Photography Business Plan in Nigeria 2020/ Feasibility Study

This has been one of the oldest business model in the world. What really makes this business so special and unique? Is because of the message a picture or photo carries. Some have seen it as a convener of life. For those of our loved ones who are alive, who must have passed on etc, the only way we keep their memories alive is via pictures. I have lost some persons who were so dear to me but we kept their memories via the instrumentation of pictures. For the religious folks, picture holds memories from reality and it is a strong link to the spiritual this was said by a photo expert. We have seen where just a picture was used spiritually as a link to someone who is either alive or some who is dead.

One of the best and unique futures of a picture which I feel that must be contained in any photo, it should be humanity of the moment. We have heard so many who tells us that with words you can one times but with just a picture you can speak a thousand words.

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Like I initially mentioned before now, Photography is one of the oldest business model. It has been in existence for such a very long time now. Sometimes, many people do think that Photography just about taking pictures, but that is not true because it involves more than just that.  It is actually an art and a science on its own.  It is a business that started so many centuries ago and yet it has never faded away rather it has evolved all through these periods. Every year, Photography is improving.

Before the present day system of photography process, there have an old form of photography process called heliography which was invented around 1824 by Nicèphor Nièpcè. After photos were taken, the images as at then were obtained with bitumen of Judea spread ona silver plate after an exposure of several days.

Before now, we operated an analogue Photography system in Nigeria. This time, the process of obtaining films or photos taken on a camera was taking it to the lab to wash it and the pictures will be produced. George Eastman was the first man who pioneered the use of photographic films. He started producing photographic films in 1885, then in 1888 –1889 he switched to celluloid. Then first camera which is can also be called “kodak” was first offered for sale in the year1888.

Our sample Photography Business Plan in Nigeria can be used to access bank loans, proposal writing and grant applications. The business plan was complied after a thorough feasibility study on Photography Business in Nigeria was done.

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As at this dispensation, photography is now a digital thing. There are digital cameras that now takes pictures. And the very good thing about this digital camera, is that the picture quality is a very much better version of the analogue. In 1995, the first portable digital SLR camera was introduced by Minolta, Nikon D1, 1995. There is a whole lot of difference between the Digital photography and analogue. The differences are:

Durability and image quality: When we talk about durability of pictures taken, you cant compare the pictures taken by digital camera to that taken by analogue in terms of pictures quality, image sharpness, background, color mix. So it will be more advisable to go into digital camera and have your pictures stand the test of time. Moreover, no one will want to patronize you if you are still using analogue.

Space: One of the unique features of digital camera is the fact that it does not consume much space when compared to the analogue type of camera. All that a digital camera requires is a little space for the memory card. But with analogue, you gonna need so much roll of films to store up images while a memory card for a digital camera is just enough.

Time: Most of the time, when you use the digital camera to take photos, it’s production happens to be that same day. It saves lots of time. Analogue is time wasting and that isn’t good for business. With analogue camera, you will be required to go to the lab to wash it afterwards. For example, it takes just two minutes to snap and produce passport photographs. Yeah just a few minutes to produce photos taken in ceremonies.

Multiple functions: This is one of the best features of digital camera. The ability to do a multi functional stuffs. For example it has the following functions: face detection, night visions, motion detection etc depending on the camera model you have. If you want to take pictures at night, you can do so with digital pictures and it will look as though it was taken in the day. Such a top quality,

Video function: This is another sweet part of this business. You don’t have to carry a separate camera for snapping and another for videoing. Digital camera also has video function; it enables the photographer to record video and snap pictures at the same time.

Photography business is a very lucrative one. This as it where have made so many people rich. We have some prominent names in this business, like, Ali Baba, TY Bello, Chinedu photos etc. These guys have made a name for themselves in this business. We have seen an influx of people going into this business on a daily basis and this is because it is a very lucrative one. Again, it is not a very difficult business to venture into and that is why so many people are into it. Many persons who go into this business actually think that this business is about snapping but that’s not true at all. It’s beyond just snapping. There is more to photography than just snapping of pictures. It’s about creating an impression. This business requires creativity, and also been an expert. Except you want to start the business and employ a photographer who is an expert and also a creative person.

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Been skilled in photography is very essential before you go into this business, this includes been skilled in picture editing and appropriate use of the camera as well. When editing photos, we have various software that are used in editing photos.  The most commonly used photo editing software is the Adobe Photoshop.

