How to Start a Hotel Business Plan in Nigeria/ Feasibility Study

Hotel Business Plan in Nigeria / Feasibility Study – We have to understand some concept of what a hotel is so that we will understand the very reason why this hotel business has become a very lucrative business in Nigeria. Will be very much talking more on Hotel Business Plan in Nigeria and show you how you can set up a hotel business in Nigeria.

What is Hotel – This is an establishment that provides some essential services like accommodations, meals, and other services for travelers and tourists.

In a generic term, for an establishment to be called a hotel, such an establishment must have a minimum of six letting bedrooms. Out of these six letting rooms, three of which must have attached (suite) private bathroom facilities. This is the standard for having a Hotel business.

The word “hotel” is a synonym and i will be sharing with us what it is.
What is the full meaning of hotel?

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There are various reasons why a hotel is set up and among those reasons which we will be discussing later but there is a primary reason for a hotel set up and this is to provide some essential and basic necessities for travelers and tourist which are shelter, food, refreshment, and similar services and goods, offering on a commercial basis. These services are similar ones found in our homes.

Sometimes it’s called a home away from home. So in al nutshell, a hotel is a building where people stay, where they also pay for their rooms and meals too.
Hotel business in Nigeria as it where is a lucrative business in Nigeria and that’s why it’s on record that hotel business is among the top 15 businesses that have made people millionaires in Nigeria. It’s among the top 15 businesses that have made many rich. In Nigeria, you will find Hotels on every streets in towns. At least on every two or three streets in the towns in Nigeria.

The very reason why Hotel Business Plan in Nigeria includes the following: accommodation, food, relaxation and fun fare. There are millions of people in Nigeria who needs the services of a hotel. And how do we know of this? Because some individuals use their weekends for funfair and family reunions etc. There are different kinds of hotel one can engage in and that will depend on the kind of customers that will patronize you. For example, a good and luxurious hotel can provides good food, drinks, clubs and swimming pool.

There are individuals in Nigeria who are very rich and would spend money to go hotels to satisfy their needs on every weekends. If you decide to go into Hotel Business in Nigeria, you will now understands that indeed it is a very lucrative business. But you must understand that Hotel Business in Nigeria is capital intensive but at the long run you will gain so much that in time, you won’t believe what you have gained profits. The profits you will make will depend on some factors that we will discuss later but if you decide to work with what we will be giving you, then trust me you will be on your way to a very successful hotel owner in Nigeria.

Why do travelers and tourist go to Hotels? Because they very much needs much of hospitality and fun. Hospitality is the key word here. And if that is the case, then hotel is one of the best place to get that. Because they can provide lots of hospitality to their clients. And this where comfortability comes in. When you treat you clients the best possible way they want, then you have given them comfort far away from home. This is a very vital point you need to cognizant of. Make them feel at home and you will never lose them. How do you no you have given them a comfortability that they want or desired? Because if you don’t provide them with these hospitality they want, you stand the chance of losing them. You have to call them back after they must exited your hotel and thank them for coming. Then ask them if they where satisfied? Ans ask them genuinely if there is anything they feel you guys aren’t doing well and if they can make any recommendations?

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With this, you will know what’s on their mind regarding your hotel and you will be able to know which areas you need to improve on. With this in mind, you can be able to create a lasting in impression in the heart of your clients. Well so many persons might understand what we mean by hospitality regarding a hotel. How do you want people to describe your hotel? Some years ago, while I was in Calabar i was taken to lodge in a hotel for a conference i came for, and i was treated to with the highest level of respect. At the time of my coming, they had issues with their elevator which wasn’t a surprise thing any hotel can develop any fault. The manager himself to meet vertically with everyone to explain to everyone how sorry they where.

The staffs and other persons had already come to say sorry but he still needed to come. That hotel is channel view hotel Calabar. But I have lodged in some hotels in Lagos, calabar Abuja and am shocked at how these guys relate with their customers. I never returned to such ones. But for that hotel in Calabar, whenever i visit Calabar I always use there. Since 2015 how they they treated me still on my mind and I have in so many occasions I have referred many people to them. Now you see what am talking about? You have create an impression on the minds of your clients because there won’t be a second chance to make a first impression.

