Rice Farming Processing Business Plan in Nigeria 2020/ Feasibility Study

Rice Farming/ Processing Business Plan in Nigeria 2019 Latest Edition Feasibility Study

Rice farming business in Nigeria can be said to be one of the most lucrative agricultural business sector that we have in Nigeria today. Yes. That’s the basic truth. But before we dive into the rice business, it will be very imperative that we discuss a little about something in relations to agriculture. Nigeria is blessed with both human and natural resources. We have even forgotten that we have one of the most blessed lands for agricultural purposes non earth? The agricultural sector in Nigeria have been so underutilized and that is one reason why we have so many poor and jobless youths everywhere.

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Engaging in rice production business will so much make you rich beyond your dreams and I will tell you how that can happen. Recently, the Nigeria government led by President Buhari banned the importation rice into Nigeria and that have given local rice producers an edge in the market. Rice is one of the most consumed food stuff in Nigeria and that is the reason why those who are into this business are very rice. Prominent Nigerians are into this business and these people are making so much of money. We will discuss the various dimensions in this business.

On record, we have a very low entrance into the agricultural sector by Nigerians and this actually might not be good for the country as a whole but it means that only few people are enjoying the massive wealth in this business. Is there any country on planet earth that can survive without agriculture? I am not sure. If you want to know agriculture can boast a nation’s economy, and then ask the Netherlands. Their country is the size of Lagos yet they are the highest producers of agricultural products in the world today. Nobody can beat them to it. In fact the entire citizens of the country are all farmers. Food is an essential part of human existence and that is why there have been a constant increase for agricultural products everywhere in the world.  As it stands now, Rice production business in Nigeria is one of the most profitable and lucrative business you can ever think of venturing into. So, if you are about staring this business, then you are on the right track. Congratulations.

The consumption rate for rice in Nigeria is one of the highest the world ever had. In fact is there any family today in Nigeria where rice is not consumed at least three times weekly? None. Have you not noticed that at every occasion in the country, rice is the main food been cooked? Before now, it was the foreign rice that where cooked but today, all foreign rice have been banned which have actually made the consumption of locally produced rice a must. From our latest statistical findings, rice consumption happens to be the very reason why this business is a very lucrative one. So for those who have taught it wise to join this business of rice production, can be said have made one of the best decisions in his or her life because rice as it where, is for both consumed by the rich and by the poor. With this, the demand for rice products has always been on the rise.

Late 2019, I met a lady who was into this business big time. I had to interrogate her so that I can have a very detailed rice business plan. She told me that, she wasn’t into production of rice per say but that she buys from the makers (producers from the factory), then they bag it for her with her company name attached to it and then she supplies as though she is the one who produced it. For her, this is quite easy for her because it saves her lots of stress. Though the quality of rice she buys from them depends on the amount of money she has with her.

Why start rice wholesale business or dealership?

1. Nigeria is Africa biggest economy. It is on record that Nigeria is the most populous nation in Africa and this is a big deal. The population of Nigeria is over 200 million people and this ever growing population will need a constant food to maintain their health. And rice is a major stable food as far as Nigeria is concerned. It is a well loved food by children and adults as well. It is on record that over 30 million bags of rice are been consumed monthly by Nigerians. This shows that the rice market have a very huge market.

2. Rice is not a perishable food like vegetable. When you are dealing with vegetables, you are not too sure of what tomorrow brings. These goods get spoilt so easily. But for rice, that’s not the case at all. It takes about four years before rice can get spoilt. So if that is the case, then you are well rest assured that your goods won’t be lost before you sell.

3. Before now, only fifteen percent of the total rice consumed in Nigeria daily is produced in Nigeria. This was a very terrible situation for local farmers. But the tide have changed ever since the ban on imported rice came onboard. And total, 99 percent of daily rice consumption in Nigeria is locally produced. This is a very great feat for local rice farmers.

