Fashion Design Business Plan In Nigeria / Feasibility Study

Fashion Design Business Plan In Nigeria / Feasibility Study

Want to start a very lucrative Fashion Design Business In Nigeria and make millions of naira monthly? Don’t worry for we have all what it takes to make that happen. We have our Fashion Design Business Plan In Nigeria that was recently updated and well written to help you grow your fashion Design business. We have conducted a recent Feasibility Study on fashion design business plan in Nigeria and from what we have, we do believe that  this will help you make important decision which will be needed to strive in the fashion design business industry in Nigeria.

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There are three business industries that are very much growing today which are most sort after. They are, fashion design, cosmetic and the makeup business industry. And fashion design industry is obviously among the top two fastest growing industry in Nigeria. The reason is not far fetched. Two things are of important note. First of all everyone wants to look good and secondly there are people who are concerned in making people look good which makes it a very profitable business to venture into. We have various types of fashion designers. But there are two types that stands out. These two types which we will be discussing much later are very creative. But there is a major different in this business. That is, to be at the very top level of the radar in this business, you must be a very creative person. Your relevance in this business depends on your level of creativity. When you become less creativity, then you stop making progress in this business.

To be in this business, you must be very dynamic because the fashion world is not static one. This means that, as you journey in this line of business, you must follow new trends, you musty be very informative and also be very proactive in your trend following. Flexibility is key in this business.  And if you must remain very relevance and if you must retain your customers, then you must be very flexible to changes. With your inflexibility, you are most likely to be left behind. There are fashion design patterns that are no longer in existence but have all fashioned out. But if you are still there, you may never have a single customer base to start with let alone retaining them. So, you must be a fast learner because your ability to learn new trends fast while still in the business, will give you an additional advantage as far as fashion design business is concerned.

Fashion Design Business

There are so many parts to this business. First and foremost you should have the necessary skill in this business else you won’t have any chance at all. Secondly, if you don’t have the necessary skills in regards to this business, then you must posses the right business acumen to execute the business strategy which involves hiring the best staffs to run the fashion business. These staffs include the likes of fashion designers, secretary etc.

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But for your own good, if you don’t have any idea about this business you would need to acquire the necessary basic skills that are involved.. If you want to be one of the sort after fashion designers who must attract a host of customers, then you must be professionally trained and at the same time. Acquire the necessary skill. From our research work, we actually discovered that it will take about 6 to 12 months in training to be able to get the basic fashion design training. In this case, you can decide to go a fashion design institution that has a training period of 6 to 12 months. But for me, there are fashion schools that are higher in what they offer than others and they also are more expensive than others.

The good and sweet thing about this business, is that you can start from anywhere even from the comfort of your home and you still can decide to upgrade it to a global standard. Starting small ion this business is no big deal at all but remaining there shows that you are not creative in this business. We have seen many big names in this business today that have done well for themselves but all started from a very scratch like small. What matter most is how good you are in this fashion designer business because if you are a very good designer, people will always locate you no matter where you are situated in this country.

Some time ago, I asked my friend who just finished her fashion school what her plans was? After narrating what she was gonna do next, I asked her if she was gonna further her fashion school? She said no. I asked her if she was going to further for a reason. She did not learn from a good professional. She learnt from a road side fashion designer. And I ask her if her design can stand where other designs can? She replied no. I advised her to go for a better fashion school which she did in Lagos. It cost her a lot but at the end, she is one of the big shots in the industry.

In the fashion world new designs are always coming out. That’s the unique thing about this business. So there is no shortage of what to make. Your ability to adapt to the latest and new designs that are constantly coming out shows how professional you are in your fashion activities. Again your ability to develop your own design and also to follow the trend and designs that are trending makes your work very professional and this is what it means to be a professional fashion designer. Now as a fashion designer, you must be very informative and also very smart to keep looking out to see what’s in vogue. Now remember that clients do love designs that are trending and if you can meet that, then you have their loyalty. This is fashion and this is art. There are usually no mistakes at all. Whatever you produce is a style. You can be the very first to start up a design and trust me, there are people who loves being the first to wear a new design. You can also make use of the internet to constantly upgrade your skills on the fashion world. With the internet, you can never be floating aloof. You will always be very informative as to what is happening in the business world.

