Poultry Cages For Sale In Nigeria

Poultry Cages For Sale In Nigeria

Recently, I was contacted by a firm based in China (HENAN POUL TECH MACHINERY) about their unique poultry cage. Initially, I was not much interested because I have seen many companies come to Nigeria and sell what’s fake and not lasting. But I decided to take a second look and what they could afford. Boy oh boy, I was astonished at what I saw. I checked their reviews, checked their product line, checked everything that could have beclouded my judgement, and guess what, they turned out to be the very best in this area.

I haven’t seen anything like this in my entire life and I felt it was the best I introduce the public to it.

These Poultry Cages are designed for clean and easy egg packing as well as minimal feed spillage when feeding chickens. They come with all required water accessories and adjoining parts.

The cages are suitable for all kinds of egg-laying chickens including breeders, layers, point-of-lay and point-of cage birds. They are well designed for clean and easy collection of eggs, seamless serving of feed and easy management of the entire cage.

Let me talk a bit about this guys (HENAN POUL TECH MACHINERY)

What you are about to read now was extracted from their official website.

HENAN POUL TECH MACHINERY CO. LTD. are the modern poultry farm fully automation solution supplier from China.our office is located in Zhengzhou City and factory is in Xiping County of Henan Province,with very rapid,convenient logistics and transportation in central part of China.

We have fully automatic CNC production lines and 4 KUKA robot lines to produce the metal sheets for the poultry keeping machines, which can produce high quality standard cages and equipment for 100,000 birds per day.POUL TECH has independent R&D department and QC team which keep the equipment always in high standard quality.

We can supply the turn-key project including poultry farm & chicken house project plan drawings with scientific design,automatic poultry equipment,broiler floor raising system, layer cage system, automatic feeding, drinking, egg collection,manure removal and climate control system, and installation supervision after sales.we already finished lots of large scale farm project both in China domestic and foreign markets,or equipment is working well in Southeast Asia,Africa,Middle East,South America,United States.

You are welcome to visit POUL TECH in China and our projects worldwide.during the period of COVID-19,you can see our factory via Internet of CLOUDS. POUL TECH,your better partner for poultry farm projects !


Our team has been working in livestock and poultry equipment industry more than 10 year


we have already erected our cage system in more than 80 countries across the five continents.

Let’s discuss some of the products they offer and see what am talking about.


Poul Tech is the recognised market leader in China. We have concentrated on design and produce cage system for modern poultry farm since 2010. Over the past 10 years, we have already erected our cage system in more than 80 countries across the five continents.

Egg Production

Combined with European advanced production technology, POUL TECH egg production equipments can supply comfortable and clean environment for the growth of layer, then improve the egg production rate and attain the maximum value of investment.

H Frame Layer Cage System

The H frame layer cage system is equipped with full automatic machine. It can be feed a large capacity in one house which reduces the land area and building cost.

H Frame Layer Cage System

The H frame layer cage system is equipped with full automatic machine. It can be feed a large capacity in one house which reduces the land area and building cost. The close house equipped with the intelligent temperature control system, the temperature difference between the house front to the end is no more than 2 Celsius. One house can be management by 2 workers.

The cage mesh is made of zinc aluminum alloy wire, which has a smooth surface, corrosion resistance and long service life.

The distance between the two cages frame is 1 meter,it can put 6-7 birds/unit, 447 sq.cm/bird

The partitions mesh in the middle divide the cage into two parts. It’s easy for chicken feeding and epidemic prevention. It also supports the cage to prevent deformation of the bottom net.

The cage Frame structure is very stable with more fulcrum and the entire cage system without welding

The GSM275 steel sheets and alloy wire to keep a long service life

A solid cage support frame can ensure the stability of the equipment and enhance the service life of the equipment.

Automatic feeding hopper fully enclosed design to avoid dust, reduce the incidence of chicken respiratory disease.

The egg collection system with powerful egg collection ability, it can collect up to 20,000 eggs per hour. The automatic machine reduce the egg breakage which caused by manual work

The manure are collected from each tier and transported to the horizontal manure conveyor, it can be transported to the storage or through vertical manure conveyor transport to the dung vehicles.

H Frame Pullet Cage System

It helps the farmers to get best rearing effect because of all chicken rearing period will be controlled by automatic systems with high automation.

A Frame Layer Cage System

The A frame layer cage system is popular used in the worldwide. It can be made in semi or full automatic cage system in open or close house.

A Frame Layer Cage System

The rearing aviaries for healthy and uniform pullets

The A frame layer cage system is popular used in the worldwide. It can be made in semi or full automatic cage system in open or close house. The full set cage system include the feeding system, drinking system, egg collection machine, manure remove machine, temperature control ventilation system in the close house and electric control system. It always made in 2~4 tiers, 1 set can be feed 90/120/160/200 birds.

Henan Poul Tech Machinery Co.,Ltd.