This is one place you stand as an edge over your competitors. Most times the quality of your service is what will attract people to you rather than just the building. Like I said before, you must be very responsive to your customers. Yeah. At all times. You must have a customer service personnel whose duty is to ask for the conditions of their stay and also a suggestion/complain box. Please ensure that you work on the information which you have acquired whether negative or positive. Very important. Nobody will tell you the truth about your hotel other than your clients.
You don’t want to set up your hotel in a place that is not conducive. It must be located in an atmosphere that is very conducive for clients to feel relax, safe and comfortable. Below are the facilities that various hotels provide. They include:
Restaurant service
Bar service
Coffee shop
Swimming pools
Pool room
Dry cleaning service
Car rental
Children’s playground

Have you noticed how hotels are categorized? They are done that way based on their level, structure and services they render. We have for example 5 stars, 4 stars and 3 stars hotel. There are hotels for single rooms, suites, executive suites (double rooms with terrace) etc.

Do you want to know how profitable a hotel business is? This will blow your mind. But before then, remember that hotel business is not seasonal though in some states it becomes very very more expensive in some periods of time. For example, during the Calabar carnival, hotels price in Calabar sky rock to the mountains. We al know the very reason for this. So how Profitable is Hotel Business?

Hotel business in Nigeria is a very profitable business so long you have an adequate first hand knowledge of how it is run. We have established one fact that starting up a hotel business in Nigeria is capital intensive and that alone have scared many investors away. But have thought about the profit level of the same business? Nope. They just think of the capital intensiveness and they chicken out without understanding that it’s more far more lucrative than capital they are investing. When you open a hotel and stand it, creating a name and brand in people’s minds, though expensive you will over time make lots of profits from the business. It won’t take forever to make your profits but in few years you will get your money back.

In a hotel business, your major job is letting out rooms to your customers. Some came to town for conferences, convention, party, family reunion, funfair etc. In some remote locality a single room can go for a minimum of #4000 or #10,000 depending on the type of establishment you have. Then for the suite, it can go for #15,000. When you have established a reputable services and your services are good, you will have a great chance of booking all your rooms per day or 4 times weekly. If you calculate it for a year you will increase your financial status and you will recover your profits. In a hotel business in Nigeria, there are other sources that can generate you high income and these sources include:

Selling food – Your customers won’t lodge and don’t eat. So you have to engage the services of catering guys. So you will have to engage the services of room services to the clients where you have to get them foods and also have a restaurant in your hotel.

Selling drinks – This is probably one of the most selling points of any hotel. You can sell assorted wines, soft drink and alcohol in the bar of your hotel. You can still be supplying it to customers in their rooms when they order for it

Car rental – Some clients actually don’t come with their own cars since some of them are either tourist or travellers. So you can make available some very nice cars for rent.

Gym – These includes making available some gyming equipment for exercise. It is a very profitable and sure way of increasing your income. You can be charging users monthly or daily or weekly. You arw gonna make so much money from it.

Spa – This services includes facial services, body massage and scrubbing etc. Employ the services of professionals.

Dry cleaning service. You can decide also have a dry cleaning business in your hotel. Big men do trust hotel laundry services than outsiders. So you can have one for yourself too attached to your hotel.

Challenges facing Hotel Business

I have always told people that in every business, there are always challenges it faces and that’s what we want to discuss now. But with a solid feasibility study, you won’t have any issues confronting it. And please I would advise that you order for our full Hotel Business Plan in Nigeria so that you can get the full details and also current financial projection too.


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So let’s discuss the few prominent challenges you may likely face as you enroute this journey.

Competition – You won’t act as though they don’t exist. They do and when they are doing things right which you are doing wrong trust me, that becomes a problem. Remember that this business is on the increase on a daily basis and this as it where is gonna be a major challenge but if you have our well packaged and detailed Hotel Business Plan in Nigeria / Feasibility Study, you don’t have anything to worry about because all you need are in it.

Hygiene – You won’t do well establishing your hotel in an unsecured arena. Or a dirty place. It’s not just about the price now. I when its the cheapest, you won’t have clients because none wants to stay in a dirty environment. Infact you will know how you are faring after you either see your old customers patronizing you have never. You bring a client for the first time into an hotel that is dirty and you expect them to return? I have seen many hotels that just open their soak away pits, also they don’t care about their surrounding and the rooms are so unkempt? Trust me, those hotels will soon fade away.

