Facts about life


1. Google’s CEO is Indian

2. Nokia’s CEO is Indian

3. Adobe’s CEO is Indian

4. Amazon’s BOD is Indian

5. MasterCard’s CEO is Indian

6. Microsoft’s CEO is Indian

7. Pepsi Co’s CEO was an Indian

Nasa had 58% percent of their employees as Indians

Pakistan’s income through IT is approximately $1 billion/year where India earns approximately $142 billion/year

Nigeria earns less than $25B from oil annually…

The country which is more advance in technology will win the future just like an example in history when British conquered the subcontinent, just because they were technologically superior.

In a few years, India will be World’s IT hub. They are attracting inventors.

We are teaching our children obsolete, out-dated courses with archaic curriculums and fighting over RUGA.

The books of the courses we are covering in our colleges & universities were written before our birth and are constantly becoming useless with little real world applications.

What should we be doing?

We all need to start working on our nations youths. We can start by insisting that our news channels telecast programs on IT solutions and educational competitions rather than Celebrities, sex, and irrelevant issues.

We need to reorient the next generation to value wisdom, hardwork and innovation rather than wealth without work. Let’s stop all these “I claim it!” “It is not my portion!” and face reality. 👉🧠👈

By Tochukwu Cee Nnaji.

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