  • Greater number of birds is reared per unit of area and it helps in identifying poor producers and prompt culling, so it saves more cost for Farmers because its much lower investment as H Frame Cage System,
  • More Suitable to use in rain-less district, durable and solid structure for long lifetime,
  • Easily to deliver and installation in clients farm and make maintenance,
  • Prompt steps to control feed wastage because of the longer design feed trough edge,
  • The cage method of housing is ideal for the area of moderated climate conditions where the day temperature in summer is not high or fall too low,
  • The overlap parts are smaller so the chicken house can get much better ventilation, it can be used both in open or close house according clients’ needs.
  • The Manure Collection can be scraper type or manure belts conveyor type.
H Frame Breeding Cage SystemH Frame Breeding Cage SystemH Frame Breeding Cage SystemH Frame Breeding Cage System

H Frame Breeding Cage System

The design of no fence in cage net reduces the restriction of breeder and makes caged chicken get more comfortable growing environment.In this way,can improve the egg laying rate and egg fertilization rate. It also improves the survival rate and ensures the health of chickens.

H Frame Breeding Cage System

The cage is designed for 3-8 floors, we can observe the mating and spawning situation in cages timely with convenience.The cage width is 1000mm,each set standard length is 1720mm,each unit raise 22/32 birds(2/3 cocks and 20/29 hens,the ratio of cock to hen is 1:10),every bird can take average space 675-981 sq.cm.

Henan Poul Tech Machinery Co.,Ltd.
  • The cages designed without cage meshes on top in case of hurting on male chickens while mating,because male chickens is bigger than the female chickens;
  • The square PVC pipes with nipple located at both sides of the cages,we can adjust different height of nipple pipe for the breeding chickens;
  • In the middle of each cage will be set up a place for breeding chickens to inhabit, providing a quieter and secret space for the natural fertilization of breeding chickens.
  • The edge of the egg holder is provided with electric wire to prevent the breeder or layer from pecking the new egg.

Breeder Deep Litter System

Breeder Deep Litter System

Breeder Litter System including Plastic Floor, Egg Nest, Feeding Line, Drinking Line, Ventilation system, Environment control system, Cooling pad & heating system, provides better living environment for breeder.

  • It is an economical way, hygienic, comfortable and safe to birds.
  • The Chicken access to the egg nest easily, short rolling-off distance make sure the eggs is safe, reduce the breakage of eggs.
  • Up and down nestbed overturn system, for driving the hens out from the nest at night by automatic up the nestbed, avoid the hens sitting and brooding in nest, affect appetite and egg production.
  • Feeding system and drinking system, the height can adjust according to birds age, highly automatic level, save labor cost.
  • The material is stable and durable, the system has long service life.
Broiler Production

Our broiler equipments include the H frame cage system, and large scale broiler cage system with automatic harvesting system, also we have flooring deep litter system. With full automatic machines we could make your chicken farm more suitable.

Broiler Cage With Auto-Harvesting System

Broiler cage with auto-harvesting system design for the large scale broiler chicken farm, which could make your chicken farm full automatic.


Broiler Cage With Auto-Harvesting System
Broiler Cage With Auto-Harvesting SystemBroiler Cage With Auto-Harvesting SystemBroiler Cage With Auto-Harvesting SystemBroiler Cage With Auto-Harvesting System

Broiler Cage With Auto-Harvesting System

Broiler cage with auto-harvesting system design for the large scale broiler chicken farm, which could make your chicken farm full automatic.

Broiler Cage With Auto-Harvesting System

Compared with flat rearing, the H frame broiler cage system has 2-4 times higher density, which significantly improves house utilization and reduces energy consumption. It ensures the health of the chicken growing environment, which can effectively increase body weight and feed conversion.

Henan Poul Tech Machinery Co.,Ltd.


  • It can be increase one breeding batch each year, after each batch of breeding, cleaning and disinfection can be performed quickly and easily.
  • The automatic harvest system reduces the interval period between two batches.
  • The floor is made of imported PP material, which is soft and not deformed. It effectively reduces the incidence of leg problems.
  • The feeding system can meet the needs of different ages. When the day old chicks transferred into the cage, the feed pan will be opened on the floor in 360-degree overflow device that the chickens can eat easily. As the chicken grows, the overflow device can be closed by the raising feed line, and the feed level will be reduced to prevent waste of feed
Broiler Cage System Without Harvesting System

H frame broiler cage has enough space to raise more broiler compared with floor raising equipment in order to attain the maximum value of investment. Usually, H frame broiler cage will be used in closed type chicken house, so the broiler will grow more healthier under the environment and lighting can be controlled.

Henan Poul Tech Machinery Co.,Ltd.


  • Reasonable feeding lines design can keep feed clean and reduce feed waste;
  • Green lighting promotes chicken growth and reduces mortality;
  • With automatic manure remove machine, reduce the ammonia content of chicken house;
  • The different growth phases of broiler can eat and drink easily with the adjustable water drinking lines and feeding trough adjustment plate.
Broiler Flooring System

Deep litter system consists of automatic feeding system and drinking system. Deep litter equipment will provides better living environment for broiler and pullet.

