Goat Farming Business Plan in Nigeria 2020/ Feasibility Study

Goat Farming Business Plan in Nigeria – This is an updated Goat Farming Business Plan PDF / Feasibility study and it contains an updated details of How to start goat farming in Nigeria. You will also get to see other detailed which include financial analysis and current market analysis.

Our goat farming business plan in Nigeria, is constantly updated so that it can be used for Grant Applications, Bank Loans, Goat Farming Business Plan Proposal writing, Business Concept Note and Competitions

Before we get into the nitty gritty of Goat farming business, let’s take a look at what this business is all about. First of all What is goat farming?
It may interest you to know that we have different types of goats. But please there is no type as Hausa goat o. That’s the name it’s called. I will tell is the real name for that type goat. As you read on, you will see it. When we are engaged in the rearing of different breeds of goats, or a particular single breed for the singular purpose of selling for money making, we can then call it goat farming. This activity is usually carried out in a confined environment or an expanse of land because that’s where you get to breed them very well and maximize your profits.

Sometimes people think when you are involved in goat Farming that means you are involved in goat selling. But it’s more than that. It also involves the production and sales of: meat, diary production, fiber and others. And this is one of the reasons we always tell people that the production of crops and it’s sales doesn’t end Agriculture. It all involves rearing of animals for commercial purposes too. But there is a name for animal rearing in agriculture and it is called “animal husbandry”.

Our goat farming business plan, can be used anywhere in the world. It is internationally packaged and updated. On this publication of you will learn how to start and establish a successful goat farming business in Nigeria and anywhere in the world. If you have come across our poultry Farming business plan in Nigeria, you will see how lucrative Animal husbandry is turning many from being an average wealthy people to extremely wealthy people and i tell you this, same thing happen here with the goat farming business so long you are gonna follow the guiding principles I will lay down for you.
Before now I, this business was seen by many as a business for poor northerners but today those same men have become alhaji and everyone is wondering what’s happening, how did they pull that string or how where they able to make that kind of money from that business? But today, the business is no longer in hands of northerners anymore. We are having influx of investors into this business and today, the market is getting bigger and bigger daily.

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It is on record that goat meat is the sweetest amongst all. Well, for me It’s ???????. Lololzzzzz. Your guess is as good as mine. Have you noticed that the rate of goat meat consumption have increased in the recent times? I will tell why. Some time ago, there was a great level high blood pressure killing lots of adults and some other illness but guess what? Doctors said red meat was the cause and encouraged the consumption of white meat (chicken and turkey or any bird) and goat meat. This alone rose then
consumption to a very high rate. And that’s why the meat is very available at Various restaurants and entries. Then in parties and different functions, it is served. Now we can see why the business have become so lucrative in nature.

Opportunities you can get from goat farming business. There are allot of business opportunity in goat Farming business and they are:

Dairy production
Meat production
Manure and
Now let’s discuss them briefly.

1. Diary products. These milk related products you can from goat and they are sure the best therein. Examples are: yogurt,cheese,milk butter etc. These products can be processed from the milk gotten from diary goat. Indeed this business is more than just selling of goat but other activities are involved. According to experts goat milks are easily digested than cow milk. And this is why all over the world, their milk is in a very high demands. Both the local and international market are all in constant demand of it and this have led to it generating high revenue for goat farmers around the globe.

For other countries, the diary stuff is meant for some other purposes which could be that diary goats are used immensely to fuel their diary needs and nothing more.

2. Meat production. This the very type people are very accustomed to. This I believe is the most hot part of the goat Farming business. There is a high rate of goat meat consumption around the world. Yeah this could be further proven when you see countries like UK, India, Australia, Germany, America, Nigeria etc pile up goat meat in shelves in supermarkets found in these aforementioned countries. Do you want to know where goat meat eaters eat goat meat? Let me tell you? Goat meat are eaten at home,work, and many other places. Take a statistics at .eat eaters, almost everyone of them will always prefer goat meat than any other meat.
I have been able to share with us some of the very core reasons why goat Farming business in Nigeria is getting more and more lucrative. There are some joints they call meat pepe soup joints (specialized goat meat restaurant) they serve just goat meat. These are the places you come to and you will be very amazed to see how Nigerians consume goat meat alot. 8 years ago, it was om record that the number of people eating goat meat daily im Nigeria was 5 million and as at today, increased by 60 percent of that figure. If this is true and it is true, then goat farming business is an extremely valuable and lucrative business opportunity for new and existing farmers to venture into. So you too can become part of the lot.