4.  Do you know that Aliko Dangote invested a whopping sum of  $1billion into integrated rice farming in Nigeria? This is to tell you that they rice farm business is not a child’s play at all. This is the richest black man on earth and one of the top 50 richest men in the world. So if you are still thinking if this kind of business can fetch you money as it is been said, just check all the statistics again.


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Starting a rice farm business is not really a big deal at all. For those who decided to do this business, have made one of the smartest moves of their lives and this will surely pay off in no distant time. But there are various rules that makes you a success in this business and that is why we are offering our business plan to potential investors.  Being a rice producer is a very goo thing to be. For example, according to latest stats, the yearly consumption of rice based on tons, about 8 million tons a year. This is quite huge and the funny part is that the demand is very much higher than the supply. So there is always a ready rice market for rice farm producers. The reason why the importation of rice has been very high was because the Local production of rice wasn’t able to unable to satisfy the increase demand of rice in Nigeria. And that is the very reason why the federal Nigeria Government was engage in the importation of about 1.8million tons of rice yearly.

Some Factors to Consider Before Going Into Rice Farming

When To Plant Rice

If you want to know the very best time to plant rice, it will be best if you learn it from the experts. Though there have many suggestions as regards when rice can be best planted but in all of these, the best time to plant rice is mid March to mid April. These suggestions are not what was just said. It was a research work from our team of experts that produced this information. From the planting of Rice and the very time of harvesting, it usually takes up to 4 months. And how do you no that your rice produce is ready fir harvesting, when you observe that the colour of the rice have change from green to brown then you should know that your rice plan is fully ready for harvest.


For the planting of rice, you must locate a very swampy area. Rice farming does not grow anywhere like every other plants or crops. Rice planting requires a special location for growth else you won’t get a very good harvest if at all you are going to have any. Many persons will tell you that rice can grow in any type of soil or weather condition. True, but if you want to do this in a business way, then take to my advice. Plant your rice in a very swampy and water logged area because that’s how rice grows best. This is a proven fact by expert researchers. Have you noticed that before rice farmers starts planting, they usually carry out serious irrigation? The reason is because they want to get the area to be swampy before they start planting to get the best of harvest.

Now that you know the best location to plant rice, what are you going to do? Do your due diligence and ensure that you get a swampy farmland or an artificial irrigation system to turn your land into a swampy area and plant your rice. Now you can see why states like, Cross river, Ekpoma, Abaikeleke etc are the best places to plant rice because these places have lots of swampy area that are best suited for rice planting.. Sometimes you may not be able to get swampy areas that can be well suited for rice planting, so what do you do? Look for a land that won’t be too expensive to use tractor to or any other means to channel water for proper irrigation before planting and after planting.

Rice Seed

There are different type of rice specie. And this is very important when it comes to rice planting. Rice seed is a very important when it comes to rice farming planting because if you get the wrong seed, you will struggle to make profits in this business. So the selection of healthy farm seeds for planting will be very key to the growth of your rice farm.  Get seeds that seeds that have the ability to grow well the very moment the seed is planted to the ground. Many rice planters do make a very big mistake by randomly selecting the rice seed for planting and this have always lead to a very poor harvest and low returns.

Hauling Mill

First of all, what do we mean by a hauling mill? Is it a necessity?  Yes it is because after you must have done your rice harvest, there is need to take your rice to a mill for proper milling. Remember I told you that it takes about four months before you can harvest your rice but before you harvest your rice, ensure you make provision for a hauling mill that will be used to separate the rice from the haul. This is a very important process that requires the separation of rice from the haul and also the blowing of the haul away from the rice.


You must parboil the rice first before you start the process of rice for distribution. So you need to get big drums for parboiling of your rice.

Sun and Dry the Rice

There is always need to sundry your rice after harvesting before you haul. This makes the hauling easy and also makes the separation process also easy too. To do this is quite easy. All you need do is to place the harvested rice directly under the sun and allow it to dry. The required periods for this is between 3-4 days and also make sure the moisture is fully dry before you start hauling.


