Tomatoes Farming in Nigeria Business Plan 2020 PDF

Our Tomatoes Farming Business Plan In Nigeria was recently updated whose aim is to give you the current Market analysis and comprehensive insight into Tomatoes Farming Business in Nigeria. This Tomatoes farming business plan in Nigeria Can also be used to obtain Bank Loans, Grant, Business proposal Writing and proposal competition.
Let me ask us a question. Have you thought of having a tomatoes farm before? Have you ever believed that you could have it? Well, that question has ever crossed your mind, what then stopped you from having it? Dis you lack the determination, or the zeal, the courage, capital etc? As you can see, i placed capital last because capital isn’t the reason why most people don’t go into business. Well if you have ever had the thought of it and you still want to go into it, then this article is for you. Tomatoes Farming in Nigeria Business Plan

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But for those who where sweet talked into it or you just stumbled upon it right now, don’t worry because you are about to purchase a lifelong knowledge that will financial freedom. The first question that comes to mind is, what’s process involved in starting up a tomatoes farming in Nigeria? Don’t worry. Just chill with a bottle of Pepsi and doughnut and enjoy the ride.
But first, whatever am gonna be sharing with you here shouldn’t substitute the fact that you have to get a detailed tomatoes business plan in Nigeria which will give you a detailed and complete financial details, marketing details, structural details of tomatoes farming business in Nigeria.
For the full and detailed part of this Tomatoes Feasibility Study business Plan, including the detailed financial analysis, marketing analysis of
Tomatoes Feasibility Study. To place an order, pay N20,000 to

GTBank (Guaranty Trust Bank)
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After paying for your Tomatoes Farming Feasibility Study / Business Plan and Manual, send your email and payment details to 09066078526.

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Nigeria is so blessed. Yeah I mean it. Japan does not plant Tomatoes because their soil can’t make it happen but they apply artificial soil which does not give it a sweet and natural taste as what we have here in Nigeria. Tomatoes is one of the most consumed agricultural products to Nigeria and that alone has made tomatoes farmers become extremely rich. Those farmers who live in the villages who where once poor farmers have uses the money gotten from tomatoes sales to sponsor their kids overseas. I just shared a life testimony with you. You and I know exactly what tomatoes means to Nigerians. We don’t joke with it. Tomatoes isn’t just for making stew or soup alone. It’s one of the major source for vitamin A and vitamin E.

With Tomatoes you can eradicate mouth odour. With Tomatoes you can prevent cancer by constantly taking it fresh. These are just a few things tomatoes does for humans and these are the reasons tomatoes are so much in high demand everywhere in the world especially in Africa. If this is true and it is true, then tomatoes farm business in Nigeria is a get go and will be a very lucrative one. With our well detailed and documented Tomatoes farming business plan in Nigeria, you will see how easy and how you can start your own tomatoes business without fear of risk and make profits like you didn’t believe you could. Tomatoes business plan is one of the most lucrative farming business in Nigeria.

It has been ranked among the top 5 most lucrative farming business in Nigeria. If there is anytime to start a tomatoes farm is now. Because, according to analyst, there will be tomatoes scarcity soon because Nigeria will start exporting tomatoes. Yam exportation have already started and Nigeria happens to be the highest exporter of Yam currently. Few years ago, we made the call for people to start up a yam farm but didn’t pay any attention to it. Tomatoes exportation will soon start and the likes of Dangote who owns the biggest tomatoes farm are wise enough to have one. Do you remember in 2016 when there was tomatoes scarcity in Nigeria? So many people had wishes they had listened to the government who asked them to start a tomatoes farm. Those who did invest in tomatoes farming, where made extremely rich and that was just in one year or perhaps few months of sales. When the exportation of Tomatoes will start, then you will call me back and thank me for this article.

Tomatoes Farming in Nigeria Business Plan

For the full and detailed part of this Tomatoes Feasibility Study business Plan, including the detailed financial analysis, marketing analysis of
Tomatoes Feasibility Study. To place an order, pay N20,000 to

GT Bank (Guaranty Trust Bank)
Account Name – Ogumka Innocent
Account No – 0153723721

After paying for your Tomatoes Farming Feasibility Study / Business Plan and Manual, send your email and payment details to 09066078525.

Things to consider Before Starting Tomato farm business in Nigeria

Before you start a tomatoes farm in Nigeria, there arw things and factors that must not be neglected at all. These factors are as follows:

1. The Farmland
2. Getting the right variety of seeds
3. Planting your seeds
4. Harvesting your products, and
5. Marketing your products

1. Getting a Farmland:

How do you have a tomatoes farm without having a farmland? Well this could be possible if you are using a mechanized farming model only found in Europe or America. And trust me it is very capital intensive.
Getting a land for your tomatoes farm can’t or should not be a problem at all. If you can’t afford to purchase one, then you can be leased some hectare of lands either by individuals, cooperative clubs or the government of the state where you reside. From our research, you can be leased a hectare of land for as low as 8,000 to 15,000 Naira in Nigeria, most especially in the Northern part of the country where their soil couple with their weather condition makes it the best place to do a tomatoes farm.