Noise pollution – Some hotels are located in a very noisy atmosphere and they wonder why their business is dwindling down. Well the truth is not far fetched. Some hoteliers even go as far as playing loud music from their bars and club thereby disturbing their customers. Even if you know it now, know it that this alone can crush a hotel business.

Location – Do you remember when I talked about various categories of hotels? You can’t build a 5 star hotel in a remote environment. You won’t get the Calibre of clients that befits your hotel business. Choose a siren environment for your business and you will be glad you did.

Bad customer service – This have crumbled business more than anything else in this world. When your workers are careless about their work ethics. Sometimes your staffs talks insult the clients.

Bad attitudes discourages customers from coming back again. Always watch out for this.

Bad food – You want my sincere advise, then get a professional caterer to handle your cooking. For real. Because when poor food are served and you know quite alright that these foods are expensive, then you have decided the fate of your hotel. Cheap, expensive or inexpensive o, don’t serve bad food. When you call hotel what comes to people’s mind is rooms and food. So they go hand in hand.

There are some factors you must consider first before you decide to start up a hotel business. Let’s take out time to discuss these factors.

Research – You don’t just wanna open a hotel with just this few knowledge you have gained here. That will be very disastrous and that is the very reason why I have asked that you do your own due diligence. Do your own research before you take any step in regards to hotel opening. You level of your research will determine the kind of a hotel you want to open.
No matter the size of the hotel you want to open, you still need to do a proper research work. With a proper research work, you will stand out. You will have an edge over your competitors.


GTBank (Guaranty Trust Bank)

Account Name – Ogumka Innocent

Account No – 0153723721

After payment text your name, send a text of your e-mail address to 09066078526 and you’ll receive your HOTEL BUSINESS PLAN / FEASIBILITY STUDIES REPORT.

Know your clients – Who are your target audience? You must understand something here. You won’t have politicians in mind and you set up a hotel in Irua in Edo state. A village. Where are you expecting the politicians to come from?
Another area again is having an in-depth knowledge of your existing customers. Learn how they behave and how the react to your services.

Management – How trained are your staffs? What’s the structure of your company? Who reports to who and who heads the various departments? Your staffs are the very first people to meet clients they must be made to be very conscious of who they are at cost. Train them periodically and see how your hotel will grow.

Availability of Wi-Fi – Make this a compulsive stuff as you open your Hotel business in Nigeria, ensure you engage with the usage o Wi-Fi because clients would certainly use it.

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Steps to start up your Hotel Business

Before you open a hotel business in Nigeria, you must first and foremost determine the kind of hotel you want to open. Do you have the capital capability to own a large one or own a small one? Do you want a Single room or double room? This is very crucial.

Type of clients

There are various types of clients you will come in contact with and they include: tourists, travelers, people within or outside the hotel location

Location – Don’t take any of these things am sharing with you likely. They are priceless. So a location is as important as the business itself. You stand the chance of besting your competitors by making the re
Right choice. So many people neglect this part. And if this is true, them it’s a matter time such the hotel will fold up.

Service – When starting a hotel, you need understand that there are numerous services they provide. So which do you want to engage in? Is it only accommodation? Do you want to include restaurant and bar?
Determine the foundation of the hotel. Do you want to start from scratch or renovate an existing one?
If you are starting from scratch, then you ought to contact good contractors.
I mean experience contractor that have done good works before. See what others have done and discuss the type of hotel structure you want to build. Their professional suggestions will be very vital so pay attention.

Get necessary Permits.

You have to create a business plan, financial budgets and projects.
Source for fund. We have a detailed article on how to sort funds to start your own business. Click here to read it.

There will be a need to register your hotel business name with Nigeria Corporate Affairs Commission (C.A.C). Click here to read how you can register your business name.

When you want to recruit your staffs, you ought to train them first except you are recruiting experienced staffs. If you don’t train them and work on their attitudes, you will be exposing your clients to them and this will go a long way to affect your business. One of the benefit of this training of your staff is to ensure a good customer service and their return both in finance and customers returning.

Our Business Plan in Nigeria can be used to access bank loans, proposal writing and grant applications. The business plan was complied after a thorough feasibility study on Hotel Business in Nigeria was done.


GTBank (Guaranty Trust Bank)

Account Name – Ogumka Innocent

Account No – 0153723721

After payment text your name, send a text of your e-mail address to 09066078526 and you’ll receive your HOTEL BUSINESS PLAN / FEASIBILITY STUDIES REPORT.

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