This is simple. Get a rice bag that can contain different KGs, and bag every rice that have parboiled according for distribution. This should be done when the moisture have been removed.  It is always advisable that the bag used for packaging should contain office address, phone number, name of company of the business. With this it becomes easy for customers to reach you and it makes your product unique.


If you don’t have any idea on rice production, it’s not a bad idea if you decide to attend seminars or training and get a little basic knowledge on rice farming. So attend seminars or training sessions for it. .

Get A Rice Farming Business Plan

If you want to make the most out of a business, then, you must get a business plan for such a business. It will be your guide, your anchor and your roadmap leading to your success in that business. The risk of not having a business is that you will stock on your way and that will be very disastrous. Business plan will help consider other to consider factors such as:

Capital: This have to with the very amount of capital needed for this business. Rice farming business is a very capital intensive one and requires a whole lot to set up. Some rice farms runs into millions and you have to be prepared before you go into it. Sometimes you have go for loans if you don’t have the capital to start it.

Clients: You don’t have to be worried about this at all. There is an already market. Get warehouses were you can store your products and also look for those who sell in bags, those who are distributors also. Liaise with them about price and other logistics an there you go. But all these will be discussed fully in our rice farm business plan in Nigeria. So get your own copy

Site/location: Our rice farm business plan in Nigeria will help and guide you on where you can locate your farm.

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We have seen many states in our country that started to engage in massive rice  production.  They have come to understand that there is a huge profits in this business. And each of this states have chosen the right type of rice depending on their land, and also their climatic conditions. Example of such states include:

Ebonyi state: Ebonyi rice

Kano state: UMZA rice

Ogun state: Prada rice

Niger state: Mama happy rice

Anambra state : Anambra rice

Ekiti state: Igbemo rice

Edo State: Ekpoma Rice




Goals for the year


This Rice Farming / Processing Business plan with Latest Edition has been updated recently and can be used to access loans from Banks, write proposal and apply for grant. Expect has complied this business plan after a thorough feasibility study on Rice farming business in Nigeria.


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Account Name – Ogumka Innocent

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After you made payment sms your name, your e-mail address and payment details to 09066078526 and you’ll receive your the Rice Farming and Processing Business Plan In your email address.

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 How to market rice?

 We will be discussing what these big wholesale rice dealers are doing in the market to se;; quick which I feel you should do to get your sales as fast as possible. In fact we will be using the life experience of a dear friend of mine who worked as a warehouse supervisor with citi warehosing group for the pass 4years in portharcourt.

You are advised to locate a very good shop that has a very close proximity to a market. Also, get your warehouse in towns or cities where there is currently no such business. This will make you dominate and have a very strong footing until competitors starts coming. These towns should be ones that don’t have rice importing companies. Let me cite an example. For those in rivers states, there are lots of rice importing companies there. Lots of rice farms and big companies which could be a very strong determinant to the growth of your rice farm business. So it will be very much advisable to  check in major LGA headquarters and Bayeslsa state where  there is no major competition as found in rivers state. What our friend told us was that, most rice sellers in Bayelsa, buys from rivers and sell in Bayelsa state. So you can see that there is a very massive opportunity there.  And these rice sellers in Bayelsa sell at an exuberant price. Will you blame them?

1.  2. You should engage in buying different brands of rice if you will be going into selling rice and not producing it yourself. This will make your shop colourful. So many companies are like a one stop point to get many brands. They sell the following: brands, we have royal stallion, caprice, tomatoes, king African princess, etc They also buy both the 50kg and 25kg bags of rice.


GT Bank (Guaranty Trust Bank)

Account Name – Ogumka Innocent

Account No – 0153723721

After you made payment sms your name, your e-mail address and payment details to 09066078526 and you’ll receive your the Rice Farming and Processing Business Plan In your email address.

 You can also reach us via our email @ tradewithchapatt@gmail.com or via our whatsapp number @ 09066078526

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