Fast Food Restaurant Business Plan In Nigeria 2020/ Feasibility Study

Fast Food Restaurant Business Plan In Nigeria / Feasibility Study

When the federal government of Nigeria announced Lockdown regarding the covid-19 PANDEMIC, many businesses shot down and closed but there was a particular business that did not close but it remained up till this very moment. That’s the restaurant business. Why is this business so special? First of all let’s define what a Fast food restaurant business is. It is a place where food, snacks drinks are sold, it’s one of the most profitable business one can ever get into both here and abroad. If you decide to own an African eatery in a foreign country, then trust me, you will be making cool money in foreign currency. The fast food restaurant business is a business that is hardly affected by the economic conditions because people will always eat when they are hungry no matter the economic situation.

Our Restaurant Business Plan in Nigeria was recently updated to contain a well detailed feasibility on how you can open and start your own fast food restaurant business in Nigeria. It’s a feasibility study which will help you to determine what and what in terms of capital and other requirement to be able to open your own restaurant business in Nigeria and elsewhere.

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When we compile a business plan, it’s actually a detailed and well written one which can also be used for Restaurant for bank loans, Grants, Proposal and for competition ETC

There are two major necessities of man on earth and they are water and food. And if food is part of it, then food as it where is then very key to human survival. Some persons have taken to the fact that they must eat three square meal a day and this is the very reason why this business is such a success. There are different categories of restaurant business. There is the high quality ones meant for classy people of the society and there those meant for low classy people in the society.  If you are into any of them, be rest assured that you are still going to make it big time. I have a secondary school friend whose name is precious Okoye. Her mother was a mobile food seller who sells cooked food on her head. That was what she used in training all her kids up to secondary school level. Infact she was very successful in it that her kids attended the best secondary schools around.  All the female children are into catering services as at now.

My younger sister is currently a supervisor in one of the biggest restaurant in lekki lagos. Guess what? Most big men’s wives, don’t cook. They come to buy full coolers of food of various types and stock their refrigerator. She told me that what they make on a daily basis is up to 5m naira. This is no joke at all. Back then when I was still in Mainland lagos, I was a constant customer to a Togolese woman who was a local fast food vendor. I once ask her daughter how profitable this business was. And she said, “we have built our house since from this business” and now we are going to complete our second building. This is what this business will give you if you finally decide to go into it.

Sometime ago I asked an audience in a post university entrepreneur program if they wanted to into the ever lucrative food and restaurant business and even own their own fast food restaurant business in Nigeria? I asked again, if they do enjoy cooking or you want to be in the food business? Many said yes and others said no. I asked the others why they said no. They where frank with me. Some said they don’t know how to go about it. So I did present something to them which am going to present to you which will help them achieve their long time goal. What I presented to them was a detailed feasibility study on food restaurant business plan in Nigeria. This Business plan was recently updated and also is well detailed to teach you how you can start up your restaurant business and also be able to manage a restaurant business in Nigeria

I said earlier on that what we have here can set up for a good food restaurant business in Nigeria. Although it can still suffix for a foreign land.

Many people does think that it is bars and lounge that some people do hang out with their friend but that is not the incase because, a good great percentage of people also love to grab a meal with friend, family in food restaurant. At times too, new acquaintance and with whoever they choose to go out with does choose food restaurant too. There is a big chunk of money in this business and we will be showing you how you can actually benefit from this business because it is a business that can fetch you al lifetime money on a regular basis.

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Doctors have always told us to pay a good cook rather than pay the Doctor.

So many years ago, it was a big challenge when a married man walks into a restaurant to eat. They tag the wife to be very irresponsible. But these days we have seen situations where not just the man but the entire family do go and chill in a food restaurant. We have seen companies place order on some restaurants to be the ones serving their staffs food daily etc. So you can see that the restaurant business has over the time evolved. So many persons just want to be served a well prepared dish and also the food has to be severed in a serene environment with courtesy of the highest level..

