Sachet Pure Water Business Plan In Nigeria / Feasibility Study

Sachet Pure Water Business Plan In Nigeria / Feasibility Study

I was recently contacted by an organization who are into various forms of business and was asked to draft out a Pure Water Business Plan In Nigeria and what I sent to them is state of art working and am obliged to share it with you.

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Water as it where, is one of the most basic necessities of life. Apart from food, wares, shelter etc. Water has different sources from where it comes from. It either comes from pond, river, stream, borehole, etc. Water as we just established, is one of the essentials in life which humanity cannot do without it. So if you would venture into this business, be rest assured that it will be so lucrative. Water is used both in towns and also in the villages for various things which includes drinking, cooking, washing etc. This shows that there is no class as to who needs water.

For those who wants to start this lucrative sachet pure water business in Nigeria, then we have the best pure water Business plan in Nigeria for you. Our Pure Water Business Plan In Nigeria which was recently updated can be used for Grant Applications, Bank Loans, Proposal writing, Business Concept Note, Competitions etc. It was recently updated and reviewed by our team of experts.

There are some strategic planning that needs be done before you can venture into this lucrative business. And there are some questions that must have been brooding over your heart regarding this business and those questions will surely be answered as you read on.

There are few Businesses in Nigeria that yields a very fast ROI and one of such is the pure water business. Let me draw an example for you. Those hawkers who sells sachet pure water along the main road, makes hell of good money as profits. The demand for sachet pure is so high in the country that the supply is never enough. We have seen trucks carrying put water go out with truck loads of water and return empty before noon. This is just a tip of the iceberg.

There is a question that comes to mind when all of these are talked about? Why does pure water production have to be so lucrative? Is water not to be free and affordable? Water production ought to be the sole responsibility of the government as it is with the developed nation but what we see here is the reverse. Now even the so called water been supplied by government water boards are not drinkable at all and this is why the pure water Business have become so profitable. As a Nigerian, you must be very careful where the source the water comes from. And we have seen that government are not ready to shift attention from it’s current stand to that of making even better and from the report we got from our team of experts, there is a massive opportunity in this line of business because it is an untapped business arena. 

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1.How to start a profitable Sachet Pure Water Business Plan In Nigeria.
2.Why you should start the Pure water business in Nigeria.
3.Feasibility Study Sample Pure water/ bottled water business plan and which can be used for loan applications, grant opportunities and competitions.
4.Equipment / Machines you needed for pure water production.
5.Cost Analysis for starting the business.


To place order, pay N10,000 to

GTBank (Guaranty Trust Bank)
Account Name – Ogumka Innocent
Account No – 0153723721

After payment text your name, your e-mail address & payment details to 09066078526 and immediately we will forward a copy of the Pure Water Business Plan in Nigeria to your email.



1.1 OUR VISION: Here your company vision statement

1.2 MISSION: here your company mission statement

2.0 BUSINESS DESCRIPTION: your business description

2.1 INDUSTRY DESCRIPTION: here you give a description regarding your business

2.3 REQUIREMENTS: here you share your requirement

2.4 BUSINESS RISK / MITIGATION: talk about the risk

2.5 REQUIREMENT FOR ENTERING INTO THE BUSINESS: here tell us what is required for going into the business


3.1 MARKET SEGMENTATION: you need to know about your market

3.2 MAJOR COMPETITORS: those that are also in the business that would want your costumer

3.3 COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE: Your strength that others don’t have


4.1 EQUIPMENT/MACHINE: the machine that you are using

4.2 MAJOR RAW MATERIALS: see the Bottled / Pure Water Business to know what you need

4.3 PRODUCTION PROCESS: here you take how you can produce the Bottled / Pure Water

4.4 PRODUCT UNIQUENESS: get the Bottled / Pure Water Business plan you see what you are looking for


5.1 ORGANIZATION STRUCTURE: how is your company leadership is arrange

5.3 STAFF SALARIES: how much you pay your staff

6.0 MARKETING STRATEGIES: get the Bottled/ Pure Water Business plan and know how you can get it done



Is Sachet pure water business profitable?

So many people have asked this questions on several occasions but nothing can be farther from the truth. Pure water Business is even more lucrative today than it was years ago and from our team of experts, it’s gonna get more and more lucrative in the future. Experts have often said that sachet pure water business is very lucrative and profitable if you do it the right way. It’s rate of profit turnover is a very high one.

What You Need To Start Sachet Pure Water Business In Nigeria

1. Write your business plan.

2. Purchase Land.

3. Construct Bungalow.

4. Install Distillation System.

5. Buy Automatic Sealing Machines.

6. Buy a Supply Truck.

7. Employ Factory Workers.

8. Get NAFDAC Approval.

Water is life as many will quote and that’s the truth. The only way one can avoid suffering from dehydration is taking of constant and sufficient clean water. Remember I said clean, constant and sufficient to water. Biologist will often remind us that water offers the only means and true means where all biological reactions can take place in the human body. Which means that for the evolution of biological system water plays a major role during the evolution.

