How to win and retain customers in Nigeria

How to win and retain customers in Nigeria

Customers are the bloodline of every business and if they are not returned, the business sure will fold up. Many a time, many experts have come out with different theories to why businesses fail in Nigeria. This is because in Nigeria, it has been researched by experts that 80 new businesses collapse within the first five years of starting. So many reasons why these business collapse are not farfetched. They include the following: low access to local markets, poor access to credit, poor information flow , discriminatory legislation and poor access to land. Some also are in the form of poor linkages with other business along the same value chain, there is the weak skills issue, poor knowledge of the said business, attitude of business owners as well as lack of efficient hard infrastructure such as power, roads, and the needed  energy to support the growth of young businesses .

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All these aforementioned issues can checkmate and dealt with adequately well. To grow your business, you have to engage in the act of finding, targeting and winning new and potential customers. But there is a problem here. Many businesses don’t no how to retain as r customers. Yes they may no how to and get new customers but retainership is a big problem here. Some businesses do think that when a customer makes the first purchase, there is nothing much more to be done in the customer relationship. They do nothing extra to keep him or her permanently. Well, that’s how you lose your customers to other Smart businesses like minded people.

How to win and retain customers in Nigeria

What is meant by customer retention?

When we talk about customer retention in a business or company, we are simply referring to deliberate efforts or strategies employed to win and retain their customers. Though they might not be able to retain as much as hundred percent of her customers but must at least retain a significant amount of her customers. Many companies have engaged in various customer retention programme to help them retain as many customers as possible, often through customer loyalty and brand initiatives or incentives.

Why is customer retention important?

When you are able to retain some high percentage of your customers, then you will be in business as long as you want. Yeah it will also boost your revenue too.  Now they won’t see you as just a shop or store but a relationship is built where you they can now trust you with their money because you give them value in exchange for their money. With these mentioned, every small, mid-sized company even large companies should make attracting and crucially retaining customers been their top priority.

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In other to able to win and retain her customers, you must do the following.


1 – Know what sets you apart. …


2 – Be seen. …


3 – Keep your customers happy. …


4 – Keep your finger on the pulse. …


5 – Target your marketing. …




Keep it effective.


7 Ways to Retain Your Customers


1 – You must stay in touch and encourage their interaction. Always reach

out to your customers regarding promotions, rewards programs, product

updates and any other content you think they’ll find interesting and



2 – Make the most of social media. …


3 – Get personal. …


4 – Problem solve. …


5 – Take responsibility. …


6 – Keep good time. …


7 – Bow out gracefully.

How to win and retain customers in Nigeria

Retainership is more of treating people the way they want to be treated not just smiling at them alone. Ensure you satisfy their wants by giving them what they want. This should be done when they want it and however they want it. When you posses a good communication and human relations skills, it will also equal good customer relations.  Ensure you make it as easy as possible for your customers to do business with you whenever they want to. Don’t make them go through stress whenever they want your services at all. Don’t take them for granted. Keep to your words at all times. Being appreciative is the best way to build customer loyalty.

Remember that appearance always counts and perception is reality. A book is often judged by it’s cover. Don’t also forget that your current customers are your best customers. Also, whatever be your customer needs, do as much as you can to find it for him or her. At times this thing might not even have anything to do with your business. Treat your employees well and you will see manifest in your customers. Give back to your best customer.

How to win and retain customers in Nigeria

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