As at of the time of writing this article, Australia has become the highest exporter of goats and goats product worldwide. Do you no what this mean for her goat farmers? It sure would have created a high Potential business opportunities, more money and wealth among the goat farmers in the country. But this is the catch, in as much as we all know that Australia exports the highest number of goat and goat related stuffs, there are still high demand for goats globally are still very high. This alone present an enormous opportunities for every potential and already existing goat farm Farmers.


No aspect of this business is a waste. If your goat farm business is big enough, then you could become a manure supplier to farmers. We are aware that goat farming makes the availability of organic manure and you could be a major distributor. This means extra cash and no one says extra cash is way too much.

Like we said before, there are different breeds of goats and this will also reflects on the kind of skin they produce. Yes all goats have skin but not all goat skin are good fortune business. So while you choose the kind of breed you are going into, becareful to choose a marketable one. For example, the Black Bengal is a good breed for high quality goat skin. And this of are used in the production of different materials ranging from shoes to our hand bangs and to many other things. It’s a genuine source for pure leather.
You can’t just rely on all I have said here and think you are good to go. Nope. I will advise that you get our GOAT FARMING BUSINESS PLAN PDF / SAMPLE FEASIBILITY STUDY for the remaining part of this Goat Rearing business Plan, which also includes the detailed financial analysis and current market analysis. pay N10,000 to Place your Order

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Goat Farming Business Plan In Nigeria Feasibility Studies PDF

Now let’s continue. Many of you have been in search for the place to get the right information regarding starting a goat farming business in Nigeria and also have been looking to have an adequate detailed knowledge of goat farming Business plan which contains information about the various breeds and how you can Market of your goats when you stay.

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Well, let me tell you this, you are in for a big blow of money making because you are definitely at the right place. Your thirst have been satisfied so search no further. Anyone with the right knowledge ans right information can do this business and make huge profits.

Why You Need a Goat Farming Business Plan in Nigeria.

Though many people run away from it because they lack the basic knowledge needed for such a business but it’s by far one of the most high profitable business you can ever embark on. Many people who did go into it for some time now, have been immensely rewarded for their investment. You too can be a beneficiary if you decide to go into it.
You don’t just want to jump into this business because you hear or read that it’s a high profitable business. Yes it is but there are things that must be predefined first. Remember that the goat farming business is a well structured business and chances cannot be taken.
You need to ask yourself why you want to go into this kind of business? What’s your genuine reasons for wanting to venture into this business? The reason you need to milk, or for their skin. But irrespective of the reason of rearing the domestic animal, you are sure to many a good profit if you carefully implement the steps we have outline in our Goat Farming business plan.

Lets take a closer look at what i mean

I want to give a practical example of how much you could be making if you invest into goat farming ?

Let’s make a possible estimation ;

A mature male or female goat as at the time of making this post weighs about 100-150 pounds (that is if you want to measure your goats in pounds, which is the scale most seller employ when selling their goats). That be the case, that same goat should cost roughly about #50,000 at times it goes for #65,000. For a farmer who has about 100 matured goats in his goat farm, he would be selling for about #5,000,000. We are assuming that the cost of feeding and labour is even as high as #3,000,000, you could still be making as much as #2,000,000 every year. This for me is quite on the good side based on return of investment. From the above analysis, its obviously clear that goat farming still remains one other very profitable investments in Nigeria no doubt on it. The aforementioned estimation was done in January 2020

If you ever read history, you will understand how valuable a goat is. In replacement for silver as payments goats where used. Today it sounds so funny but that’s the truth. As a goat experts , it should be imperative that we tell that the goat business is a high Return of investment investment. It Will be important if you have a bit of knowledge about goats because its will an added advantage. For example, goats gets to their puberty in an about three to fifteen months of age.

