Shoe Making Business Plan in Nigeria / Feasibility Study

Shoe making business in Nigeria is a very lucrative business that has made many people become millionaires today. Infact we will discuss in details what and what you will be doing to make an edge in the shoe making business. The shoe business in Nigeria has been in the country for a long long time ago and that has been what has made many millionaires today. Before now, Nigerians do import goods from overseas but now most of the shoes are produced and made here in Nigeria. From simple footwear to sophisticated wears, Nigeria shoe industry have indeed evolved.

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The good thing about this business is that there are always a market for everyone. Both the rich and both the poor wears shoes because it is a basic need as a human being. Shoe is part of the dress of every human being which makes it a way to look very much beautiful and attractive. You don’t want dress nicely and don’t wear a perfect shoe to match it. And these days we have seen that most shoes are made for some specific dresses.

For example, some attire goes very well with some particular shoe and this has made the demand for shoe on the increase. So if there is an increase in shoe demand then the shoe business is then a lucrative one. The shoe business isn’t just a lucrative business here alone in but all over the world. We can draw examples from Gucci shoes, Armani etc. Is there is any business that could make one so rich at this time, then it’s the shoe business in Nigeria.

We are all aware that there are various kinds of shoes that we wear everyday. Let’s make a list of them: easy-wears, office wears, sports wears, lab wears, boots etc. In as much as we have been saying that the shoe business is a very lucrative one, there are two vital parts we must not neglect at all. Let’s discuss them in a minute.

1. Knowledge – In this line of business, you can’t loose site of skills and knowledge. These two are very vital and important. With your skills and knowledge, you will be able to determine the kind of materials to use for your shoe production, how you make your shoes, what pattern of shoes you want to make etc

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2. Businesses – This for me is most essential. Have you seen businesses that never grew and they have been existing for years? The reason is because they lack business sense. You must understand how to run a business else you will only be Producing what no one is buying. Remember that, as a business man, you are selling not buying. When I talk about business I mean how you are able to turn your ideas into a making machine for you. And guess what? We have a well packaged and detailed Shoe Making Business Plan in Nigeria / Feasibility Study which was recently compiled.


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So you can decide to purchase our business plan on shoe making and enjoy profitability.

The good thing about shoe making business in Nigeria is that you don’t have to kill yourself about capital. You can start your shoe making business with little or large capital depends on how you want to start it. But if you don’t have capital to start up your shoe making business in business in Nigeria, then click here to get it started. What is more important in this business is that you have the right skills and knowledge to make shoes. And most of it all is that you develope a business sense to turn your ideas into money making machine.

There are things that are very important which can never be overemphasized and that is a very key component in this business. This have to do with the very kind of materials you are using in making your products. The quality of your leather is key to making a very lasting effect on your customers mind. This materials can be used to make quality sandals for causal or brogue for office wear or boots. When you want to make any shoe, use the finest of quality to make it no matter what you charge your customers they will pay and still patronize you. Remember that the quality of the material you use must be a good one because that’s one way you can keep your customers forever.

I will discuss in some sub topic how you grow your shoe making business in Nigeria. But before then, let me continue with what we are discussing.

We have established the fact that shoe making business in Nigeria can be capital intensive or low capital intensive but my advise will be that you big and what I mean is that you have a shoe factory where you can create a Brand for yourself and your company name. There are some factors that you need to understand about this business and if you do, you don’t need to be skilled before going into the shoe making business. Now when you have the resources and you are not a skilled person in this field, you can employ skilled personnel that can do the job of making the shoes while you concentrate on the business part of it. Nobody says you shouldn’t learn the skills of shoe making because it’s not a prerequisite for establishing this business but it’s a still gonna put you on an advantage if you have the right skills and right knowledge of shoe making business in Nigeria.

If you are going into a big or large scale shoe making business in Nigeria, then there are factors that arw very expedient and its a must you have do or have. As a matter of fact, you have to employ the services of marketers whose sole job is to promote your business via marketing. You have to employ some staffs and these staffs should be trained. You must employ workers that knows how to operate various machines and those that can’t operate can be trained for it. If you are so concerned about how many staffs that should be employed, don’t worry. Get our shoe making business plan in Nigeria and all you need are there. But, the bigger the factory, the higher your employment rate.