Starting a Fast Food Restaurant Business In Nigeria

Is there anyone on earth who does not need food to survive? It is one of the basic necessity of life and all I mean everyone needs food to exist here on earth. It should be noted that when we talk about having a food restaurant business, we are not just talking about where foods are served alone? We are talking about where serving a well prepared is the norms and as well serve food in a good environment and healthy environment too. All these are futures of the restaurant business in Nigeria.

The urge and need for everyone to go out to a good restaurant, is on the increase daily both from friends, colleagues, husband, wife etc. So it will serve you well if you can have a restaurant in a good location where well prepared meals are being served. And this is the nucleus of holding and retaining your customers.

If you look around you, you will discover that the business of restaurant is one of the best things to do now. But don’t be carried away because this business is more of a service business than a product business. This means that the satisfaction of your customers should be your utmost priority and it should be non-negotiable.

So many people get discouraged from this business simply because they can’t cook. Well if that is you, then have a change of mind. This business has nothing to do with how good and perfect your cooking skills are though it could be an added advantage. You can run one of the best restaurant business in Nigeria and yet you won’t step your feet into the kitchen. But you must understand management skills and admin ethics. What is you actually need a well written Restaurant business plan and there you go.  The restaurant plan will sure help you plan and prepare for the restaurant business in Nigeria.

There are various kinds of restaurant business and it will be very pertinent to for you to bear in mind the kinds of restaurant you want to establish. There are some restaurants that cannot be found in some quarters or vicinity because the kind of restaurant does actually relates to the social status of the customers you intend to attract to a particular restaurant. You can’t set up a five star restaurant in a very remote village. Who’s going to patronize you? And that  is why it is very important to do your due diligence and a profound study on  your location and the environment of your restaurant  business so as to get the desired result that you seek after.

Below is a step by step guide to starting your own restaurant business.

When you are going into this business, ensure that you don’t have to look down on anyone both the less classy ones because what you want is their money. Set up your Food restaurant business based on what you want. If you want a five star restaurant business, then locate a five star vicinity and set up a five star hotel. If you want to set up the one meant for both the rich, middle class and low class, then you should set it where everyone can have a good access to it. You have to imbibe POSITIVE mindset that what you have is not just a restaurant for serving food alone but that it’s a business built on satisfying your costumers need both  in a good and serene environment.

There are challenges that is associated with this business as it is with other business that have to do with a situation where you have to deal handful of persons and usually you are advised to always  prepare your mind for all the challenges and demands that it will bring. Remember that some clients can be very funny so you have to understand human management. There are so many things clients will throw at you because you really want to build a successful fast food/restaurant business owner in Nigeria you have act in a way not to be offended and still don’t lose that client. It just a hurdle that you just have to climb each passing business day in order to be successful.

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There is no limit as to what knowledge you are permitted to gather as  far as this business is concerned. As far as the food industry is concerned, then gather as much information/knowledge as possible.

Like we have been told that Knowledge alone is not power but the application of it. The saying goes too in restaurant business. So when you acquire any knowledge, you are to apply such a knowledge. The edge you stand in this business is the amount of knowledge you  have in this business because that’s what will mark you out else you will struggle to stay afloat when others are actually flying.  And that is where the restaurant business plan becomes a necessity for you.

Kinds of Restaurant Business in Nigeria

  1. Fast Food Restaurants – This the exact what most persons know about this business. It is the most lucrative business among all others in some areas. For those who wants to go into this business, should be ready for more and more profitability. Do you know why it is called fast food? Because this is the 21st century where everybody is looking for a fast way to do things. In a fast food restaurant food like fries, chicken, burgers, chips, drinks etc are served. In a fast food restaurant, clients can eat in, take out or there could also be a delivery service.
  2. African/Traditional Restaurants – This is a situation where all sorts of local foods are served in a special way. It is also very popular and very lucrative. In the world, I think Nigeria is far blessed with various kinds of delicacies. And these various delicacies come along with the different ethnic groups we have in Nigeria. So restaurants of this nature are where you eat such foods.
  3. Fine Dining Restaurants – For those of you wants to open just restaurants for high top persons in the society, here you go. This type of restaurant is meant for the top people in the society. In this type of restaurants they have what is called courses like 3 courses meal or 5 courses meal for their clients. And it is very expensive.
  4. Casual Dining Restaurants – In this type of restaurant, there is no class structure. Everyone is served in particular order. But it is an organized place and the environment is very peaceful and relaxed.