We have always advised that whenever anyone wants to go into the photography business, there should be a detailed plan. Don’t just go into this thinking you can start picking money on the floor. It’s a business that takes time to build and be established. With your constant creativity, there is nothing you cannot achieve in this business. Creativity sets you apart in this business. Like we have said, patience is one of the key elements in this business. People have to know you, test your work, compare your price, build trust with your services etc, and then you are now picking up. Before you came into this business, there are persons who have been in this business. Now you have to patiently out past them and to do that, you must be an expertise, creative and patience.











































Introduction:  this is the part of the business plan where you have to introduce your Photography business to your investors and what they should be expecting as soon as your business plan get started

Business Description: This is where you have to describe your photography business strategy to the investors or to the bank who wants to get you the loan

Products and Services: This is where you have to discuss with your investors or anyone the kind of Photography business you want to do

Competitive Advantage: you need to get our Photography Business Plan in Nigeria to be able to beat your competitors.

Market Research: Get a copy of our Photography Business Plan In Nigeria

Competitor Analysis: Here you need to study the strength and weakness of your competitors

Sales and Marketing Plan: Get your own copy of Photography Business Plan In Nigeria

Operational Plan: at this part of the Photography Business Plan you share the way you intend to run the day to day operation of the business

Business Risk: Ensure you get a copy of our latest edition of Photography Business Plan In Nigeria and more risk management will be discussed on this.

Management and Structure: You have to calls us for a copy of Photography Business Plan In Nigeria

Financial Plan and Projections:  This is where you have o state you financial plan and if you don’t know how to go about it you may destroy your business so get a copy of our latest edition of Photography Business Plan In Nigeria

Types of photography

Fashion photography: This involves the process of using photography to sell fashion designs and products to customers. It is a very creative aspect of photography. With this process, you can start selling products to interested folks. You must be well equipped with fashion to be able to go into this form of photography business. You must understand what people are very much interested in. Is either you are going to learn it or you have to pair yourself with someone who understands the job very well. Those who are into Fashion photography, they are very involved in the snapping of pictures in studio and even outdoor, like wedding dresses, cocktail dresses. Etc.

Landscape photography: In Nigeria, this is less lucrative except you are very creative. This involves snapping of nature and environment. You have to capture the surroundings, nature changes, weather etc. That’s where you get those images/wallpaper you see in our PC and phones. At times these images could just be image of the sky, mountain, forest etc

Wildlife photography: Wildlife photography have to do with taking photos of animals. For example you can snap frog in swamp, snakes in water or bush, sharks etc.

Sports photography: This particular type of photography involves taking photographs of sports people. This is done either in practice session or while the main action is on.

Event photography: This is by far the most lucrative photography business in Nigeria. This is where those who lives in Lagos are making it really big. It has to do with taking pictures of events like wedding ceremony, burial, birthdays.

Street photography: You can decide to go into this type. It involves taking photos of busy streets.

 Night photography: This type of photography involves taking pictures in the night. This can happen during parties, or where crowded. To go into this, you must be an expert. The reasons are that there are low lights and it’s sometimes very dark. So an expert will be very much needed to do this job.

Glamour photography: The difference between this and fashion photography is the fact that this one involves glitz and extravagance. So in a way, it exceeds fashion photography.  These are the pictures mostly used for magazines, billboard, posters etc.

Candid photography: this is taking pictures of subject unaware. The persons that are snapped are not aware and because of this, they are relaxed. It is important that the photographer use camera that has long zoom to be able to properly captured the person.

Fine Art photography: This type of photography involves when a photographer have to express what he or her saw and probably felt that no one else saw. It also involves the capturing of what the photographer and others saw but when we say fine art photography, we mean those who snaps to convey their messages based on expression.

Wedding photography: When you attend wedding ceremonies, you will photographers who are always snapping pictures in wedding parties. That’s what this is all about. They are photographers who snap pictures in wedding ceremonies. This keeps the memory of the wedding alive forever.

How to Establish a Photography Business in Nigeria

Plan your photography business

Anyone who decides to go into a photography business without a business plan, have already decided his or her fate. Starting a business is not the issue, but thriving, excelling living your dreams as a photographer is what we are talking about. I have seen so many photographers over the years, just living to make ends meet. Too bad. This shows that these ones never a had a plan and that is why they are struggling to stay above waters. No business can survive without a business plan and that is why we are introducing you to our Photography business plan. So many people pour in their resources into the business without proper plan and just think the business will grow? Don’t be like that my friend. This is the very reason why some photographers are suffering and barely living above waters. They don’t have a definite plan for their business and now the business is planning for them. One of the very reason why a business plan is essential is that you will be able to know when you are going off track or when you are not doing the right thing. The future of the business can be predicted as long as you have your photography business plan.