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When I mean factor, it doesn’t mean a large space alone o, nahh. It could just be a parcel of land where you could use so long your equipment can be accommodated. When starting a shoe making business in Nigeria, you have to determine the kind of shoe you want to go into or specialized in. This is a very strong determinant in understanding how you want your growth to bed in the business of making shoe. Remember that we said that there are various types of shoes, choosing the type of shoes that you want to specialize on would help you concentrate and be very focus be it males or females shoe wears.

Aba market (Ariaria market) would have been the best shoe market in Africa today but they crashed their shoe market business when they started using fake materials to produce good design of shoes. And one of the most sensitive aspect of shoe business is dependent on the materials you use for production. Durability and quality depends on the leather materials you use for production. Remember you are starting up a business and brand name is very important and crucial. So you have to set a good example. If you decide to use fake materials you will in no time crush your business.

That’s the simple truth. Naturally, people wants quality services and that’s what you should always thrive for. And with that, you will have a lasting and strong customer base that will forever remain loyal to you. Now you see why having a good knowledge about shoe making business is very important? This of course will enable have the knowledge that will guide you to buy quality materials for the shoe making business.

There are some other factors that needs be considered while starting up a shoe making business in Nigeria. For example, the places where the shoes would be won is a key factor, the environment, the weather, etc are very key factors that needs be put into consideration. You don’t have to neglect the processing of the shoe making. How is it made and processed too. Remember to always get the right machine to do the right job else it would affect the shape and pattern of the shoe. Always go for the best equipment. That’s the basic truth.

Actually for a small scale shoe making business in Nigeria, you don’t need some of these sophisticated machines at all but if you are going for a high standard shoe making, it doesn’t matter if it’s small or not you will need some of these machines to give you the quality shoe wear you want.


This is a very important aspect of this business. Locate your business where it will be accessible and easy to locate. Because if you don’t get it right, it has the tendencies to affect you either negatively or positively. For a small shoe making business, you don’t need a big place just place your office at a very attractive and strategic place. When you start, remember factors like nearness to the market and nearness to raw materials too for production. You don’t want to put your shoe making business in a place where no will even know it exists.

Let me be blunt with you. Knowledge of what you are doing in every business you get yourself involved into keeps you ahead of your competitors in the same business line. This is why we don’t rule out research findings. We have always advised our clients to go for research work before they venture into any form of business and shoe making business inclusive. And this is where feasibility Study comes into play because it keeps you abreast of innovations, happenings, financial projection etc about the business you are about to go into. So when we advised that Having a business plan and conducting feasibility studies are non negotiable as far as your business is concerned.

The reasons for a business plan and feasibility study is find out what others who have succeeded in the same line of business know and do that is what emulation and should be added to your own. Remember that, knowledge applied is power and as far as business is concerned there can never be too much of knowledge regarding the line of business you are going into. When you get a hold of the right business plan or feasibility study like ours regarding shoe making business, all the information are already available in there. Just look for them in the right places. What a detailed analysis we have in our shoe making business plan in Nigeria.


This is the only legal document that makes you operate here in Nigeria legally. So we always advise our customers to do a name registration with the Nigerian corporate affairs commission (C A C). You can read up how you can register your business name without stress by clicking here


When you register a company, then you start the company, it doesn’t end there at all. How do you win customers? It comes via various system but one of them is through advertisement. How do you want to advertise your company? Well, worry not.
You can check our article on how you can advertise on YouTube and Facebook. You can do the advert via television, radio, print media, etc.


GTBank (Guaranty Trust Bank)
Account Name – Ogumka Innocent
Account No – 0153723721

After payment text your name, send a text of your e-mail address to 09066078526 and you’ll receive your SHOE MAKING BUSINESS PLAN / FEASIBILITY STUDIES REPORT

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