Cost of Starting a Restaurant Business in Nigeria

There is no fix cost for the opening of a restaurant. In fact what you have in mind in regards to the type of restaurant you want to open will come into reality based on the kind of capital you have at hand. When you think of opening a restaurant, your location plays a very key factor and a huge factor in your decision making. There are things you must consider before you set up a food restaurant business in Nigeria.

Gas cooker,



deep freezer,



cooking utensils,

air conditioner,


POS, automatic cashier system.  Although you may not want all of the above based on what type of class of restaurant you want to have.

Well, this is all I have to say on this. We will advise that you purchase our well detailed and written business plan on  food restaurant business in Nigeria. To set up and run a successful restaurant business in Nigeria, you would need to plan for it and this is why its advisable to get a well detailed Restaurant business plan in Nigeria which will help you plan and to set up a refined fast food business in Nigeria.. Our restaurant business plan will serve as a business guild in the initial stage and will also continue to control the way you run the business.

Get Our Pro Restaurant business plan for your Fast Food business.

Hurry now and  GET YOUR FAST FOOD RESTAURANT BUSINESS PLAN. To place an order, pay N10,000 to

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If you have gotten our Restaurant business plan, you will discover that it is very detailed and all questions in your heart  have been answered too. So all you need do now, is to apply that therein in the Restaurant business plan.  Like we have earlier said, location in this business is very key.  Choose a location For Your Fast Food in a place that seems to have crowds but not a noisy place anyways and a place that can be easily accessible. Getting an experienced chef and having a great concept to market your restaurant will be very unique.

If you must spread like wild fire in this business, then you must be read to run an advert and this is where you have to be very creative.  For example you have to print flyers, invitation cards, run adverts on facebook and YouTube too.


There is always need to register your business because that is your legal operating documents that guarantee you leverage to operate a business in Nigeria. If you operate a roadside food vendor, you may not necessarily need to register your business. But for those who wants to establish a trade mark restaurant business, then it will be very important to register a business name, have a trademarked logo and locate the best location for your food restaurant to thrive.

Select primary location
Every restaurant business plan in Nigeria has to contain the prospective location where you will build your business establishment and that is what we have already in our restaurant business plan in Nigeria. The location should be void of competitors because this might not mean well for your business. It should not be filled with people who usually visit other areas just to eat. There are some perfect sources of information where you can use to find the excellent spot for your restaurant business plan are restaurant review websites and local newspapers. They are very good source of

Restaurant Business Plan – Starting A Restaurant Business Sample Template

But you have to understand that the best form of marketing for a restaurant business is word – of – mouth marketing. It may be cheapest form advertisement for a business of this magnitude but it is most effective form of marketing. All you need to do is be very creative, innovative and customer service oriented. This will also enable you to generate and maintain it a fine restaurant biasness.


Executive Summary
Business Description
Products and services
Competitive Advantage
Market Research
Competitor Analysis
Sales and Marketing Plan
Operational Plan
Business Risk
Management and Structure
Financial Plan and Projections

GET YOUR FAST FOOD RESTAURANT BUSINESS PLAN. To place an order, pay N10,000 to

GTBank (Guaranty Trust Bank)
Account Name – Ogumka Innocent
Account No – 0153723721

After payment text your name, your e-mail address to 09066078526 and you will receive your Restaurant Business Plan In Nigeria / Feasibility Report, send your email and payment details to 09066078526. You can also call or whatsapp us on 09066078526


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