Reasons Why Your Business in Nigeria Needs Social Media Marketing

Reasons Why Your Business in Nigeria Needs Social Media Marketing

Many business people haven’t actually harnessed the power in social media and how it could help them grow their business significantly well. From a latest research work that took place with various business marketers, it was recorded that 90% of businesses that make use of social media marketing said that their businesses have increased and gained exposure ever since they started using social media. Then for those who spends 6 or more on a weekly basis on social media, 66% of them have seen more leads attracted to their business.

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Reasons Why Your Business in Nigeria Needs Social Media Marketing
Reasons Why Your Business in Nigeria Needs Social Media Marketing

The world have gone global and i tell you this, social media will reach more clients in one hour than you could ever have reached in your entire life. For example, am a user of quickteller and i don’t even where the headquarters are or if they even have a branch here in Nigeria. You see? This is exactly what am talking about. With social media like Facebook i was able to sign up with them. Because I saw the advert on Facebook. With social Media, trust me, you gonna have a swell wallet monthly, daily as the case may be.
Have you noticed that the big companies like Apple, coca cola Pepsi etc, are all making use of social media to promote their brands? If companies like these could be this way on social media matters don’t you think it’s a serious business? For me it is. Many don’t see social media marketing as something that will help their business grow so they ask “what is social media marketing going to do for me?” Do I really need it?

Emphatically yes. You sure need it and am gonna give you some Reasons Why Your Business in Nigeria NEEDS Social Media Marketing:

The Importance of Social Media Marketing and Advertising for Web Traffic

1. Social media posts drive targeted traffic.
Many people think that not all business should be advertised on social media because they have a believe that their targeted audience are not there. But that’s not true. I have been ads on Facebook other social media handles for sometime and i tell you, no matter your business type, there a portion of your clients and lead clients that are on social media. Having a myopic view of things aren’t gonna help one grow. A recent survey carried out by Pew Research Center. They discovered that 68% of American adults are Facebook users. Among 18 to 24-year-olds, 78% use Instagram and 45% are on Twitter. Even among Americans 65 and older, 37% are social media users. Now this is for America.

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But in Nigeria, the statistics are even far higher because it’s on record that Nigeria uses social media more than any other country in the world. You can imagine having all of those individuals seeing your business on their timeline, I mean those who are interested in it. You have made yourself a much customer base. This will help you boost traffic allot. Now if you start up a business,. please it always advisable to create a website. Placing your adverts on social media, helps to drive traffic to your site and that alone boost traffic allot especially for new site owners. Remember when you open a new site, Google doesn’t really index your articles so often since it’s a new website but your product can still sell since you will be placing your adverts on social media and drive them to your new site too.

When your launch a new company website, you are not gonna start moving from street to streets telling everyone that hey I have a new company website you can check it out for my products. That’s not going to be easy for you to do. But with social media, you have the opportunity to let the public find your new web content and click through to your site to view what you offer.
And remember that these posts will primary be shown on the feeds of followers and also on people who are interested in your products, the exact kind of traffic that will be attracted to your products are those who are very much gonna be lead customers. So you won’t target people who are not even interested in your products. So the visitors that will be coming via you social media handle will be those who are very much interested in your products.

The traffic benefits of social media marketing can be so overwhelming.

I personally did a survey with my own business and I saw a single link I dropped on Reddit drive over 20,000 visitors in one weekend to my business site. Not this one. And on StumbleUpon too I had a massive visitors. It really did increase my daily page views from single digits to hundreds. This what exactly you will be getting constantly.

2. Using social media for business boosts your site’s SEO.

For business sites, this is very important. Search engine crawlers works like human. They are able to detect sites that are consistently earning traffic and those sites that are just floating out there, either been forgotten or ignored. But trust me, content is key and so so key and for me it is your killer strategy which I feel is the most important factor in your search rankings, driving traffic to your optimized pages will cause them to climb much faster. Do you know all you need do is simply re share your posts? Once I every month you just go over and share all post you have on your business website. For me I will recommend that each post be re-shared once a month. And this task doesn’t have to be as time consuming as many people think. With Facebook’s scheduling tool or Hootsuite (for Twitter), you can set the entire month all at once and you’re done. Simple.

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3. Social media can increase your reach via quoted experts.

This is perhaps one of the most beneficial of all. Let me just give you a simple example. For example, you used HARO to find some relevant experts for your latest blog post. Perhaps you quoted someone with a killer social media presence. Of course, you have to email them a link to the post when it goes live and also you have to encourage them too to share it, but when you do leverage your own social media channels, it will sure help you go the extra mile which the aforementioned can’t do for you.

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