Poultry Farming Business Plan In Nigeria PDF 2020

Poultry Farming Business Plan In Nigeria PDF

Poultry Farming Business Plan In Nigeria Latest Edition Feasibility Study And Manual:

Having gone to various seminars myself, either as a trainee or a trainer, poultry farming has always been something everyone wants to go into. From my wealth of experience in business establishment, there are few business I can advise people to go into and one of them is poultry farming. I sure no why you are here to either have an idea of what it takes to set up a poultry farm or you want to have the poultry farming business plan in Nigeria feasibility study. Either one, you are on the right track. Just seat, read on and get all you can.Not until recently, people weren’t into this type of business.  Poultry Farming Business Plan In Nigeria

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Infact the surge came after the global burst of massive population, the need for white meat as an advise against the more popular red meat and recently when the Nigerian government banned the importation of livestock especial birds. But most importantly, the global need for food consumption has now made so many people start to realize the potential of providing the most important basic need of man.
There was some time ago when this sector suffered a very huge blow and that was when the most dreaded bird influenza called bird flu attacked chickens globally. Despite that, we have seen the business sector rise above it’s previous resistance.

When we talk about business that are very viable and profitable, then think about poultry farming. I have often advised that everyone including retirees to themselves into because at the long run, it’s a business that will blow them and free them financially. I have written some of the reasons why i consider poultry farming a profitable business for everyone. Take note of them
These factors are numerous but I will be listing just a few:

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Food: First and foremost this is food. When you go to restaurant, you will see what am talking about. They are the most expensive on the shelves.

Also, are you aware that there is a decline in the consumption of red meat? Because doctors have advised that we comsume more of white meat (chicken and Turkey) over red meat (beef).
With the size of Nigeria in terms of her population (over 200 million people), then you should understand that demands is all about. The more the people, the greater the demand. We may as a country have gone through some economic situations yet it hasn’t reduced the demand for chicken at all. The ban of chicken importatiom from neighboring countries have increased the demand for locally produced chicken. So it’s a business that does not only sale in Christmas or New year or Esther or Salah periods alone but at all time. Don’t also forget the place of egg production too. This alone have turned middle men to wealthy men.
Now let’s get to work. But before then, I need make clear some things. Whatever am gonna be sharing with you here is not enough for you not to have your own feasibility study and also a poultry farm business plan. We have a well packaged and up to date poultry business plan that you can use to obtain loan,LOANS, GRANTS, PROPOSAL FOR COMPETITIONS ETC.

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Wherever you find yourself be it in America, Canada, UK, Nigeria, Ghana etc, you can use this business plan. So I will be discussing in this business plan a step by guide on how you can start up your own profitable poultry farming business in Nigeria.

Starting a Poultry Farming Business – Sample Business Plan Template

1. Select your Poultry Niche

If you ever had any idea of poultry farm business, you will understand that this business is very broad. It has many sub sectors which many people have decided to make a living from. You don’t have to be in all at the same time but there is still no problem doing all too. Let me list them out. So many a time we only think of Turkey and chicken rearing as the only thing involved in poultry farming. That’s a major set back for many. It goes beyound that my friends. Let me list some of the very niches or sub sectors in the poultry farming business:

Egg production (Layers breeding)
Meat production (Broilers breeding)
Chicken breeding (Hatchery)
Poultry feed production
Poultry equipment manufacturing
Egg and meat processing, packaging and marketing
Poultry marketing and consultancy

With this in mind, what do you do? Make a choice on the area you want to go into. Like I said, if you have the capacity, then go for all. But, my advise is that you don’t just rush into doing all first. Go through the Poultry farming business plan you purchase, and see which one you can comfortably venture but if you have the the technical know-how nothing stops you from doing all the businesses under poultry farming which also is in the PDF feasibility study guide. But before you venture into any at all, you must first and foremost understand what works in your locality. Where do you get your raw materials from? How close are you to the market? What’s in high demand in your area. When all these are settled adequately well, then go ahead and draw your plan and start.

2. What type of bird will you be focusing on?

Don’t just start by rearing any kind of bird. Research on the type you want to rear as a business. We have several types of birds and thre is a market for them all. Below are the list of various types of birds that we have in the Poultry farming business in Nigeria:

Domestic fowl or Chicken (Broilers and layers)
Guinea fowl

Many Poultry farmers usually rear both the layers and the broilers at the same time. Yeah it’s quite good except you don’t have the capacity and capability to do so. The layers are primarily reared for the sole purpose of rearing eggs alone and there is nothing more they do. After they have reached their maximum level of productivity, they are sold and eaten. This means that if egg production is your area of specialty, then rearing layers will be utmost good for you.
For those whose aim is business psychology go for meat production, then the broiler will be your very good business. Engaging in meat production is have lots of ROI because these broilers tend to grow faster based on their feeds and again they weigh more than every other breeds. Our main focus will be in layers for egg production and broilers for meat production. Because these are the two main areas you can invest in and expect a very high return on investment (ROI)

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3. Start-up Capital Investment

You really want to do this, then be financially prepared. You want to have the full details of the financial and market analysis to start up a Poultry farming business in Nigeria,
To order for our well packaged POULTRY FARMING BUSINESS PLAN, pay N9,000 to GTBank (Guaranty Trust Bank)
Account Name – Ogumka Innocent
Account No – 0153723721..

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Truth must be told before you jump into the business of poultry Farming. The business as it is capital intensive. But this depends largely on the scale, location of the business you want to go into and also the type of technology to be use.
For a small poultry farm, you will be looking at investing about 180,00 thousand naira. This is the type you grow behind your house but trust me, for meat production, you will be glad you did. Then for medium size Poultry farm, you least you will need about 900 thousand naira. Then for a very big and large scale, 3 million naira will be what you need as capital. Now for a better and full detailed financial analysis, please place your order for our well documented poultry Farming business plan in Nigeria.