Another way to have a land, is doing a kind of joint business with land owners in your locality. They may not lease it out to you outrightly but you could make an arrangement with them where you you can use their farmland to do your tomatoes business then you share a certain percentage of your profits with them. With this arrangement, you don’t have to pay for land or buy, or get anyone on lease. You absolutely pay nothing to get something. This works friends. If it doesn’t work, we won’t be talking about it. Remember these feasibility studies are written by seasoned experts and experienced business people.

2. Getting the Right Variety of Tomatoes Seeds:

If you miss this part, you may as well run a big loss. You must get back tothe right seedling else you are wasting your time. And this is why our well detailed business plan is best for you. Place your order now.
If you get the right seedling it will guarantee you growth im your business and the return of investment. Good seedlings also resist diseases too. Let me list some of the best tomatoes seedlings that are very good to plant. They are: Roma Tomato, Cherry tomato, Beefsteak and Sauce tomato. For the Roma tomato, one of it’s futures are low moisture content, red color, and has a bigger fruit. Ensure you add calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and other essential nutrient should be used, so as to replenish the soil nutrients.

3. Planting Your Seed
There are stages you go through before Harvesting your tomatoes. You don’t just plant tomatoes on the ground. You have to plant first in nursery. This will help provide adequate controlled conditions for the seeds to grow very well. Now after two weeks of planting your tomatoes, the farm will experience some unwanted friends (grass). So you should weed properly and app fertilizer immediately.

4. Harvesting your Products
When you are ready to harvest your Tomatoes, you have to do that either with a harvester or handpick. It doesn’t really take hell of a time to be ready for harvesting. It takes a maximum of three months of planting for it to be ready for harvesting. You harvest your Tomatoes in batches. Which means you keep on harvesting till every plant dries off. And this happens during the dry season.

5. Marketing your Farm Produce

Remember that tomatoes is a perishable crop and this should be taken not likely. One of the downside of tomatoes is that it has a very short life span after harvested. If this be the case, you have to strategies your marketing tactics before going into this business. The reason is that it has a short life span and so it needs get to the final consumers before it gets spoilt. So get your buyers down and you won’t face this issue at all. Though for those who will be exporting tomatoes when it starts, there is a harmless chemical that is used to prevent it from getting spoilt before getting to it’s final destination. But with our detailed tomatoes farming business plan in Nigeria, you can be rest assured that you will sure know how to locate and get customers for your goods.

There is always a market for tomatoes farmers. They don’t lack it at all. From West to East to South to North, there is always a market for your goods. All you need to do, is a etc fellow dealers, join the association of tomatoes farmers and you will be guided on how your goods can be transported to its final destination. They have the experience and all the expertise to help you locate clients for your goods .

Generally speaking, every business adventure has it’s own dismal. Yeah same here with starting a tomato business. It has some major set back factors which are generally the same across board. But in our well documented Tomatoes business plan, you will be shown how to go about these challenges. But let me list the common challenges faces by Tomatoes farmers:

1. Capital
2. Competitions
3. Damages

The first challenge people get in starting a business in Nigeria is capital but this is not how I see it. Where there is determination and will, capital will always come out. Sourcing for capital for your business may not come easy. Which means you aren’t gonna seat in one corner waiting for it. You will have to make your move to get it.
From my wealth of experience regarding business capital and how to source for the fund, you must first and foremost get yourself a business plan of tomatoes farming. With your business plan you can attract Investors, you can walk into a bank for loan they will respect your well detailed proposal before they will even listen to you.

Some people find it very hard to come up with a business plan or proposal because of it’s nature and difficulties in writing it. But when writing a business plan, you should be able to expantiate categorically the benefits this business will serve to you, to them and the general populace (clients). Now, if you can’t make them buy into your ideas or proposal, then what your l are holding is a waste of time. You can check our post here to find out how to write a business proposal.


There is basically no business in Earth that don’t have competition today. For new comers into a particular business, the chances are that you will meet big players and that if not mindful will crush you. But you stand a big chance and advantage in all because you already have a vision and in mind before now, you already have planned how you want your business to be before it even started. You must also learn how to package your brand. Find out via research how other businesses in your line of chain are doing what they do improve on it and stand above them. Keep doing the right thing. Keep on providing the right service and soon it will blow out.


There can’t be damages if you know your way around this business. Though it’s a perishable crop yet you can still market the already damaged one but that will be for a far lesser price. But too many wastes just ensure you get your clients or buyers ready you start harvesting.

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Don’t allow anyone to deceive you at all. Tomatoes business in Nigeria is a very lucrative one. You might not start big but start anyway. The journey of a thousand steps begin with a just a step. It’s okay to start small but unwise to remain small. Start small put everything you have learnt here into practice and watch your business grow. I have seen this business raise paupers to stardom. If it has no profitability, the likes of Dangote won’t be involved in it.
All that I have shared with you here won’t be enough to go into The business. I would advise you get our updated and we’ll detailed Tomatoes Farming Business Plan in Nigeria.

Pay N20,000 to

GT Bank (Guaranty Trust Bank)
Account Name – Ogumka Innocent
Account No – 0153723721

After paying for your Tomatoes Farming Feasibility Study / Business Plan and Manual, send your email and payment details to 09066078526.

After paying for your Tomatoes Farming Feasibility Study / Business Plan and Manual, send your email and payment details to 09066078526.

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