Goats can easily adapt to climatic conditions. They are that way.

According to experts, since goats are herd animals do not thrive singly, they tend to be depressed.

The Life expectancy of goat is between fifteen and eighteen years.

The intestines of goats are used in production of catgut, a surgical instrument. Are you surprised? That’s the truth.

Have you noticed that Little goat (kid) has a unique scent. And this is what its mother uses to recognize it.

Benefits of Goat Farming

There is no part of goat that is a waste. All of them are actually marketable from the skin, meat, manure, milk, they are all in high demand.

Goats are highly adaptable to the climatic condition of Nigeria.

If you are asking for who can do this business, then note that anybody can be involved in goat farming.

Housing facilities in goat rearing cost less.

How to Start a Goat Farm:
To do this, you need to invest so much of a grate deal of efforts. Now you are going to build a goat farm house, selecting of favoarble breeds of goat and also you try and see how you can maximizing the already available market that’s already existing.

There are three main factors goat famers should consider.

Selecting Of Goat Breeds – There are about 6, types of goat breeds that you can select from and we will be looking at the advantages of each these goat breed.

Nigerian Dwarf Goat: For those who wants to go into this business for dairy production, should consider the Nigerian Dwarf goat breed. Because it’s actually the breed used for the production of dairy products. We have otherwise seen cases where people in Nigeria prefer to rear them for meat. So it also serves as a meat production business too. From research work, it is very clear that the Nigerian Dwarf Goats can produce about 3-4 pounds of milk per day. Now this is quite huge for those who wants to go into it in a very big manner. As far dairy breeds are concerned, the Dwarf goat breed remains the best and they contain 6.1% butterfat. Although milking the Nigerian Dwarf goat is usually a very difficult task to do. But with cheap mechanized instruments, it’s a simple matter. These breeds can be raised all-year round. That’s the basic truth revealed to us by experts.

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The Nigerian Dwarf goats as it where, are the most commonly found breed of goats in Nigeria. These same breeds can also be used for different purposes too. But based on research, the Nigerian Dwarf Goat mainly used for the production of dairy products. Yeah that’s the most common products you can get from going into this business. But in Nigeria we have come to realized that it has different purposes but chiefly among them is for consumption purposes. Eg it is been used to cook food like pepe soup, Ishie Ewu and others. Like I have said here before, the size of this breed shouldn’t be a yardstick to look down on it’s capabilities interns of what it can produce. The Nigerian Dwarf Goats can produce 3-4 pounds of milk per day irrespective of it’s size. And kike issues sad before, they are the best dairy goats and contain 6.1% butterfat and they that have made them according to experts the best in dairy production.

Nubian Goats – Goat Farming In Nigeria

This breed called the Nubian goats are different from the Nigerian Dwarf goats in the sense that they are a cross breed of Indian and African bucks. And these cross breeds were initially raised in England. Unlike the Nigerian Dwarf goats, their milk contains about 4.6% butterfat and so are not considered as heavy dairy production producers.

They can also be referred to as anglo-nubian. Interns of size, they are very big and far bigger than the Local Nigerian Dwarf goats. Some farmers would always tell you that the Nubian Goats are always proud of their body structure, because of their Roman nose and long pendulum-like ears. The Nubian Goats seasonally breade and can also be raised all year round like the Nigerian Dwarf goats.

Let me quickly recap what I initially said about the Nubian goats. I said that they are a cross breed of Indian and African bucks, and these breeds were raised in England. And that their milk contains about 4.6% butterfat but not as much as that of the Nigerian Dwarf goats and so are not considered as heavy producers of dairy products like the previously mentioned one.