4. Poultry Location

This is very key to making it big in this business. Mow what do I mean? Don’t open your Poultry farm in a very remote place where it will be so difficult to transport produce (eggs) or chickens to consumers. This will be a very stress, waste of resources and delay in supplies. It is always advised that you start your poultry farm in a place with high population density. But if you have a means of mobility to your farm.produce or chickens, then it’s cool so long it’s not eating deep into your profit margin. Of course you no how offensive the odour are so you don’t want to put your poultry farm in a residential area.

5. Housing your birds
Birds are very delicate and when care isn’t taken, you stand the chance of losing them to disease or to bad weather conditions. According to experts, the success of your poultry farm business is hugely affected by the housing system. Poultry housing determines about 40 percent of the entire success of your poultry farm business. So don’t joke at all with your housing system for your poultry farm. Get the advise of an expert whose job is poultry housing. We have different types of poultry housing system that are commonly used and they are as follows:

Extensive system: Range and fold unit
Semi Intensive system: Standard semi intensive unit and straw yard
Intensive system: i. Deep litter, ii. Wire and slated floor, iii. Straw yard, iv. Battery cage

6. Poultry equipment and appliances

Having the right equipments for your poultry farm is key in this business. These equipments and facilities will help and aid in managing your poultry farm. And these equipments are as follows:

Waste disposal system
Lightening and heat
Egg crates and storage
Space for keeping feeds amd eggs etc. Ensure you construct a house for your birds.

7. Feeding your birds-: infact if you you will succeed in this business, you must know he right feed to use. Most of your expenses will go into this because these birds eat round the clock. So don’t just go into the business without first figuring out the feeding aspect first. And this is the very reason I encourage you to get our well documented poultry Farming business plan in Nigeria and you will see the financial analysis simplified for you.
When it comes to feeding, there are basically two months ways feeding in poultry farming is done and they are:

Either you are Producing your feeds by yourself or

You are Buying already-made poultry feeds which is quite expensive.

If you seek for my sincere advise, i would asked that you produce your own poultry feeds. With this, you can save a whole lot of money in feeding cost especially if you are into a large scale poultry Farming business.

8. Poultry Farm staffing and manpower

We have established the fact that establishing or starting up a Poultry farming business is capital intensive based on the size either small, medium or large scale. But when we talk about the man power, it not labour intensive so long the use of equipment and technology are used properly well. There is something we can’t neglect and that’s the size of the Poultry farm. If we are talking about a large scale poultry farm, then the use of adequate staff must be applied. But for the small and medium ones not much is needed. For the medium ans large scale, there are some departments or personnel that you must hire. They are the admin officer, manager, security. These are the people who will be in charge of the day to day operation of the farm especially the former two (admin officer abd Manager). You don’t have to start employing different persons for different position that will cost lots if money. Your admin officer can also be your accountant etc. So long they understand their different roles.

9. Accounting-:
There are some vital aspects of your poultry business that cannot be taken for granted at all and I have seen many poultry farmers do this often times and this is so fatal to their poultry Farming. Just as you run every other enterprise or business, same way you should run the poultry farm. Now the need for admin cannot be over emphasized because you need to keep track, productivity and the performance of your business activities of your poultry farm daily and this requires the use of an admin officer. So please don’t feel nonchalant about it all.

10. Health-: Like i have said before, birds are very delicate especially the broiler breed so adequate care must be taken else you will face a great fall. With this in mind, these birds needs regular and proper check ups. They must be given the right vaccines and medication. This will prevent diseases and infection attacking them. It will also aid growth among the birds. When you order for our well documented poultry Farming business plan in Nigeria, you will get the full details.

11. Marketing-:
This is essentially very important because without a proper marketing strategy, you will end up not making as much sales as you would. You have to employ the right marketing skills, right marketing methodology etc. And this is the very reason we recommend our well documented poultry Farming business plan in Nigeria and all these methods of finding your customers, reaching out to them and marketing your products to the final consumers will be discussed and analysis.

12. Projected return on investment

According to research by experts, the incubation period of the domestic fowl is between 21 and 22 days. This means that you can start making sales of your birds as early as 8 – 12 weeks. But for a full mature bird, it will reach between 20 – 24 weeks.

Sourcing Your Day Old Chick/Layers
Birds that arw hatched withing or between 24 hours are called day chicks. Now, you have to locate a farm house where hatching is carried out. Not everyone does this job since it requires some form if technicality and hatching equipment. So you make an order for the type of bird that you want. Either you are placing an order for day old chicken, broiler, layers etc. Let me quickly drop something here. When you are sourcing for layers, most assuredly, you will see only two types of colored layers here in Nigeria which are the black and brown layers. Don’t border looking for another colour. The reason we have these two colours of layers alone in this part of the world is because of the weather conditions here. The tropical climate we have here makes them easy to train here and they can also easily adapt to life here. But in all they are top notch and top quality layers. They have been said to be amongst the top three most productive layers on Earth amongst hundreds of them.

To order for our well packaged POULTRY FARMING BUSINESS PLAN, pay N9,000 to GTBank (Guaranty Trust Bank)
Account Name – Ogumka Innocent
Account No – 0153723721..

Currently we are offering a discount for the month but by end of the month, it’s a noooooooooo discount.

After paying for your Package Poultry Business Plan in Nigeria Feasibility/Business PDF, send your email and payment details to 09066078526.

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