How To Start GSM Recharge Card Business In Nigeria

If there is a lucrative business I would love to introduce anyone to, is the recharge printing business. Yeah, some persons still believes that the business is dying down because the use of mobile recharge has come. But that’s not true because GSM Recharge Card Business In Nigeria is still very much as lucrative as ever before and we will be discussing how you can get started on this business. You actually don’t have to be a professional at anything to learn how to run a GSM Recharge Card Business In Nigeria.

All you need have is your enough capital to run it effectively well. One good thing about this business is that it’s a business you don’t have to worry about low patronage. All you need is GSM Network services. And again, as long there are people who are making use of GSM are living in that vicinity, you are good to go. There is no particular fixed capital for this business whatever you have will be enough to your own GSM Recharge Card Business In Nigeria.

Ways on How to Make Money Online In Nigeria 2020

In 2009, I wrote an article on how to get a recharge card printing business software and how to start a GSM Recharge Card Business In Nigeria, and guess what? Everyone who read and did as it was instructed are still enjoying the benefits today. The funniest thing was that, majority where students. So I have done my latest findings and research work on GSM Recharge Card Business In Nigeria and i tell you today that it’s still as lucrative as ever. But there are little changes to how the business works now and that’s why am doing a repost on this topic and effect the new changes. So read on.

That I said any capital I enough does not mean you should get a loan of 10 thousand naira to start the business. Nope. Far from it. Some time ago, this business was over hyped. It was said that one could start it with a minimum of 5 thousand naira. Well that’s not actually the case. Because GSM Recharge Card Business In Nigeria is not as cheap as that to start not even with the software. If you ever attended any seminar you will hear them talking as though they are into their business. Contrary to what we hear from Seminars and what we read eBooks, Recharge card (printing) business is not a business you can start with N10,000 and make reasonable gain. Yes you could make gains but not as much as you would want to.

But you can decide to sell recharge card even if you have a provision store. You can own a restaurant and still decide to sell recharge card. You can have major business and still sell recharge card and still make cool cash. Your customers at your restaurant may need it. They might decide to buy recharge card after eating and be relaxed while recharging their phone. While in school, I had a female course mate who an indigene. She had a store where she sold provision. One day she told me that she makes above 11 thousand naira in less than two weeks from recharge card sales. Just two weeks o. Now she was not buying directly from the first party. She was buying from a third party supplier. Why all these story? It’s a simple matter. I want to let you know that you can actually do this business with as little as 10.000 naira.

But for those who wants to do this business as an independent one without adding any other business attach to it, then at least a minimum of 100.000 thousand naira will do. With this you will be able to make some huge and reasonable profits. And i mean this. Remember that you don’t make huge profits from just selling one card. You sell in bulk to make money from it.

Profit In Recharge Card Business

Let’s discuss the profits in How To Start GSM Recharge Card Business In Nigeria. Remember that the profit you make from selling a particular recharge card as a wholesaler, is not usually more than 5 naira. Yeah 5 naira. But guess what? You will make so much fortune when you sell in bulk. When you sell 100 naira recharge card, this is how you calculate it. But when you sell N10,000 worth of cards, you will be making N5 x 100 = N500. You can see for yourself that you can’t do much starting this business with just 10 thousand naira. But if you have a very wide clientele base, then you can do this with as little as 5 thousand naira.

Now let’s say you aew starting this business with 150 thousand naira and you decide to sell to 100, thousand worth of cards everyday as long as you have good customer base, do you no what that means?  If you have some customer who buys more than N5,000 daily while others decided to buys as much as N50,000, which means N100,000 cards will earn you N5x1000 = N5,000 per day. I think this is really really good a business.

I have decided to put everyone who wants to know How To Start GSM Recharge Card Business In Nigeria the modus operandi of this business. If you duly follow this step, you make huge profits which will be based on the level you are operating on and your eventual start up capital.

How Recharge Card Business Works

Many just think that when we talk about How To Start GSM Recharge Card Business In Nigeria we arw talking about just and sell.  Nope. Far from it. We have three strata of this business i will be discussing with you. The good thing here is that, whatever category or strata you find yourself, you are still gonna be making cool cash from it. Let’s roll tape now.

1. Recharge Card Retailers

Who are recharge card retailers? What’s their jobs or their duties? They are business people who buys recharge cards from wholesalers. The the advantage they stand to get is the fact that they buy cheaper from wholesalers. It’s called surface price. These guys make about N5 per N100 denominated cards and earn total profit of N500 to N1,000 daily but if they have a very big client base, they make far more than that. The story of my coursemate I told you about, makes about 11 thousand naira in two week.
I talked about something relating to having a provision store and attach a recharge card selling business attached to it or owning a restaurant and attach a recharge card selling business to it? Yeah that’s what these guys do. I mean these retail guys. With 10 thousand naira, you are good to go.

2. Recharge Card Wholesalers.

These guys don’t just buy in bulk, they buy directly from dealers and they sell to the retailers. These guys buy at a very cheap rate than the retailers buys from them. Though the difference isn’t much but they buy in bulk. From statistics, these guys make up to 5 to 15 thousand naira daily. But if they have more customer base, they sure can make more. We have always advised our audience to set aside N100,000 to N150,000.
With this particular capital start up, you can make good profits daily. So if you are good in business and have N100,000, I will advise you start with wholesale level.

3. Recharge Card Dealers

For these guys, they are called Franchisees or merchants
They buy recharge cards both the cards and the PINS in heavy quantity. They also buy directly from the mobile operators. They could also buy from other company that may have direct franchise with the telecommunication. In this category, there two forms of dealers. They are as follows: to e have ordinary dealers and mega dealers.

Ordinary Dealers as it where are those who are responsible for selling directly to the wholesalers who then sells to the retailers. To become a dealer, its not an easy capital. It is quite huge. Some times you requires millions of naira to enter the dealership level. Some times you could start from N10 million.

I believe I have done justice to this topic and for those who were not too sure of the business, you can now go ahead and do it. Whatever category you chose to go ahead with, you can read through again and follow the instructions I gave.

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