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Our Fashion Design Business Plan In Nigeria is a recently developed one that can be used when applying for Grant , Bank Loans, Proposal writing, Business Concept Note, Competitions etc.

There is an important need for every interested potential fashion designer to have a well written and well updated fashion design business plan. The Fashion Design Business is a very lucrative and profitable business that anyone can do but such a one needs a lot of strategic planning and execution to start the Fashion Design Business plan In Nigeria.

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Business Description of Fashion Design Business plan in Nigeria

Business: Fashion Design


Industry: Clothing, shoes and other personal items.

For those who are still thinking about starting a very highly lucrative fashion business venture today, then you can start today and start raking in millions of naira in no distance time from fashion design business. Fashion design business is one of the most profitable business you can venture into. These days everybody is very conscious about how they dress and this means more money for fashion designers. We have heard that fashion designers are the best friends for everyone. What’s the fashion world known for? It’s known for making people look good and that is why this phrase is so popular “looking good is good business” If the fashion industry as we have come to know it is concerned with the interest of making people look so good then of course everyone wants to look, and this means those who makes this happen (fashion designers) are going to be so so rich. If you are interested in starting a fashion design business in Nigeria today that would be one of the smartest thing you must have thought about so long you have the necessary creative skills that are needed to come up with word class designs that could blow the minds of your customers.

Many a time, some persons are afraid of how to win customers and also retain them. Well, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. You can check out how to win and retain customers here. Another thing you must take a very good note of is that, winning and retaining customers in fashion design business is as simple as ABC. All you have to do is be creative. As far as you are creative, trust me, you will win and retain your clients. You don’t have to worry about how you can sell your products because there is always a market for your goods everywhere in Nigeria. Do you not see how events have turned out to be? Events which include weddings, parties, etc are all occasions that people attend. They attend these occasions with different types of attire and this is where it becomes so juicy. These events as it where all needs their participants to dress up therefore there is a ready market for you.

There are no shortcuts to been successful in this fashion business, There are always procedures to follow and the first step to starting a successful fashion business is that you become very skilled in what you do. You have to obtain a formal fashion training to be a fashion designer if you don’t have any fashion skill. Like I said, being trained in this field is far going to give you an edge in this business because it is craft work which means that having a professional training and becoming a skilled fashion designer is very paramount to being a very successful fashion designer..

If you want to be very successful in this business, whereby you can attract a lot of customers, and also be able to retain them? Then you must acquire the necessary skills that are needed to make this happen. If you want to go for training on fashion designing, look for a reputable one and go. Sometimes you may decide to go for 6 months or 8 months depending on how you want to learn it. Some do go for up to two years. But whatever be the case, acquiring a necessary skill needed to become a successful fashion designer is paramount to being successful in this business.

Materials for Fashion Design Business plan in Nigeria

Let’s list some of the materials that are needed for this business. You are to get  two measuring tapes, some yards of fabric, scissors, threads, sewing machine, embroidery machine, iron, cloth stay, hemmimg gum, and packaging nylons. Thread, wool, clothes, button, Single sewing machines, single sewing machines(industrial),whipping machines,20u embroidery machines, tinko embroidery machines, shirt button hole machines, suit button hole machine, fabrics.

Have you heard of Giogio Armani? Yeah the Italian fashion merchant. What makes him so unique in this field? Do you think he makes the best dresses? Or that he is more creative? Or that he has the best materials to use? Nah. Because he has created a brand for himself. And that is what have stood him out. Okay fine. Let’s return home. Do you know Yomi casuals? The younger brother to the renowned comedian AY? Yeah. He is one of the best when it comes to this business. He created a brad for himself which is so marketable. Giorgio Armani as at today worth 7.2 billion dollars. These guys didn’t start big. They all had their early setbacks and all started small. But today, see where they have gone to. See what they have become. And now see how global they grown their brands. If they could do it, trust me, you too can do it. To become a successful, all you need do is to copy and paste what  other successful persons are doing and that’s what it means to be a success.


Executive Summary
Business Description
Products and services
Competitive Advantage
Market Research
Competitor Analysis
Sales and Marketing Plan
Operational Plan
Business Risk
Management and Structure
Financial Plan and Projections

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