To place an order for Photography Business Plan in Nigeria & Feasibility Study, pay N10,000 to

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Photography Business Plan in Nigeria

Feasibility Analysis

When we talk about feasibility study or research, we simply mean when you decide to carry out a feasibility study to determine if the business you are planning to invest in will bring profit or not.  This also helps you know if what you are going into is what people really need or not. With a feasibility study, you don’t do a guess work at all. It helps you know your competitors and also their strength and weaknesses. With a feasibility study, you will be able to know if what you are doing will be profitable or not. And again, you will also know the costs of the raw materials needed for your business


We have established the fact that Photography is not the art of snapping. It was never like that. It has to do with expression and creativity. A photographer must be very creative with the camera. It requires your expertise which means you will have to know how to set the camera, set the aperture, check the weather, the environment and the light. And also know how to attach external flash to the camera. This is usually used during the night. The reason is that it helps to provide light and increase the quality of the picture as you snap.

We have the following that needs photography editing: photo book, photo album, modeling magazine etc. Before you start editing, you have leant the art of photo editing else it will be a waste being a photographer need to be able to edit pictures with modern software, this means you should be a computer literate to do this. The art of mastering how to edit pictures, changing of back, changing picture color and adjustment is a very key aspect of this business. But if you don’t have an idea how it works, then go for training. This training can be done in a reputable studio or academy for at least a minimum of 6 months.


If you make a mistake here, you have either lost it or you will struggle to stay above waters. Get a very nice and good place for your business and you won’t struggle at all. This. You have to locate a place that is close to the road and the place must be very busy. Also, those who live in your location should be those who are very interested in your kind of business. If not, you may as well reconsider relocating. So get a place where people who loves what you are doing are.


You should ensure you buy the right equipment. Your camera machine must be a very good one and a top notch quality. Ensure you have a very good memory card that has large space and computer that has large RAM.  Before you start a photography business, you are to ensure that have your camera, computer, flashlight and generator. The aforementioned are for those who are starting on a small scale. But for those who are going to be starting on a very large scale can but the following:

  • Camera
  • Computer
  • Generator
  • Flashlight
  • Lenses
  • Printers
  • Memory card and memory reader
  • Studio props
  • Reflectors
  • Studio light and light stand
  • Background and background supporting system
  • External hard drive
  • Generator
  • Laptop and external laptop battery
  • Filter
  • Software for example, adobe photo shop, coral draw
  • Bag to keep your equipment
  • Lens cleaner


  • Business name and logo

It will be very expedient for you to have a business name and logo. Create a very unique logo for your business.  Each picture you snap, ensure you place your logo on it before printing.

  • Register your business

This is very important. Though there are many businesses that have not been registered at all and yet they are functioning very well. But that doesn’t mean they are right, Get your business name registered with CAC (CORPORATE AFFAIRS COMMSIONS) and also any other related association. This has its own advantages. Click here to know how to register your company in Nigeria with the cooperate affairs commission ( CAC ).


  • Advertise your business

If you want to excel in this business, then you must engage in advertising your business. This is the very reason why your brininess will grow or not. Advertisement comes in various levels. You can decide to print flyers, advertise on facebook or youtube or do a mouth to mouth advertisement. Anyone you decide to do, ensure you do a diligent work and your reward will be customers.

  • Attend events uninvited

Some the events you are to attend and snap might be the ones you weren’t invited. So go unannounced and start work. Your delivery will sure announce you. You can attend weddings, birthday parties, naming ceremonies etc. Ensure you take good and quality pictures and promote your business as you move on.

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Tips to succeed in photography business

  • Be friendly and accommodating.
  • Be sincere.
  • Be created and innovative .
  • Stay up to date .
  • Browse the internet for ideas and check your social media for information about your advert placed.
  • Have good communication skills.
  • Offer bonus and discount .
  • Dress appropriately. You are addressed according to your dress.
  • Collaborate with others in the field.
  • Start small and grow big.
  • Be professional, this will help to take care of customers that takes simplicity for granted.
  • Ensure that you deliver on time.

Our recent sample of Photography Business Plan in Nigeria can be used to access bank loans, proposal writing and grant applications. The business plan was recently compiled after a thorough feasibility study on Photography Business in Nigeria was done by our experts

To place an order for Photography Business Plan in Nigeria & Feasibility Study, pay N10,000 to


GTBank (Guaranty Trust Bank)
Account Name – Ogumka Innocent
Account No – 0153723721

After you have made payment for your Photography Business Plan in Nigeria & Feasibility Study, send your email and payment details to 09066078526. Once your payment has been verified the Photography Business Plan in Nigeria will be sent to your email.

You can also reach us via our email or via whatsapp 09066078526

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