plan was recently compiled after a thorough feasibility study on Computer Training center in Nigeria was done. It also carries the recent financial projection for Computer Training center Business Plan in Nigeria

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