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Recently there was a leaked information that about 80 percent of hospitals in Nigeria lacks the means to good and potable water; and for this singular reason the need to remove the entire undesirable elements and pathogens it may contain through treatment becomes a very difficult one. For those who have decided to make a big difference in their financial lives and have decided to go into Pure Water Production Business, then I congratulates you.

Reasons Why You Should Start a Sachet Pure Water Production Business Company

1. We have seen the high rate at which water is been demanded and you are wondering why? Yeah. It’s the most consumed commodity in Nigeria and the world at large. This can’t be taken for granted at all. I have a friend called sheriff who has a truck and supplies sachet pure water daily. We spoke recently and I was forced to ask him how is the demand for water like? He said he sells his stock before noon and yet they are aren’t able to meet the demand for it. It’s not a seasonal Business though it strives far better and far more during the dry season and here. Since water is indispensable, and the demand for it is beyond our supply, then it’s a business you should consider and go into. This is one of the reasons why the pure water business is very lucrative and profitable here in Nigeria.

2. Health Consciousness

Many people have died because if water borne diseases. Yes and this have been one of the major reasons why so many awareness programs are held on regular basis to educate people on the need to drink good water. Before now Nigerians don’t just care what they take in as water. But due to the prevailing illness been caused by bad water like typhoid, cancer, obesity, liver related issues etc, people are now educated to eat the right way and also drink good water and this have increased the demand for sachet pure Water Business.

3.Poverty Rate

In Nigeria, we have more of the poor people than the rich ones. Now if this is true and it is true, who do you suppose will patronize your sachet pure water Business more? Your guess is good as mine. And this alone is the one reason why sachet pure water is the most selling commodity in Nigeria. If you follow the policies of our government, they are not ready to destabilize this arena. Which means as long as we can ever know, this business have come to stay. So why it last, the Business will still be striving very well.

4. High Profit In Bottle / Pure Water Business In Nigeria

If you must know, One of the most important raw materials needed for Pure Water Business In Nigeria is water, and the material is already available for free as you can see. Drilling of borehole and setting up of the business are simple matters. When you habe a steady supply of water, you are good to go on thistle business.

For those who wants to access funds either as a loan, or as grant or from investors you will actually need a very detailed comprehensive Pure water Business Plan In Nigeria and that one should be the Latest edition and should drafted carefully.

PRODUCTION EQUIPMENTS/MACHINES NEEDED for Bottle/Pure Water Business In Nigeria.

You Need an “Automated Pump And Sealing Machine Water Sachet Machine”

You need an “Industrial Water Filters.”

You need an “Over Head Tanks/Plastic Storage Water Tanks”

You need “Micro Filters and Cup Filters”

You need a “Water Borehole”

You need an “Ultra Violet Lights”


Nylon bags (Automated)

Packing bags.


Production staff.

Administrative staff.


Registration requirements for pure water factory.

You have to register your company name, business registration and lawyer fees. Tax Identification Number: This registration is free, but always ensure you file your taxes as soon as possible. We have documented some very vital information on how you can register your sachet pure water Business name in Nigeria with the corporate affairs commission.

The very good thing about this business is that pure water is not as expensive as other commodities and that is one reason why it’s been sold so fast. A sachet of pure water actually costs just N10
And with this, anyone in the street can afford it. We have also said that during the dry season the demand for sachet pure water goes on the high side.

A very vital and key aspect of this business is to get NAFDAC’s Approval. The National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) is a Nigerian federal agency which is solely responsible for the registration of such related business. While the Federalry of Health are responsible for the regulation and controlling the manufacture, distribution, advertisement, importation, exportation, sale and use of foods, drugs, cosmetics, chemicals and pure/bottle water in Nigeria. You will still have to get an approval from them too to be able to operate.

Start Up Capital Requirement for Pure Water Business Plan In Nigeria

The capital required to start up a sachet pure water Business will determine the very extent to which the size of the company will be. You can’t start with a medium size capital and expect to build a big pure water factory. Gone are those days where you have to locate a very big spacious land to start your sachet pure water Business. Nope. You don’t need all of that. All you need are located in our sachet pure water Business plan.


To place order, pay N10,000 to

GTBank (Guaranty Trust Bank)
Account Name – Ogumka Innocent
Account No – 0153723721

After payment text your name, your e-mail address & payment details to 09066078526 and immediately we will forward a copy of the Pure Water Business Plan in Nigeria to your email.

If you are starting on a very Small scale, you still gonna make as much money as you ought to make.

Let’s be very direct now. If you decide to start a small scale sachet pure water production business with a capital of about 5million Naira and and with that you can at the average produce a capacity of 1000bags of pure water per shift, then you are sure to make a profit of least One million Naira every month after all expenses including tax. This analysis was carried February 2020 and the full details is in our well documented and researched sachet pure water Business plan. So get yours and start your journey to financial freedom.

Then for the large scale sachet water production, it will sure require a start up capital of about 10-20million Naira. And if this is true and it is true, you are very sure of making at least 2-3million Naira on monthly basis.

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