Lamancha Goats – it was not until 1950 that the developed La Mancha breed first gained recognition as a separate variety of goats. Since then it has become a variety of a very popular breed. One of it’s major usage is for milk production. According to experts, the Lamancha goat breed is better known for having a high consistency of butterfat in its milk. You can find this breed of goat predominantly in the United States of America. Experts have told us that it’s origin is still under debate but some sources argue that it originated from Britain. Their milk are much healthier thank others gotten from other breed and they are very rich in dairy production. They are not the biggest in size but are quite okay. They are medium sized, and have small tiny ears that are either gopher ears (sweet rolls) or elf ears (hooked ears). Some experts will tell you that the Lamancha goat have no ears.

Oberhasil goat – These breed of goats called Oberhasli goats are found in the mountains of Switzerland. They are domesticated breed. It cam also be referred to as Oberhasli Brienzer or Swiss Alpine. It’s major usage is for milk production. They are Rich with milk. The Oberhasli goat is derived from the sub-type of Chamois Colored goat from the Oberhasli district of the Bernese Oberland in central Switzerland. Now you see why they call it those other names and why it is found in the mountains of Switzerland?
In size, they are medium-sized built goats. They have lots of black spotting all around their body and they are bay in colour. There us a problem here. These goats milk contains 3.6% butterfats and cannot be raised all year round.
The Oberhasli goats as it where are alert in appearance with a very friendly and a gentle disposition. The Mature goats are medium in size. Bucks range in height from 30–34″, and does 28–32″, with weights of 100–150 pounds.

Other Popular Goat breeds that farmers can choose from include the Alpine Goats, berhasli Goatand the Boer Goat. The Boer goat mainly only breeds during September and towards the end of January so therefore i won’t recommend it to anyone.


Chapter 1
1.0 Introduction
1.2 Finding a Market
1.3 Investing in Facilities and a Herd
1.4 Planning for Success
1.5 Time, Labor, and Management
1.6 Other Sources of Income
1.7 Assessing Business Feasibility
1.8 Goat Farm Start-Up Checklist
1.9 Entrepreneurship

Chapter 2
2.0 Breeds
2.1 Types of breeds

Chapter 3
3.0 Management of does and bucks.
3.1 Management of females.
3.2 Management of males

Chapter 4
4.0 Breeding
4.1 Breeding systems.
4.2 Mating systems
4.3 Selection and culling
4.4 Breeding calendar
4.5 Buck to doe ratio
4.6 The Doe’s Heat Cycle
4.7 The Pregnant Doe

Chapter 5
5.0 Kid management.
5.1 Kidding season.
5.2 Kid rearing

Chapter 6
6.0 Husbandry Practices.
6.1 Housing
6.2 Detention.
6.3 Housing and Working Facilities for Goats
6.4 Grouping Animals
6.5 Working in the Barn
6.6 Storage
6.7 Basic terms in goat husbandry

Chapter 7
7.0 Goat Nutrition
7.1 Feed Requirements
7.2 Digestive System
7.3 Fodder production and conservation
7.4 Average feed take/day
7.5 Other economical feeds available for goat in Nigeria
7.6 Nutritional content of various feeds commonly fed to goats
Chapter 8
8.0 Crop livestock production system.

Chapter 9
9.0 Health.
9.1 Dipping
9.2 Dosing/Drenching
9.3 Injections
9.4 Physiological Data For Goats
9.5 Quick Reference Disease Guide

Chapter 10
10.0 Goat Business Management
10.1Goat marketing
10.2 Financing 50 does and 2 bucks goat business
10.3 Budget of Raising 52 Goat

Chapter 11
11.0 Record keeping.
11.1 Physical records.
11.2 Financial records


GET YOUR GOAT FARMING BUSINESS PLAN / SAMPLE FEASIBILITY STUDY REPORT AND BONUS MANUAL. For the remaining part of this Goat Rearing business Plan, including the detailed financial analysis , pay N10,000 to Place your Order

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After payment text your name, your e-mail address and bank teller number to 09066078526 and you’ll receive your GOAT FARMING BUSINESS PLAN IN NIGERIA PDF / FEASIBILITY STUDY MANUAL

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