Most Lucrative Business to Start In Nigeria 2020

Most Lucrative Business to Start In Nigeria 2020

1. Fast Food Eatery

For me, this is the first Most Lucrative Business to Start In Nigeria 2020. If you stay in Lagos (mainland), you will understand how profitable this business is. Some of the persons who do the local road fast food business will tell you how much they make daily from that road side buka.
But if you decide to go into the more intensive fast food restaurant business that has some quality attached to it, then you must have a huge some of capital. There are some fast food business in Nigeria that generates up to 6 million naira monthly and yet they don’t have the big names that are well know everywhere. Well you can also go into the franchising part of it where you can decide to obtain license from a franchisor and have their business established by you. Examples are mc Donald’s, KFC, Tantalizer, Mr Biggs etc.
Remember that poor financial management kills this business than a cancer kills a human.

2. Importation Of Tokunbo Spare Parts

Some time ago (three years) I went to the computer village to do a business transportation, and I met a guy who asked me if I have anyone who is based in the US, Germany, or Denmark or any Asia country that all they need is locate spare parts both new or used and import. I made enquiry and did as such and only, the first shipment was massive and sales was out of this world. There is a huge already made market for used (tokunbo) spare parts here in Nigeria.

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3. Investing in Property

Some time ago, landed property in some parts of Lagos, Abuja and in Port Harcourt etc where relatively cheap but today, try yourself na? Its been appreciating each second of the day. Today, lands in Lekki goes for 200 million naira same land that was just a million or a little above a million naira. Hope you are aware that Nigeria rank among the 20 countries with the most expensive property. If you decide ti buy land today anywhere in Lagos or in any choice city in Nigeria, withing 2 years, you are sure gonna make a 100 percent profit that I can assure you.

4. Dry Cleaning
This is a business that’s very much on the most profitable list of business currently trending now in Nigeria. It will only cost a about 400k to start up. But the returns over time is a good one and you don’t really have to learn much about the business. Just get a full details on how to balance your financial analysis and that’s all. Remember, to succeed in this business, you must be extremely smart about it. For example, some dry cleaners do take others and allow their customers to come get their clothes from them at their shops. But you could choose to be different. Do home supply. Also give discount prices. Bring five wears, charge for four and do one free. We have sold countless dry cleaning business plan in Nigeria and our clients who have called us back for feedbacks have been full of praise foe our work. You tool can get one too. Just place an order for our well packaged Dry Cleaning Business Plan in Nigeria.

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5. Professional Car Wash

i so much love this particular one and i have decided to rank it as the 5th Most Lucrative Business to Start In Nigeria 2020The price of washing a car today on the road side, is 500 naira for cars, 800 for buses then 1,500 for trucks. Now do your mathematics yourself and see what these guys make on a daily basis. One thing you have to look out for is a strategic location. That will be the edge you will stand over others.

6. Sales Of Building Materials

This should be among the 10 most profitable business to do now in Nigeria. The rate at which ones are built, construction works everywhere and also with the fact that these goods are not perishable, then it’s a business to pay attention to. Before you go into this business, make a detailed research on how you be purchasing goods from overseas especially China where it is so so cheap. Other countries to look out for are Japan, Thailand, Germany Canada etc.

7. Transport Business

The likes of God is good motors, GUO motors, Iyare motors, Peace mass Transit etc are not the only type of transportation business you can go into. Yes the aforementioned type are very okay and are very lucrative. Yeah it is but it is very capital intensive. But do you you no that having those mini small buses and place them on higher purchase will be fetching you money daily? Now this mini buses cost about 300k, then both the fixing and everything will total at 400k. Daily balancing from your user is about 7 thousand daily. Calculate it for a month then multiple it by 3 to 4 buses then you will see what hit you. With this, you expand and keep expanding. But poor management kills this but just faster than cancer kills it’s pretty.

8. Nursery And Primary School
I have a friend Sandra by name who was a teacher and told me she wanted to go into opening her own school (nursery and primary school). She told me how profitable it was especially if you have the right knowledge about it. Be smart about it and you sure come out with a testimony. You can as well also order for our well packaged Nursery and primary business plan in Nigeria and that will be a document you will thank me for later. You don’t have start big. Nope. Get a place that is conducive and secured and that’s all you need.

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9. Exporting Of Raw Materials

This was the business I had done a little while ago when I was in cross river State. Nigeria as a country encourages exportation because that’s one way you can grow an economy. There countless of raw produced materials here in Nigeria that are so much in high demand outside Nigeria. For example, Cocoa, groundnut, palm oil, oranges, yams etc.

10. Online Advertising Agency

Before now we usually don’t fancy online advertisement but not anymore. Nigerians are the highest users of the internet and therefore it has led to the increased presence of people online. Now, you can decide to create an online advertisement shop where you could help people advertise their goods and services. It is called digital marketing. Get lots of online presence via Instagram, telegram, Twitter, Facebook, etc and that’s all. People are gonna pay for the amount of people that will see and via their products. And that’s one of the stuffs we do here too. Online marketing.

11. Fashion Business

If you must stand out in this industry, you must be unique with what you do. When it comes to fashion business in Nigeria, the sky is just not big enough. You probably may not understand what am saying. This is an industry that has space for any level of fashion designers. For those who are not quite a professional, for those who are foreign fashionista etc, there are space for them to excel. Today, fashion has turned many to millionaires. Men who where once average. The revolution we have experienced in the fashion industry here in Nigeria can be attributed to the boom we have seen in the Nigeria entertainment industry. Its no news that Nigerians are among the top 10 trendiest people in the world regarding Fashion.

12. Media And Show Biz

Nigeria was and still ranked 3rd in the world for movie industry whose movie sales more yearly. In Africa, w Nigeria is capital of Entertainment too. Then Nigerian as it where is the the highest consumer of media content in the world and this shows that this business is very lucrative one. Create a niche around what you want and explore the vast market. There is a ocean to swim

13. Used Items Sells Well In Nigeria

one of the highest and Most Lucrative Business to Start In Nigeria 2020 is this particular one. Profits unlimited. This is one of the surest business ideas that have come to stay here in Nigeria. As a nation we don’t manufacture car except recently with Innoson limited. Again, Nigeria is not a Nations whose rich citizens are just about 4 percent. This means, most of the cars used here in Nigeria are Tokunbo cars. This shows how profitable this business is. It’s not as though you have to have billions in your account before can trade it. Nope. Just be smart that’s all. Contact those who are outside Nigeria and let them supply you with used cars and you inturn sell here.
Another trending area again here is the sales of uses clothes called okrika. The cost of buying imported used clothes, bags shows or other used items are very cheap to compare the selling price of it here in Nigeria. The reason I have to take my time to analyse these aforementioned business ideas is that you don’t waste your hard earned money. We good use of it a dive into any of these businesses.
But if you decide to keep your money in the bank, they will use it, borrow it out to other people who inturn will use it to do any of these same businesses, then the bank still will charge you for keeping your money inĀ  their bank.

Here we have lots of business plan that you can decide to go into. All you need to do is place an order for any one and we will reach out tp you. You can contact us via our email at or reach us via our mobile line @ 09066078526

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