Henan Poul Tech Machinery Co.,Ltd.


  • Automatic Feeding System:
  • The feed pan is easy to install and adjust
  • The feed pan color is yellow or red and it can adjust the feed rate automatically according to the chicken growing
  • The feed pan can put 800g-1600g food
  • The design of feed pan edge can avoid feed waste
  • Automatic Drinking System:
  • Nipple drinker use stainless steel seal design
  • There are cups under drinker nipples to collect water, avoiding higher humidity on floor of chicken house
  • Supply clean and sufficient water
  • Service life: 15 years
  • 100% tested & inspection before shipment
  • Convenient and durable.
  • Generally, the height of chicken house is 2.2m-3.5m (side wall). The width of the house according to total birds of chicken, but it also can not too long duo to ventilation for chicken. The width of chicken house is 8-15m. It is better that the length is less than 140m.
Farm Equipment

Poultry farm equipments include many parts, like manure drying machine, steel structure house lighting system, plastic poultry equipments, etc. We focus on the poultry farm solutions !

Manure Drying Machine

Manure Drying Machine using the wind and heat blow out by fans to dry the manure for further production.

According to capacity of wet manure, can be designed as 2 tiers/4 tiers/6 tiers, it will meet all kinds of chicken farm projects.

Henan Poul Tech Machinery Co.,Ltd.


  • The moisture content in fresh chicken manure can be reduced to about 20% within 48 hours.
  • The production capacity is designed and manufactured according to the actual needs of customers, ensuring timely disposal of all the manure produced during the breeding process.
  • Through the air drying process, it can block the odor generated by the fresh feces during the fermentation process, the breeding of pests and diseases, and other damage to the environment and personnel.
  • Reduce fine dust by more than 60% and reduce the incidence of lung disease in livestock and workers.
  • Dried chicken manure is suitable for long-term storage to various fertilization seasons and significantly reduces transportation and storage costs.
  • It is the best base material for processing biomass particles (high-grade organic granular fertilizer).
Lightting System

Small light bulb, can be installed in any place, commonly used in stacked cage bottom to supplement the light effect.

  • 48V safety low voltage design, IEC standard stipulates that under normal conditions, the upper limit of alternating current voltage is AC 50V or ripple-free DC 120V
  • IP67 protection level, no need to replace the lamp, it’ can be cleaned directly and no damage to the lamp, saving money and labor work
  • No strobe, strobe has stress on chicken, long-term stress will slow down the growth time and increase feed cost. The design of strobe-free lamp can improve poultry welfare and increase production efficiency
  • Long service life, using imported LED lamp beads, high stability and reliability, unique design, increase the service life of the lamp, up to 50,000 hours. The annual light decay is below 3%. With the dimming function, it can meet the lighting needs of poultry for many years.
  • Better light distribution design to meet the needs of different breeding methods and different growth stages
  • Simulate sunrise and sunset, 0-100% linear regulation, it can reduce the stress for chicken, and improve the welfare of chicken raising. Up to four stages of switch control can be set each day, and the time can be personalized
Climate Control System

Ventilation Fans

Material: Galvanized steel sheet body with an automatic open-close frontal shutter and 6 stainless steel blades. Size: 1380 x 1380 x 400 mm Motor: Three-phase, 380V, 50HZ, 1.1KW Capacity: 40800 m3/h at 0 Pa / 38000 m3/h at (-13 Pa)

Cooling Pads

Maximum efficiency is achieved by directing the air to be cooled through wet pads placed at the inlets of the air ventilation system.

As the air passes through the pads it absorbs water, which provides a higher capacity for heat removal.

The larger the amount of water evaporated from air, the higher the temperature reduction shall be. Also, the dryer the air or the lower the relative humidity, the greater the possibility of evaporation will be.

This way, by air humidification together with an appropriate ventilation design achieving adequate circulation and renovation rates, it’s possible to reduce the temperature inside the house.

Henan Poul Tech Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Henan Poul Tech Machinery Co.,Ltd.




  • In agriculture, ideal climate is essential as it impacts production and health of animals. Controlled fresh air entry, air temperature according to the weight are the main factors in achieving the perfect climate.
  • The air inlet brings fresh air into the house without exposing the animals to cold air drafts. This is made possible with the air inlets’s geometrical shape, that properly channels the incoming fresh air along the ceiling, to mix before it reaches the animals.
  • The framing system and curved door are manufactured from a combinationof UV resistant PVC and PP materials off ering durability.


  • The Controller supporting 20 relays, the AC-2000 Plus Poultry provide control over temperature, humidity, CO2, static pressure, light, and more. In addition, the controller provides flock management, weighing, feed and water capabilities.
  • This controller supports up to six temperature sensors, two humidity sensors, two bird scales, one CO2 sensor, various types of heaters, a static pressure sensor, and more.

Source >>> hennapoult

To order for any of these equipments at an affordable price, you can call any of these numbers 09066078526 or 08119435000. You can also WhatsApp us via 09066078526. You can also email us at tradewithchapatti@gmail.com.

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